Therefore, they had previously given Lingqing three mud pills from their father-in-law in the land.

This thing didn’t make it at first, and then it came to Laoshan to learn the collar and many druid spells, even more so.
It’s always in the treasure house of Qingling Pavilion. I once went in to get something and took it with me by the way.
Now it’s a party
At this time, while maintaining the Qingque Gate to facilitate their escape at any time, the three men looked at the situation over there.
With the outbreak of the five elements of the god Lei Fu, all kinds of Lei Zhu and Lei Fu’s explosive forces are condensed in one place, turning a bright flower that covers an area of one mile in Fiona Fang and leaps hundreds of feet.
"It seems a little too big." A brainwave looked at this ray spark and murmured.
This thunder fire array is a little too powerful, and the main thing is too conspicuous.
Fortunately, due to the addition of a set of five elements of God Leifu, the explosive power was firmly bound in Fiona Fang Yili without too much leakage.
Moreover, all kinds of thunder and fire instantly affect a crystal-clear and colorful flower, which is very beautiful.
Wen Jun and Sun Yuwei also some wait for a while nodded.
The three people just think that the attack range of the fairy is very wide, and the area of the thunder fire array is small. I’m afraid they will run away if they don’t launch people.
But I didn’t expect what it means to launch such a set of thunder and fire in today’s society.
While three people stupidly kung fu suddenly heard LeiZhu to a roar.
Then see LeiZhu break a big hole and a figure with a strong thunder fire light to three people point-blank.
"Song Heqing? ! He’s not dead yet? " A brainwave can’t help but call a.
As the thunder and fire faded away, they also saw the figure.
It’s indeed Song Heqing, but the original big red baifu robe is already tattered and ragged, with long hair covered in black and red scabs.
The pine stick and the lucky gourd in his hand have long since disappeared, and they are obviously destroyed in the thunder fire.
"Little thief, I will kill you!" Song Heqing felt angry at the damage and dirty heart.
Just now, he hid in the gourd of good fortune and rushed outside Leizhu, and it was blown out before he walked far.
Then, I leaned on my hands to loosen my staff and hold on for a long time, and all of them were destroyed.
Seeing that he was going to die in thunder and fire, he burned his life for a hundred years with a cruel heart.
Use a secret skill to protect yourself from the thunder column, and it’s also damaged by the earthquake. It won’t take years to raise it.
You know, he has just warmed up his five internal organs and is preparing to build a temple.
At this time, I saw that the three people had not left yet, and they wanted to stay and watch his jokes.
I want to kill three people and vent my anger by taking the opportunity that the secret method has not expired.
"Let’s go!" Three people turned to drill to Qingque.
If you want to enter it, you can take this opportunity to return to Qingyun Mountain and come to the master, so you will naturally not be afraid of him, Song Heqing.
Just as the three of them were about to leave, they suddenly heard a question, "You three don’t have to panic."
Three people smell speech immediately to see wonderful yuan emperor appearance is not a happy heart suddenly settle down.
Although the three of them rarely see the incarnation of Lingqing, they know something.