"Yes," the virtual wind and fire stirred up, and one person stepped out with a wave of his hand, which was a blazing flame for thousands of meters.

The flame wrapped a flying boat round and round, but in the blink of an eye, the flying boat was already exploded in many screams.
Bearer impressively is the only seventh-order service in Guanjia.
Four-phase layman Zhang Xizhou!
"cloud girl"
Zhang Xizhou visual Haitang gently nodded.
"We met again. I remember the last time we met was decades ago. At that time, you were promoted to the fifth rank at a young age, which was very high-spirited."
"It’s …"
"Things make people!"
the other side
Sixth-order silver Ding Xian also revealed that there were three iron beads flying around him in the field, and they collided with the flying boat one after another as the line of sight moved.
Thunderbolt bead!
The contact of iron balls and flying boats inspires earth-shattering roar on the spot, and the defense source of flying boats is torn apart by them like paper.
In the crowd is a blessing.
The shuttle explosion of iron balls kept breaking, and flying boats fell from the sky and were blown to dust by flames before landing.
Sometimes jumping off the boat to escape is also entangled in the current like a snake and strangled to death on the spot.
No lucky person
Nor the lucky ones!
In the perception of "Zhang Xizhou", the familiar smells have vanished one after another, and the clouds, begonia and silver teeth clenched their eyes and stared at each other intensely.
"Do you know what you are doing?"
"Killing Gu and intercepting the Yun clan, my Yun family is not completely ruined, and even the Guan family can’t protect you!"
"Really?" Zhang Xizhou smiled indifferently
"I was ordered to do things. If you Yunjia are really capable, you will go to Guanjia for revenge, but you are today …"
"I can’t escape!"
His voice did not fall, and his figure suddenly disappeared in half.
"Look out!"
Pan Lao face a change in the hands of staves blaster behing light in front of two people cloth heavy barrier is rolled cloud Haitang fly back.
an instant
A touch of time penetrated the heavy barrier, but also penetrated Pan Lao’s chest like a thing, showing a sword blade.
Zhang Xizhou appeared in front of the two men with a sword in one hand and provoked Pan Lao to look at Yun Haitang.
"Miss Yun, if you don’t want to see him die, just hand over your things."
"You …"
Yun Haitang’s silver teeth are also hesitant when they bite.
"Miss, don’t believe him." Pan Lao struggled and growled.
"He won’t leave us alone."
"Ah …" Zhang Xizhou is light.
"You see very clearly, old guy."
Said also too lazy to take life threatening sword thrill directly wring Pan Lao into pieces and a flicker appeared in front of Yun Haitang.