Li Yi also felt himself and Lin Keer’s posture was a bit * *, so she smiled and made something that she thought was better.

Li Yi, a man, has always liked to take advantage. To say why, as the ancients said, if you don’t take advantage, you are a bastard, and Li Yi has been enveloping this sentence.
Li Yi’s decision can’t be said to be good or bad.
Li Yi leaned her face toward Lin Keer’s lips.
Lin Keer didn’t know anything about Li Yi’s cheating ideas, so he was ready to say what he should say.
In this way, Lin Keer’s red lips kissed Li Yi’s face.
Lin Keer at that time leng, what’s wrong with yourself? Did you kiss Li Yi on purpose?
Lin Keer, according to all the things he and Li Yi get along with, decisively thought that it must be Li Yi who wants to take advantage of me again.
"Li Yi, what are you doing?" Lin Keer is really angry this time. You can’t do it again and again!
"That what, mistakes, mistakes, I thought I could hear more clearly when I was closer, but I accidentally got too close." Li Yi * * head, pretending to be a face of innocence.
As soon as Lin Keer saw Li Yi’s innocent face, he thought that Li Yi really didn’t mean it, so he asked, "You really didn’t mean it?"
"Really, I swear by God, I really didn’t mean to. If I lie, God won’t bless me." Li Yi pretends to be serious, but in fact, Li Yi is going to laugh in his heart.
God? You can be the god of whoever you like, grandpa. I don’t believe you. God can only be a shield.
"I’ll believe you once, because you swear by God’s name." Lin Keer said with a smile.
Li Yi couldn’t help but be surprised. Is the little girl’s smile like this? Why is it all the same?
Li Yi felt a little ashamed. Isn’t she a little too cheating? If she finds out that she has cheated Lin Keer, can she beat me?
Are you a little too bullying?
"Boy, how to hesitate again? Practice magic decisively, and you will suffer sooner or later if you are so indecisive. " The old man Wuji ran out again.
"But I always feel that I have been bullied a little too much." Li Yi said faintly.
Wuji wants to spray. Why didn’t you think you were a little too much when you bullied her? After bullying, you suddenly find yourself a little overdone. Aren’t you the rhythm of cheating!
"Come on, hurry up and clean up the bastard. Don’t forget where this is. This is next to the little girl’s office. If she sees it, wait for a good life!" Infinite smile happily of say.
"Thank you so much, old man. I forgot about it." Li Yi said.
"I’m going back to class." Lin Keer light said.
"Don’t you want to listen to the old man in the hair class?" Li Yi asked cheekily.
"I want to go to class." Lin Keer light said.
"Then you have to tell me first what brand of sanitary napkin you are, and you have to wait. I have to kiss you later. By the way, there is one of the most important things. If Zhong Huayang loses this competition, he will come to you again. Don’t ask me for help!" Li Yi acts like I don’t care.
Lin Keer a listen to nasty, regardless of the first two points, just Zhong Huayang later come to me, is busy enough for a while, oneself still have to carry a person, think about it is a headache.
Lin Keer made a decisive decision. No matter what, he must go with Li Yi.
"Well, Li Yi, I know you are the best." Lin Keer smile happily of say.
"I am really good, not just good." Li Yi also smile happily of say.
"It was my fault before. I was a little impatient. Li Yi is the best. Please forgive me!" Lin Keer said with a big smile.
"Well, I’ll think about it." Li Yi pretends to be thoughtful.
"Li Yi, it’s the best. Please forgive me. I’ll go with you." Lin Keer smile happily of say.
Li Yi suddenly knew that Lin Keer was narrow-minded. To put it bluntly, Lin Keer was afraid that I wouldn’t help her if she had something later, so she was basically isolated.
"Well, at your strong request, I will reluctantly take you with me, even if I forgive you." Li Yi looks like a smirk.
Lin Keer doesn’t know whether to say yes or not. This way of total forgiveness is really wonderful. Maybe everyone has their own way of forgiveness. A shameless person like Li Yi can only forgive others like this!
"You haven’t told me that yet!" Li Yi smile happily of say.
Although Li Yi is smiling, Lin Keer saw that he was up to no good from Li Yi’s smile.
"Can we talk about it later?" Lin Keer’s face turned red.
"Didn’t you tell me before? What happened?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"It’s nothing." Lin Keer lowered his deformed red face, shook his head and said.
"Eldest brother which go to? Why hasn’t it arrived yet? I have already found my own place. " Chen Ming complained at the bottom of the teaching building.
"Forget it, forget it, go up and see for yourself, maybe the boss is flirting." Chen Ming prepared to go up from the side stairs.
I didn’t expect to go to the third floor where I had my own class. On the second floor, I saw my boss talking to Lin Keer. Lin Keer’s face was red and his head was low.
Chen Ming was ready to watch a good play. I didn’t expect footsteps coming from the stairs. Chen Ming nodded for a while and got a fright.
Damn it, isn’t it that the dean of education is going upstairs? I have to tell the boss quickly. If the dean of education sees it, the boss will be in big trouble.
Chen Ming came to Li Yi’s side.
When Li Yi saw that it was Chen Ming coming, he said, "Chen Ming, what’s the matter?"
Fortunately, Chen Ming came, otherwise he would have made a fool of himself.
Chen Ming pointed to the stairs and whispered in Li Yi’s ear, "Boss, the dean of education is coming soon, so hurry up!"
"Lin Keer, don’t be mad. The dean of education is here. Let’s go." Li Yi looked at Lin Keer and stared at himself and said.
"Who is in spring?" Lin Keer finally lifted his red face.
"Why are you so red in the face without spring? Stop talking and hurry. " Li Yi directly took Lin Keer’s hand and ran out.
In this way, Li Yi, Chen Ming and Lin Keer ran out of the teaching building.
As soon as he got out of the teaching building, Chen Ming asked, "Boss, what’s the matter? Did you do something to Lin Keer? Why is her face so red? "
"She is in spring, which has nothing to do with me." Li Yi looked indifferent, as if the whole thing had nothing to do with himself.
"Who’s hair spring? I didn’t. " Lin Keer stubbornly shook his head.
Chen Ming smiled and said, "Boss, lying is wrong."
Li Yi wants to beat Chen Ming. What kind of expression is this? Just write on his face that the boss has something to do with Lin Keer.
Li Yi also don’t know what to say.
In this way, Li Yi a face of speechless, Chen Ming a face of the boss and Lin Keer, Lin Keer pursed his cute little mouth.