Li Cheng rolled his eyes and said, "Why don’t you just go to the street and find a broker? Don’t be kidding, big brother! "

"This is not what I said to you. Your relationship with Reggie is so good. It’s not easy to introduce a broker to your boy with his connections. Besides, you are a hot potato in the eyes of brokers now, and no one is rushing to sign you! " If it weren’t for the good quality of this car, it is estimated that Granger could take down the steering wheel and photograph Li Cheng’s head.
Li Cheng and Granger talked about some irrelevant topics along the way, and the scenery along the way quickly passed by. Li Cheng has arrived home.
"Don’t think about it, maybe the agent will come when you go back to sleep!" Granger waved at Li Cheng and said.
"well! You also go back to sleep quickly! " Li Cheng also said.
After returning home, Li Cheng still didn’t understand how the "Basketball Top System" would exchange the reward of "Gold Broker" for him.
But it’s no use thinking too much. Now his first task is to sleep!
This time, Li Cheng slept completely without psychological pressure. For the time being, it has nothing to do with him what he won or didn’t win. Now he really puts down all the burdens and has a good sleep.
Li Cheng slept directly until the evening meal, and his psychological pressure was too great this month. Even if the "Basketball Top System" can make his physical exhaustion recover overnight, his psychological pressure cannot be solved by the "Basketball Top System".
Now that all the baggage has been unloaded, Li Cheng can naturally have a comfortable sleep.
Li Cheng had just taken a bath and was about to call Granger and ask him how to solve the problem of dinner when the doorbell of his house suddenly rang.
"Shit, this guy Granger has come and knocked on the door?" Li cheng is a little strange.
But looking out from the cat’s eye, Li Cheng suddenly froze.
Standing outside the door was a middle-aged man with blond hair and blue eyes, with a neat big back and a neat suit. With a professional smile on his face and a black briefcase in his hand.
"Who are you looking for?" Li cheng asked.
Then something strange happened, and the man outside didn’t open his mouth, but a very friendly voice came to Li Cheng’s ear. "Basketball Top System, Task 1 rewards people."
Hearing this sentence, Li Cheng quickly opened the door.
"You …" Before Li Cheng could speak, the voice reached Li Cheng’s ear again.
"I will be your agent from today, and I will wholeheartedly build a perfect business team for you to maximize your business value."
"This … is that you talking to me?" Li cheng asked with a frown.
"yes." The voice reached Li Cheng’s ear again, but the man still didn’t open his mouth.
"Then how can you not open your mouth?" Li cheng asked in surprise. (To be continued. . )
Chapter 204 Gold medal broker
"This is a special spiritual exchange between me and you. You don’t have to open your mouth when you talk to me. As long as you think about it in your head, I can hear it." The man also didn’t open his mouth, but Li Cheng also heard the sound.
"Oh, it is like this! Then the communication between us can’t be heard by others! " This time, Li Cheng didn’t speak, just thought about it in his mind.
"Yes, that’s it."
"all right! But now let’s talk normally! I’m really not used to it. " Li Cheng said.
"Okay, no problem." This is the first time that Li Cheng has seen the man open his mouth, but his voice is no different from that just now.
After two people talked for a long time, Li Chengcai found that both of them were still standing at the door so far.
Li Cheng smiled awkwardly and said, "Come in first! It’s not good for the two of us to stand at the door and chat! "
The man smiled and went in.
Two people sitting on the sofa, just continue to communicate again.
"What should I call you?"
"You can call me No.1, or you can call me Osborne."
Li Cheng nodded and said, "Osborne, you are my agent now?" At this time, Li Cheng was still shocked by the strength of the "Basketball Top System".
"Not yet." Osborne restrained his smile and said with some seriousness, "I won’t be your agent until we have signed the contract."
"Er …" Li Cheng paused and said, "How can I sign a contract with you?"
"Osborne, who appears in front of you now, is a complete’ person’, except that you and I have a special function to communicate." Osborne explained primly.
"All right!" Li Cheng put down his doubts and said, "Let’s sign the contract without delay!"
Osborne nodded, took out a stack of a4 paper from his briefcase and pushed it in front of Li Cheng, saying, "This is the contract. Look! "
Li Cheng is dizzy when he looks at such a big stack of contracts. He pushed the contract back to Osborne, saying, "Just explain it to me. I’m dizzy looking at it."
Anyway, this agent is a reward from the "Basketball Top System". How can he cheat himself on this paper contract? Li Cheng is very relieved in his heart.
Osborne gave a wry smile and said, "Actually, it doesn’t matter. This contract is mostly a cover-up, but I will take a 2% commission on all your contracts. This is handed over to the’ Basketball Top System’ and has little to do with me. "
Li cheng nodded. Then I took the contract and signed my name readily.
Osborne also took a pen and signed it readily, then handed one contract to Li Cheng and put the other in his briefcase.
"You have something to do in the future, but call this number." Osborne took out a business card.
Li Cheng took the business card and sighed in his heart: "Even the business cards have been printed. This system is so powerful."
Li Cheng looked at it with a business card, and Osborne’s voice came again. "If you use a landline to call me. I can reach you through the telephone line, but generally speaking, you can’t use my ability. "