"We? We are all disciples of the Six Demons Sect, and we have always been loyal. How could it be bad for the Sect? " These real people, then guarding Yuncheng, began to speak in succession.

"I don’t doubt your nephews, but I’m looking for that man, who is good at changing, and his means are high. Even Yuan Zhen Jun can cut it and kill you, but it’s also easy. If he kills one of you, who knows? After all, you are not always together! Therefore, inspection is still necessary! "
Several real people guarding Yuncheng heard this, but there was no reason to refuse. They could only walk past each other, open the abdomen, accept inspection, and then accept the identification of those magic weapons.
As a result, naturally, without any gains, everything is normal.
At this moment, the heart of the black-robed old man suddenly became very heavy. Although, he also knows that Wei Wuji is likely to change into a stone and other dead things, hiding in the cloud city. However, his belief in finding out Wei Wuji is no longer as firm as before. However, when things come to this point, naturally there is no such thing as retreating, and we can only continue to forge ahead.
At this moment, the black-robed old man can only hope that Wei Wuji is still in Cloud City, and under the threat of his own disillusionment of Cloud City, he will take the initiative to jump out. Who mowgli jumped out, then he can be said to have made great contributions to the six magic sects, and the road ahead is bright; If there is still no movement, then his action this time is a great sin. Although he is an elder of the level of Yuanying Zhenjun, the punishment will not be affected. However, his position among the six demons will definitely plummet, from the master of the core layer to the thugs of cannon fodder.
Two endings, two worlds!
That huge difference made the black-robed old man feel a little regretful at this moment, regretting that he was too confident and didn’t consider it thoroughly enough; Regret that I was too persistent and didn’t leave a detour. However, although the black-robed old man’s heart is full of twists and turns, his face is not obvious at all.
Seeing that these real people of their own were identified, they immediately flew down from Hongqiao, and so did the other two Yuan Ying Zhenjun. However, the one on the left, after falling off the wall, once again spread out the huge Hongqiao, like a canopy, covering the whole cloud city.
At this time, the black-robed old man ordered, "Very well, since you all have no problem, then you can withdraw the six-way rotation forbidden large array now!" After withdrawing, leave immediately! "
Several real people guarding Yuncheng responded in unison. Then, they played their own tricks, and first collected the six-pole main banners of the six-pole rotating forbidden array. Then, with the help of the six-pole main banners, they collected the remaining more than 60,000 auxiliary banners one by one.
As soon as the six-way rotation forbidden array was removed, the time of Yuncheng was once again restored to Qingming.
"Two younger brothers, you go first!" Seeing this, the old man in black said again.
The black-robed old man had already told them the situation clearly beforehand, so they understood the meaning of his words very well. After the two men looked at each other, one of them was a robe sleeve, and a pocket the size of a foot Xu flew out of it, bulging and hanging in the void.
This baby gentleman once again played a series of hand tricks, but the pocket opened itself. In a flash, countless black light and shadow, smoke, but flew out of it, dense, hovering over the cloud city, swimming around, making a continuous sound of piercing cries.
This bag, called Tian Yu Bag, contains black light, shadow and smoke, all of which are demons, with a total of tens of thousands. Together, these tens of thousands of demons can decorate a large array of crying all day, and display the occult skills of magic-calling the soul to call the spirit solution, and the monks who have insufficient cultivation and concentration will automatically leave the body and be swallowed up by the demons when they listen to it.
The Yuan Ying Zhen Jun, who released all kinds of magic, took no time to print the light of the tactic and hit it on the bag of heavenly desires. Just for a moment, he looked around to enjoy the devil, and then he listed it over Yuncheng in a very mysterious way. It was a crying array.
Days cry ten percent, tens of thousands of devil, set time to cry in chorus. All kinds of piercing and unsurpassed voices, mixed together, sound to everyone, but they are no longer harsh, but they feel somewhat comfortable. The place where the voice comes seems to have something that particularly attracts them.
At this time, the baby really gentleman pointed to the heavenly desire bag, and immediately released a red light on the heavenly desire bag, and went to the mass of many real people next to him, and set the time. These real people then recovered their clarity. Everyone’s face, suddenly become somewhat white, obviously, for just lost some terror.
At this time, they found that in the cloud city, countless, all kinds of fascinating balls flew up, rushed into the sky, and were swallowed up by those demons.

Chapter DiSiErSi city out reactive power, the strong end.
Chapter DiSiErSi city out reactive power, the strong end.
At this point, the monks present. The worst is then the real person. Although, not everyone has a specialization in ecstasy, but it can also be clearly seen that these balls of ecstasy that are flying all over the sky are just some animals, and there is not even a person.
Although, at present, the crying is just beginning, but involuntarily, these people began to doubt what the black-robed old man said earlier. After all, their search can really be called flawless.
Crying in the sky, all demons are built. These demons, after devouring a large number of fascinating balls, have made their soul-stirring solutions more perfect. At this moment, the voice, even the last piercing color, has completely disappeared, leaving only the ethereal, ethereal, heavenly sound. If it is looming, if there is nothing, it has penetrated into every tiny corner of Yuncheng.
Accompanied by the drifting of this celestial sound, more and more fascinating balls fly up and spontaneously throw themselves into the tens of thousands of devil’s mouths on the void above Yuncheng.
However, in just a quarter of an hour, in the cloud city, the dizzy ball poop that flew up in the sky was scattered, and it was no longer the grand occasion at the beginning. Obviously, the living creatures in this cloud city have been hunted almost.
A moment later, when there was no more ecstasy in the cloud city, the baby gentleman who manipulated the heavenly bag immediately glanced at the black-robed old man.
The black-robed old man didn’t need to ask at all, and he knew what his younger brother meant. Therefore, he directly said, "Don’t stop, go on. Although that man’s cultivation is poor, his spirit is very firm. This level of soul-stirring and soul-stirring solution may not be able to resist!"
The black-robed old man holds six monty orders, but he is the person in charge of this action. Naturally, this baby gentleman won’t have any objection. Anyway, as long as he contributes, he can always get credit. So, he immediately moved a few dharma tactic. Hit the bag of desire for heaven, and make the crying of heaven even worse.
At this time, the old man in black robe spoke again and said to another baby, "Brother Le, you can start!" "
"Yes!" After this baby-true gentleman responded, he immediately pinched the dharma tactic, released a lot of light, and hit the sky that enveloped the whole cloud city.
In the blink of an eye, thousands of red and dotted lights appeared on the sky, just like the vast galaxy. I saw that the vast galaxy flashed in unison, shooting a ray of red light and hanging down.
Where these red rays pass, the flame aura in the void spontaneously appears and attaches to it. The red light is getting bigger and bigger, turning into a fire snake and a fire dragon, and finally stretching together. It formed an overwhelming sea of fire, as if it were sent to the world that day to destroy the world.
The rolling flame, really like running water, poured down and rushed into the cloud city. In an instant, the whole cloud city turned into a world of flames, and all the gaps were occupied. Most of the flowers, trees, pavilions and pavilions were blazing and making a scratching noise.
Only the places where some monks are stationed are still intact in the fire because they have been blessed with many protective laws. However, the lack of the original row upon row, how to look at it, feel a bit desolate. Moreover, the protective and forbidden flashes of these buildings, under the attack of the flame gas, are completely manifested and weakened layer by layer. Obviously, they can’t last long.
Far away, listening to the sound of the sky that shook my mind and looking at the flames that rose into the sky, at this moment, Wei Wuji grasped his determination for the black-robed old man. I can’t help feeling a little scared. "This old guy, is really a malicious role! Fortunately, I chose the six magic clan’s own card. If I had changed the place of another clan, I would have lost it. This old guy really dared to destroy it directly. In that case, I am really helpless! "
Wei mowgli has always been a man who thinks twice before he moves. He never does anything too risky. And what he does is that he thinks he can be within his control. However, after this incident, Wei Wuji also understood a truth. No matter how smart the calculation is, there are also times when you stumble. After all, accidents are always inevitable. Therefore, if you act again in the future, you must consider it more comprehensively.
"Click, bang, …"
The buildings in Cloud City kept collapsing, being submerged by the fire and burned invisibly.
The old man in black robe, although his face is still calm. The expression is still calm, the eyes are still cold, and the smile is still warm. However, in their hearts, the collapse of every building can’t help but tremble, especially those with banned light protection. Because, he knows very well that there must be many precious things in these buildings. It was burned down. After all, things in those shops will definitely be too late to be transferred in a hurry.
And these are obviously compensation. If he can find Wei Wuji, get his magical secret method, and get his fairy treasure, then these are absolutely nothing. Six magic sects will not only pay all compensation for him without complaint, but also give him many rewards. However, if the final result is futile, the Six Demons will still compensate for these things, but these losses of the Six Demons will naturally be passed on to him as his debt to the sects.
Then, in the next time, the black-robed old man will go further, not to mention diligent practice. I am afraid that most of the time will be used to complete all kinds of dangerous people and repay them.
Two results, two worlds! These, the black-robed old man knows very well. The only, the only thing that makes him glad is that the place where Wei Wuji fell into is Cloud City, not Cloud City Fang City!
Although, in many places, the friar’s square city is in the city, but the big faction like Liudao Magic Sect is different. Fang Shi, which he directly controls, is of great scale. Therefore, it is completely self-planned to become a city, and the cloud city is a twin city. Cloud City, although it covers an area larger than that of Cloud City Square, but its main function is to let monks from all directions live, so although there are shops, there are not many really high-end shops, mostly shops selling low-grade goods. Therefore, although the total value of damaged items is large, there are certain limits.
But YunChengFang city is different, his purpose is to trade. Although there are countless treasures in it, it is not too much to let go. Its value is so great that it is difficult to count at all. At least, if a baby gentleman like him has to rely on his own ability to repay it, he will certainly not finish it in dozens of lifetimes.
The value of cloud city fang city, who mowgli nature will not be unclear, the benefits of cloud city fang city, who mowgli nature also won’t understand. Not who mowgli don’t want to enter the cloud city fang city, but that kind of situation at that time, he simply can’t get in. Because, unlike Yuncheng, Yunchengfang City has a huge and powerful invisible shield to protect it. Without the jade symbol, you can’t get in at all
Who mowgli has previously been to Cloud City Square several times, but because he has to constantly change his identity, he didn’t intend to maintain his identity except this statue for too long. Therefore, every time he leaves Cloud City Square, he naturally destroys the previously obtained jade symbol.
Well, the old man in black didn’t know it. He only thought that Wei Wuji was being chased by himself at that time. Because this can best keep his mind in balance.
Time, minute by minute. Fire has been raging in Yuncheng for less than half an hour. Outside the four fields, far away, there are monks watching everywhere, and they don’t know that the six demons are crazy. And cloud city fang city, learned the news of the monks, both buyers and sellers, mostly temporarily give up their business, fly up, under the shield, looking at the situation here. The figure is swaying and lush, just like a lush forest.
At this point, the black-robed old man still looks nothing strange on the surface, but inside, he is anxious to the extreme. Because, under the raging fire, although there are some fascinating balls flying out again, they are still all animals, and no one is human. At this moment, if it weren’t for his conscious awareness, Wei Wuji would never have died. I’m afraid that he really wanted to believe that one of the animals that had died before was fascinated. After all, changes can’t be changed.
In the cloud city, the last towering building was also cleaned by the sea of fire, and the protection was banned. It was unbearable and collapsed. At this moment, the black-robed old man didn’t hesitate, and the frost dumpling sword swung, and the body and sword became one, flying up into the air, turning into a colorful sword rainbow, soaring into the sky, and then pouring down, blooming endless bright sword light, and completely wrapping Cloud City inside.
At this moment, the black-robed old man is going to completely destroy Cloud City. No, it’s not only that, he has to do more, just like erasing a mountain peak before, and he has to dig three feet into it, completely destroying this place and the scope of his ability, so as to force Wei Wuji to be alive.
The black-robed old man knows very well that this cloud city, in addition to the six-rotation forbidden array, has laid and buried many formations underground. Although those formations can’t be compared with the six-rotation forbidden array individually, together, they are also valuable. If, just destroy the cloud city on the ground, those formations can continue to be used with only a little repair. It can be said that it only takes three or five days for a new cloud city to be reborn. After all, for monks, building an ordinary city is really a simple thing.
However, if all these formations are destroyed, it will not only cost much more, but also take much longer to rebuild. If you want to recover, at least it will take three to five months.
The situation, the old man in black robe is very clear. However, he had no choice, he had to. Because, only in this way, can he strengthen his deep heart and have little determination left to pursue that last chance of life. If he hesitates, he feels that he may not even have the courage to pursue this last chance.
As the saying goes, you don’t have to worry about more debts! Anyway, if you fail in these appearances, it will be nothing more than more than ten years of fatigue. Once you succeed, the result will be a difference between heaven and earth. Naturally, he is more willing to strengthen his determination and take a chance.
"Before, before, before, …"
The sword light, which is thousands of feet long and extremely bright, cracks in one after another, penetrating through nine secluded places, and then, like a whirlwind and a turbine, begins to strangle everything inside.
Booming, jingling, all kinds of noise, an endless stream. Occasionally, there are some strange light bursts out, which is a magic weapon in the cloud city, but also intact, feeling the crisis of life and death and coming out to fight. However, these magic weapons are not too powerful. Under the strangulation of the black-robed old man’s shattered sword lotus, they failed to rush out, and all of them were ground into pieces and annihilated in vanity.
The existence of sword lotus did not last long, or it soon disappeared. However, when it disappeared, what appeared in people’s eyes was only the huge underground hole that was hundreds of feet deep. In addition, there was no slightest abnormality. Seeing this, everyone can’t help but look at the void.
There, the old man in black robe has re-revealed his true identity, where is he suspended! His expression remains the same, and there is no disappointment or frustration. However, the slight tremor on the face made people find that his mood was not as calm as it appeared.
In the face of such a situation, everyone is very clear about the ending of the black-robed old man. Two yuan baby true gentleman, natural won’t have no vision to speak to comfort, and those then reality, is to want to say, is not qualified. So, at that time, there was silence.
This silence did not last long. It was the black-robed old man himself who broke this silence. See its said, "all off! The man has escaped, and it is impossible to catch him here. "
As soon as the words were finished, the black-robed old man didn’t stop, but still turned into a colorful sword rainbow and flew towards the six magic gates. At this time, the Yuan Ying Zhen Jun, who banned Yuncheng, naturally withdrew his magic weapon quickly. He is worried that his brother, who is in a bad mood to the extreme, will take it out on his magic weapon, and he is really helpless.