Different from all generals, the road to promotion in shallow water is the most difficult, and it is always full of little-to-many courses. This experience has made him accustomed to thinking repeatedly in the war, such as avoiding a head-on battle, such as minimizing the damage of his own side. Although he brought great glory and victory, he also lacked a trace of determination to win in the front battlefield regardless of sacrifice

If possible, he will always try to avoid decisive battles and battles with great losses. Compared with St. Wells Pocayo, he said, "My heart is not at the end of the process." It doesn’t matter how many people die, but whether we can win the war.
And Yun Feng dance is a real expert like Spocayo in the head-on decisive battle.
"It’s reported that General Yunshuai Yunlan’s cavalry troops have been engaged in fierce fighting in Mecca". The scouts in front are anxious to return the flying horse.
"What is the situation of the other party?" Yun Feng’s dancing sounds are as warm and warm as catkins in the wind, but they are dignified.
"surface defense"
"good! Shallow water is clear, and it must have blocked the evil wave river. The attack center of Mecca Army is to cross the river, otherwise it would be impossible to face Lan’s thirty thousand people and still take the defensive. "
Yun Feng dance satisfied nod.
Perhaps it is knowing that the front victory will form a mighty force of 400,000 troops and rush to the battlefield.
After thinking a little about a Yun Feng dance, he flatly said, "Order all cavalry to attack with me at once, and the infantry team will follow closely and abandon the trench. This battle should be fought quickly!"
With this, the cavalry units of various ministries poured out one after another, and then they quickly ran to the evil wave river with Yun Feng dance.
Smoke and dust are everywhere, and the battlefield war in the evil wave river continues
Mecca warships suffered heavy losses in the process of rushing to the river bank. Nearly half of the warships were damaged in the middle, and one fifth of them were seriously damaged. However, most of the warships still crossed the evil wave river quickly, and a beach landing battle started completely.
Gerica, a famous water army warrior in Mecca, commanded the Mecca Army to seize the beach. This crazy man, known as the river shark, swam directly from the other side of the river shirtless. His left hand, steel shield and right hand combat knife swam freely in the raging rapids, and after leaving the shore, he was like a crazy butcher desperately slashing the rainbow soldiers around him.
Bang! A rainbow soldier was smashed by a steel shield in Gerica, and his skull was cracked. Blood mixed with brains flowed out, which made people tremble.
Turning around quickly, Gerica thrust his combat knife into another soldier’s chest and then kicked him.
Worship the fierce and arrogant martial arts greatly. As soon as the momentum goes forward, the soldiers around them are frightened. That’s why they are not good at defeating the enemy with tricks, but they can use their high-powered martial arts to kill the enemy and boost morale.
Soon a group of Mecca soldiers gathered around Gerica to see if they wanted this center to fight a gap on the other side of the river.
For such a fierce defender, it has always been the key care.
As the middle-level commander ordered a team of ten archers to shoot at Gerica’s place at the same time, it seemed that the arrows were exhausted, and a group of lancers also rushed out, throwing their spears at the enemy, piercing the sky and splitting the sky, screaming for their lives.
A large number of Mecca troops were hit by this round of crazy archery rain and spear rain, but Gerica was more and more brave, and his combat knives danced like hot wheels, but no arrow could hit it
"From Chu, give me that guy to live." Shallow water and clear eyes view the battlefield and lock their eyes on Gerica.
From this person, he saw the real figure of the lion in those days.
Three consecutive arrows in a row were fired at Gerica Gerica with a sharp knife, blocking this arrow. I felt that the knife came with such a strong shock that my right hand was numb and I knew that it was an enemy camp master. He was quick-witted and immediately dodged the second arrow to one side, only to find that the third arrow had been nailed to my leg when my leg ached.
"Oh!" The expert roared with a fierce voice and cut off his leg shaft with a knife as if nothing had happened to continue the enemy war together.
"Good hero, I’ll take it." Shallow water Qing praised.
Chu Lianzhu’s arrow was sent again. This time, Gerica hit two more arrows.
Around him, a large group of soldiers came to Gerica like a lion. It was a critical situation that he fought and bled for a long time. He felt dizzy in front of him. An negligence caused a soldier’s knife to split in his left forearm, which made him wake up and yell at him with all his strength. He cut the soldier in two with one knife, scaring others to retreat together, but his body was obviously unable to support himself.
"The day the wind rabbits! It will hurt people in the dark! " Gerica angrily cursed how could he be surrounded by a group of soldiers and watch his death unless those three arrows hit him in the leg?
A soldier came running. "The general ordered this man to live! The reward for the capture of this person is one hundred and twenty! "
Hula, a large group of soldiers gathered around.
"roar! Swear not to be a prisoner! " Gerica roared, however, an officer did not stop deceiving his body and chopping his combat knives forward. He struggled to cut back two knives and screamed, and the combat knives flew almost out of force. Gerica could not stop his opponent from thundering. The officer deceived his body and stepped on a fist. The image was constantly enlarged before his eyes …
With the crack of the bridge of the nose, the last sound he heard before he passed out was cheers from the troops who set up the pontoon bridge in Mecca.
The pontoon bridge was finally erected successfully.
However, the response was higher cheers from the Jinghong army, as if victory was already in hand.
That’s the Yun Feng dance elite cavalry finally killed face to face!