At one minute and forty seconds, wild monsters appeared with them.

"gg’s way is to help gdeyes shoot two big stone men and then directly line them. Then rg should soon find out that they didn’t catch the line change."
Reggie looked at the screen in front of gg Road and helped gdeyes to order two stones. The man went straight to the line and said.
In a few seconds, the figure of Houma and Bloom appeared directly on the road.
"They didn’t leave."
Rg game seats wu manipulated Lu Xi ‘an to see the road for the first time. Mom and Bloom’s figure don’t look good and said.
"Pushing the line directly pushed us to catch it!"
And A’s answer is decisive.
Because he knows that Karma, a hero in the team battle, is not enough if their road combination can’t play an advantage online.
"The rg duo on this side of the road started to push quickly after discovering that the line change was unsuccessful!"
"That should be to force the two sides to catch the line, but if you want to catch it, you have to wait until the third level at least, otherwise you will lose troops. This is good news for gg Titan. If you control the line, I can follow the wild line and push the line. I can at least eat some soldiers."
Reggie and gaga saw this wave rg duo, and they also knew their thoughts after knowing that they had failed to grab the line change and immediately started to clear the troops quickly.
In the middle of the game, when the strong double team fails to grab the line change, most of the treatments will default to the success of the line change.
But it is not absolute.
There will be a more extreme situation.
That’s forced alignment!
This is usually the case that the array has a great advantage in line alignment.
And this game shows that rg Road has a huge advantage once it is on the right line.
The two heroes, Fan Ma and Lucian, don’t fan Ma and Bloom to be more violent!
The fourth volume DiQiJiuSan
"This wave of lines has not yet reached level 3, but two people on rg’s side are going back to the city directly."
"It is no problem not to wait for this wave of soldiers to return to the city, and it will be too short to suppress gg Road if you return to the city a little later."
Fengyun Stadium Central Screen
Four minutes after the match between the two sides came, they had not yet reached the third grade rg Road. After pushing a large wave of soldiers into the road defense, the duo immediately began to change routes.
Their very purpose is to line up with gg’s mother bloom.
"They should have gone after pushing this wave of lines."
Gg match seats are obscene in Ta ‘ang, which controls Titan, while taking the line into Ta ‘bing, in the middle of the headset.
"Well, we also push."
Will shock after watching also quickly said
He knows very well that it’s not time to play against the line. Once the line is suppressed and the development is blocked, the skill damage will be very small in the team battle, and it is difficult to pose a threat to the opposite side except for a big move.
"gg, the road here is also clearing the line quickly. It should be changed again. I am determined not to talk to you. Xiao Pang and B are also very determined."
"It’s definitely not on the line with you, and I don’t lose troops to fight with your Lucian and Fan Ma. I’m not looking for trouble myself. Why do you want to develop steadily now? When it comes to playing group, my mother and Bloom are bigger than your Lucian and Fan Ma?"
Commentary Reggie and gaga looked at both sides of the road and pushed the line back to the city as if hiding from the cat. The move to change the line was also a quick opening.
"Sure enough, the rg team went straight to the road, and the gg team also opened the road back to the city."
All the pictures on the screen are clearly reflected in front of all the audience.
"They’re on their way."
Rg team game seats wu said again
And even if he doesn’t say A, his eyes clearly see the line gg team pushing the line and then directly retreating.
"Forget it"
Shaking his head, A knew gg was dying to change the line, and at the same time immediately said to lg in the headset, "They double-line, let’s look for opportunities, dragons, dragons."