"Ha ha, I have heard that Brother Zhuge defeated Zhu Yanxian, the first beauty in Nanyu, in front of Xuantian Dance Pavilion." Xia Cao ha ha smiled and pointed to another place, saying, "Those two people belong to the Eight Wilderness Sect. The middle-aged man named Nan Ming is the law enforcement elder of the Eight Wilderness Sect. However, what I want to focus on is the young man behind him, named Nan Yue Hui. Although this guy looks bad, he is a great master. It is said that even the first descendant of the Eight Wilderness Sect was defeated by him. "

"This South Yue Hui is so strong, isn’t it the first descendant?" Miao Xianji wondered.
"The Eight Wilderness Sect once appointed him as a successor, but he refused. As for the reason, I think everyone is very clear." Xia Cao said mysteriously.
"Well, it seems that this person is ambitious." Zhuge didn’t highlight the nod.
"On the other side are people from Niutoushan." Summer grass said, pointing to a few people in the distance. These people are obviously different from ordinary people. Although their appearance is undoubtedly human, they all have a pair of horns on their heads.
"Depend, monster beast clan?" Liu mang surprised way.
Xia Cao shook his head: "These people are not monster beasts, but descendants of the ancient cow god. They are unique and have a different system from ordinary people. If there is any force in the East that can shake the Eight Wastelands, the first religion. I am afraid it is Niutoushan. "
"So awesome!" Liu Mang swallowed.
Xia Cao said: "It is said that the heads of the cattle gods are close friends with the East Emperor, and many great religious immortals in the East will give them a little kindness."
Zhuge looked in the direction of Xiacao before dawn, only to see seven or eight tall practitioners standing at the top of a building. Sure enough, they all had a pair of horns on their heads, shining like diamonds, dazzling and charming.
"It’s good to cut off their horns for decorations." Zhuge not bright licked his lips and said.
"There are people in the Kensei Pavilion, and the Temple of the Holy Emperor, the Wizard of Oz in Jiuyang, and the * * Gate …" Xia Cao introduced Zhuge Buliang one by one. When introducing the Nine-Yang Fairy Trace, Zhuge frowned unconsciously. He was greeted by the man in the Nine-Yang Fairy Tale and burned one of his descendants to death.
It is undoubtedly a shame for this first-class sect that controls fire. After playing with fire all its life, it was burned alive by a man who didn’t know how to control fire at all. If you give them a hard slap.
The sky trembled, and a figure stepped on the void, and every step was like a drum rolling.
The bearer, thin and carrying two bronze maces behind his back, came to the center of the city and finally landed on a building not far from Zhuge Liang.
"Faint, is it necessary to be so high-profile?" Xia Cao muttered helplessly in his heart.
"It’s Qingyun’s predecessor!"
"Oh, my God, why does this elder come again? Every time he appears, he will definitely make the world move. I hope to behave this time."
Obviously, Qingyun’s reputation is bigger in the East than in the South, which is well known, and when he appeared, many people in the East didn’t look very good.
"Senior, hope that you are well." Zhuge didn’t light up and greeted him with god’s knowledge.
Qingyun turned his head and looked over here. He also said, "Boy, how about cooperating with the old lady later and giving him a good fight?"
"what!" Zhuge was not surprised: "What are you going to do …?"! ?”
"Hey, hey, what, you’re afraid? I’ll keep you safe with my old husband here." Qingyun said confidently.
"But, elder, my status is very special now. If it is leaked, I’m afraid …"
"Slice, afraid of what! The old man is by your side. I’ll see who dares to touch you and I’ll kill him! " When Qingyun stared, his thin body gave off a strong sense of oppression, which made many practitioners around him short of breath.
"But …" Zhuge is not bright or a little embarrassed.
"In this way, the old man will give you a benefit." Qingyun said, "You should have two enlightenment volumes of Breaking the Average. As long as you cooperate with the old lady this time, you can exchange your two pages for a set of general chapters here. How about that? This is a great opportunity. "
When this statement came out, Zhuge was suddenly moved, and at the same time proved a doubt in his heart. He smiled and said, "Ha ha, as I expected, the person who sneaked into Taiyi Xianzong once and stole the Xuantian Sect’s" Broken Jun "volume was your predecessor."
"Ha ha ha" Qingyun laughed and said, "Your boy is quite clever, and you feel it. Yes, I was the one who sneaked into Taiyi Xianzong for the second time, but there was something wrong with the achievement method practiced by the old man at that time, and the realm was suppressed. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be in such a hurry to take away the volume of Broken Average. By the way, speaking of which, I still have a few treasures left with you … "
I’m too lazy to ask for something. "Zhuge is not bright.
Suddenly, just as they were talking, the whole world suddenly shook, and a horrible feeling of oppression enveloped the whole city of Zhuxian. There is a bright glow in the night sky, as if it were day. And the twelve stone tablets in the city also broke out into a towering brilliance.
At this moment, the whole city of Zhuxian was full of noise.
"there! There it is! Miracle arrival! "
"Is this smell … the smell of immortals?"
Public outcry, all eyes are all gathered in the city’s twelve monuments. At the moment, among the twelve stone monuments, twelve stone swords are humming and vibrating, and a light figure stands in the capital of each stone monument. They look up at the void and seem to be waiting for something.
Chapter 502 Challenge faeries
"Fairy! The fairy really appeared! "