Thinking about things, Zhang Ting slowly turned to look at him when he heard this sentence.

"What are you so angry about?" Zhang Ting looked at the face is not very good, he asked.
"You asked me what I was angry about. You touched you and thought you wanted to go back to Hong Wangfu from you. Did you ask me anything in your mouth?" Hao Ren spoke to her with a little excitement.
Chapter 92 Lies!
Zhang Ting zheng wanted to think carefully and found that it was not.
"Are you angry?" Zhang Ting looked at him with a little guilty and asked.
Hao Ren snorted. "You said I was not angry. You are my Hao Ren’s wife. When you come back to Beijing, you actually care about those two guys and put me aside as a" xianggong ".You are getting worse and worse in Zhang Ting."
Zhang Ting listened to his name and surname and called himself a shrinking neck.
"Aren’t these two injured? I’m worried about them, but I still remember that you are going to ask about your recent situation later."
Zhang Ting showed a flattering smile and leaned over him, hoping that doing so would make the men less angry.
Hao Ren looked at her face to please himself and smiled, but he didn’t quite believe what she said.
"Hum, don’t always pick up nice words to coax me. I’m not so gullible." Hao Ren reached out and pinched her nose gently.
Zhang Ting pouted his lips, buried his head in his arms and looked up at his cheek. "Are you still angry now?"
"Angry" Hao Ren looked at her with a blue expression and answered.
Zhang Ting said, "Ah, why are you so stingy? I have apologized and explained to you. Why are you still angry? Are you still a man?"
When Hao Ren heard his wife’s words, he doubted himself, and his handsome face pulled up.
"You’ll know later if I’m a man."
Zhang Ting listened to this somewhat gloomy sentence, but before she came to her senses, she was completely hugged by the man in front of her.
"Ah Hao Ren, what are you doing? Hurry up and let me go." Zhang Ting’s little face stretched out his hand and patted the man holding her with panic.
Holding her Hao Renfei didn’t let her go, but the more she held her, the more stable she became and the more she walked inside.
In a short time, they appeared in front of them. They slept in big beds when they lived here.
Soon Zhang Ting blushed, and now she finally knew that this man said that she would know if he was a man later.
"Hao Ren, I believe you. You are a complete man. I admit it. Please let me go quickly." Zhang Ting said with charming flattery
It’s a pity that she didn’t know that she was soft and weak, which made Hao Ren want to put her on himself and punish her.
"Ting, it’s too late for you to say this. You’ve already provoked my anger."
Zhang Ting was put to bed by the man in front of her soon after the deep and charming words rang in her ear.
Gentle pressure to Zhang Ting let this man tidy up and admit that he is the most powerful man in the world.
After a long time, Zhang Ting in the room, which is full of affection and taste, still let the men around him hold him.
"Go to sleep first. I’ll take you to a restaurant for dinner later." Hao Ren bowed his head and kissed his wife in his arms.
He seems to be too cruel, but it’s all because this charming wife is so good at igniting that she dares to say that he is not a man.
"Well, I’m going to sleep for a long time. You can’t wake me up or I’ll bite you to death." Zhang Ting yawned while covering his mouth.
Soon a shallow breath floated into Hao Ren’s ear.
Listening to this beautiful sound, Hao Ren’s mouth bent and hugged the little body in his arms.
Open your eyes and see the world first. Zhang Ting’s first feeling is that I don’t know if it is tonight.
"Wake up" Just as she was looking at lemon, a deep voice floated into her ear.
Zhang Ting immediately met a pair of smiling eyes at the side of his head.
"Why are you still here?" Zhang Ting, a man who was still sleeping beside him, looked surprised.
Hao Ren reached out and gently pinched the tip of her nose. "heartless mother, you forgot who worked hard on you not long ago. Now you are relieved and want to kick me as a doer, don’t you?"
Zhang Ting blushed and pinched his arm. "What are you talking about? I’m telling you, if you talk nonsense again, I’ll hammer you to death."
Looking at his wife’s shyness and anger, Hao Ren’s mouth bent and stopped talking just now.
Zhang Ting was relieved to see that his mouth was finally closed.
"Didn’t you go out to work?" Zhang Ting looked at him and asked.
After waking up for a while, she finally remembered what they had experienced not long ago. Now she remembers that her cheeks are still rolling and burning.
"Mom, how can you go when you sleep here? Of course, you have to wait for Mom to wake up before you can go."
In fact, he didn’t want to leave her. They have been separated for so long, and now they have a chance to get together. Of course he should take advantage of it.
Zhang Ting corners of the mouth smile almost happy dead.
This man’s mouth is becoming more and more talkative.
But she likes it very much.
"By the way, when we were fighting in tin’s room, didn’t you say you had something to tell me? You haven’t said it yet."
Come on, she wants this guy to talk as soon as they come in.
Finally, I didn’t think that as soon as they entered the room, she let the man in front of her hold the bed.
Hao Ren’s "Oh" is like remembering this thing now.
Zhang Ting looked at him like this and really wanted to put his hand on his arm and pinch it again. When this guy was in Zhan Xi’s place, he said it was very urgent.
I’m not in a hurry to say it until now.
This guy must be lying to her.
Just about to say that Hao Ren suddenly received his wife’s angry eyes and scared him to speed up his speech. "I will say now that you see Zhan Xi and Zhan Hao, aren’t the two of them injured? I asked a doctor in the palace to help us make a hypothesis about this matter. Their two brothers were seriously injured. Now they can cooperate with their two planners and have you as a wonderful doctor. Maybe you can convince the palace that the two brothers are really seriously injured. "
"What have my words to make the believe in the capital? Isn’t it more capable to speak too much? " Zhang Ting looked at Hao Ren with a puzzled face and asked.
Hao Ren touched his nose and said hesitantly to Zhang Ting, "I heard dad say that he told the man in the palace how powerful your medical skills are, and your words made him believe more than those of the doctors."
Chapter 93 A set of a set!
After listening to Zhang, Zhang Ting opened her mouth to catch up with her feelings. Now she knows that she has already sold her good grandfather.