Elsa said so pale that eyebrows slightly surprised staring at the girl.

"Do you know that a girl can say such a thing, which means that you have begun to fall?"
"I don’t know if I have fallen. Maybe I have long been a fallen nun in their eyes. After all, I once gave myself strength to save the devil."
Elsa said this with a sad expression because the girl’s kindness saved a demon who didn’t know her identity, which made her change from a saint to a degenerate.
If she hadn’t been trying to defend her with her guardian, the old priest might have been pushed to the gallows by evil heretics.
"Oh, have you ever saved the devil?"
Pale that immediately came to the interest, so I asked it carefully, and I realized what Elsa meant by saving the devil.
It turns out that the girl once met an injured man, only to find out that he was a demon after he was cured, and Elsa was a degenerate.
"I always feel … this demon seems to be doing this on purpose."
Pale that so uncertain muttered, but soon she was serious and stared at Ye Yu.
"Although she is a fallen nun, she is likely to be abandoned by the church, but she still can’t take it lightly. Then remember to wake up Leah at any time to prevent the church from attacking. I’ll help her tidy up a room tonight."
Pale that said Elsa is shook his head girl timidly staring at pale that looked at slowly.
"That … that I can sleep with Mr Ye Yu? I’m a little scared. "
It is understandable that a girl who has just seen such a bloody scene will have such a reaction, but the price is that her face is instantly black.
"Oooo … good, terrible. Did Elsa say something wrong?"
"It’s okay, Sister Cang, let her sleep with me. What happened today is really unbearable for her."
Ye Yu some funny touched the girl’s head and looked at pale that say so.
He has become accustomed to Leah’s naked offensive from time to time. Such a little girl really won’t let him have any ideas.
"This …"
Looking at the so-called Ye Yu said pale that there are still some unhappy pouting.
Leah, that guy has been sneaking around Ye Yu’s bed for so many times. That guy is shameless. Forget it. Now it’s good to just pop out and a little girl actually touches Ye Yu’s bed for such a ridiculous reason.
"That … that I also want to sleep with you!"
Brain moment some fever soon so a word is thrown out by pale that almost make Ye Yu horribly.
"Ha … pale that elder sister what did you say?"
Ye Yu a face of disbelief stare big eyes to one side Elsa a pair of unconscious appearance from beginning to end, she didn’t feel anything wrong with sleeping with Ye Yu. The local girl was really afraid of being alone.
"That … that Elsa, isn’t she afraid? I think it will be better if two people accompany her?"
Pale that look soon is back to normal so seriously while Elsa is gently nodded his head.
"Well thank pale that elder sister"
"It’s okay since you decided to become a demon, then we are not enemies, Ye Yu …"
Pale that said slightly paused, this just remember a very important thing.
At present, the girl wants Leah’s family, so wouldn’t it be a revelation for herself and Ye Yu to let her know?
Pale that thought of this Ye Yu nature also thought that he pushed Elsa to let her go to the room first. The latter was a little strange and crooked, but he nodded his head very obedient.
Ye Yu did arrive at Cang at the beginning, but it is obvious that Elsa has forgotten or the girl is not very clear about this so-called master concept, which is known to the devil, demon chess and family.
"You also thought of things in Elsa … since she is Leah’s household, we must never let her know."
"We … aren’t we sisters?"
Ye Yu was a little funny, so he made a very bold move and gently hugged the pale body in the previous step.
"What … what?"
Obviously, there is no reaction to come over. The pale face is red, and I want to struggle, but I am afraid of hurting Ye Yu, which is very clumsy and ridiculous.
"Sister Cang even dared to say such a thing as sleeping with me. Why would she be so shy in such a trivial matter?"
Gather together in the girl’s ear so cunning, let the pale that some embarrassment turned.
"That … that’s because of Elsa. I don’t want to sleep with you!"
"I know. I must have been stimulated by Leah these days. I’m also very resistant to the fact that Leah always sneaks off her clothes and climbs into my bed."
"I … I don’t care about Leah silk that immoral fool! I’m going to take a shower first! "
Put on a pair of educational proud immediately pale that pushed Ye Yu out of the living room and listened to the girl’s words, making sure that the other party waited for themselves until now Ye Yu was not sad but moved.
Chapter Monk Chess
Say to accompany Elsa to sleep, but wait until the pale bath went to the room, but it was some in distress situation that Elsa had fallen asleep.