"True gentleman, you can’t comment on Yi Hua. Yi Hua’s expedition to Jade Qing Day was only a jade Qing day, and it was a jade Qing day. Yi Hua spent all his time on repairing and repairing, and almost never went out of Yuming Town. So I don’t know anything about Jade Qing Tian, no, even the country of Zhenjun. "

"I see!" Tianhe Zhenjun is disappointed.
"However. There are a few things here in Yuhua that are civilized in the outer world. If Zhenjun really has ambitions in the world, they should be able to help Zhenjun. "
Tianhe Zhenjun took the auxiliary brain handed over by Yihua, played with it, and suddenly said, "Can’t Taoist friends stay and help me?"
"True gentleman has a life, how dare not from. It’s just that Yihua is an adventurer, and he doesn’t know much about governing the country. True gentleman, if you don’t give up. Yuhua was originally a Tianhe consultant. "
"Well, Taoist friends are refreshing and floating."
Tianhe Zhenjun raised his glass, and his words were silent. "Can’t I be cheerful?" After a drink, I remembered something and asked, "Do you know what changes have taken place in the lower bound recently?"
"Ha ha, can have what change, old news, jade qing big four planted in one session, this is jade qing people all know. Don’t Taoist friends know? " Tianhe Zhenjun ZuiYan hazy tunnel.
"It’s not this, it’s the opponent who made the Jade Qing Big Four fall into a fight." Yihua shook his head.
"Daoyou mean the few countries of Tsinghua and the four countries of China?" Tianhe Zhenjun woke up half when he heard the wine.
"Less Tsinghua countries?" Yi Hua frowns.
"Yes, back to the news said. The forces that beat the Big Four have been founded, and the name of the country is many countries in Tsinghua, which echoes the four countries in Wanling Tiandi. "
"That’s too bad." Yihua suddenly felt big sweat coming out.
"Friends, friends …"
"True gentleman, there are many countries in the outer world," Yi Hua wry smile way, "but. In the outer world, China is called the three-system China, and the development of the country is terrible … "
"What’s the matter? Is China a strong country? "
"True gentleman, competing jade qing, how much time do you think can be unified; Or capture half of Jade Qing. How long do you think it will take? "
"This ….. this is hard to say, if I have the strength of the central land of abundance, I will make great efforts to lay down half a jade Qing day, and a hundred jade Qing years should be enough. But if it is based on the strength of Tianhe House now, let alone strive for the world. If others don’t call, even if this gentleman burns high incense. "
"But this three-system China has grown from scratch, from small to large, and in less than 5,000 years, more than a dozen years, it has laid down ten jade-like sites, and its development momentum is heavy!"
"Really?" Tianhe Zhenjun’s eyes lit up, but his face looked incredible in an instant.
"It’s true." Yi Hua seriously tunnel, "although I don’t know whether the countries of China in Shao Qing and Wan Lingtian are the countries of China in the other world, what is certain is that their development is equally fast and their means seem to be the same. Your Excellency Zhen Jun, if Tianhe House really wants to separate itself, it’s better to plan ahead, otherwise, before the Jade Qing Year, many countries in Tsinghua and four continents will come to Tianhe House. "
"Will it? How to find, also please friends advice … "
"Well," Yihua was helpless, and took out some special auxiliary brains, thinking, "If you want to open the interstellar network in many countries in this world, try again and again." He handed a special auxiliary brain to Tianhe Zhenjun. "Zhenjun is a little bigger, and let Yihua see if I can connect with less Tsinghua countries or Wanzhou Huazhongguo."
Even, of course, is connected, because the information transmission of the auxiliary brain uses the optical nerve transmission protocol. However, Yihua and Tianhe Zhenjun are connected by the interplanetary network of Wanzhou Huazhong countries, which is only built on the intranet, and the interplanetary network is not yet a spectrum.
Tianhe Zhenjun first touched the auxiliary brain, and he was a little stunned. Four continents and many countries have developed for nearly two hundred years. The content on the Interstellar Internet is so rich, and it is all audio-visual materials. The virtual world is even more vivid and magnificent …
"What is this?" Tianhe true gentleman cried.
"Four states of China. Your Excellency Zhenjun, what you are seeing now is the true face of the four continents of China. "
"Daoyou means that what you show in this thing is not a fantasy, but a world of four continents and many countries." Tianhe Zhenjun is incredible and authentic.
"yes." Yihua confirmed.
Tianhe Zhenjunfu, the drama is staged. And in Yuming Town, when I first arrived at the heavenly heart of Jade Qing, I also meditated in the secret room of Yi Hua’s retreat. The gods expanded and laughed. "This leak guy is really naive, but I’m afraid I’m offended." Tianhe is a true gentleman, a big boss on one side, and all the people in the world are sophisticated. Will he do something that goes against the ancestral system? "
As here laugh, true gentleman mansion there, tianhe true gentleman has scowled, but a little have the heart to let his words sound only a trace of anger, "it is no wonder that the Big Four to lower bound to destroy the Tsinghua countries. Daoyou, all the countries in Sizhou are open to Taoism, but the monks are indulgent and extravagant. Isn’t it against the way of practice? "
"Dare to ask the true gentleman, a white scholar has worked hard to cultivate immortality and achieved fame. What is he doing for?" Yihua obviously knows that Tianhe Zhenjun has this rebound. So I asked.
"Of course, it is Guangzong Yaozu." Tianhe Zhenjun is confident.
"True gentleman is right. As a kind of existence, everyone has two missions, one is to prove that he has existed, and the other is to make himself live a better and more comfortable life when he exists. "
"Daoyou, all evil is the first."
"True gentleman is wrong. Yihua has been thinking hard about its national system since it came into contact with many countries in the outer world. China has developed an environment that meets the two needs of intelligent species, so it can develop rapidly. The "Yi" mentioned by Zhenjun is different from the "Yi" advocated by many countries in China. The’ escape’ of China needs wisdom to enjoy it. It is a kind of escape from the unity of heaven and man. For example, the most inevitable problem in the development of civilization is pollution. The environment is polluted, and people living in it are He Huan Yi. Therefore, the guy who made the pollution will be treated. But China does not treat anyone easily. Unless someone complains. However, pollution is not well recognized. People should clearly realize the harmfulness of this thing, which requires the development of civilization to a certain stage and the prosperity of people’s wisdom. Therefore, the’ escape’ advocated by all countries in China is an all-round escape. Everyone wants to live a better life, but live a better life. This concept contains too many things, both inside and outside. Otherwise. Monopoly is in a garbage planet, can this be regarded as a better life? By extension, so is the human environment. Yihua doesn’t know the past of Zhenjun, but Zhenjun would rather be a king of weeds in Bianhuang starry sky than go to the central Tianfu, which shows that it is the cultivation of Zhenjun, and even being wise there can’t be obtained. However, Huazhong countries have guaranteed this, which has not been done in any world in the outer world. "
"How can he guarantee it?"
"Yihua dares to ask Zhenjun why he came to this wild starry sky?"
"Not just because we have offended the Wangs?"
"True gentleman can be reasonable?"
"Point, of course, the Wangs Daoism sent a clique flower disciple to humiliate my school sister, and this gentleman gave that guy a hard blow, and then took the school sister away. I don’t want the Wangwu Taoist School to hate this gentleman and his legacy from now on, because it is one of the top ten immortal factions, which forced this gentleman and his legacy to have no place to stand, and all of them fled to the wild. In the process of moving and fleeing, they were hunted down again. Unfortunately, at that time, the sects of your division were weak, and those guys who kept on defending morality were dumb because of the Wangs Taoism. Therefore, your master died of a serious injury, and your sister blamed herself for planting disaster for her master, and she was unwilling to cultivate, so she ended up depressed. "
"At that time, did the central Tianfu have a palace to manage the immortal Taoist school?"
"Of course, this gentleman looked for them." Tianhe Zhenjun gnashed his teeth and said, "But they ignored it!"