"Even the second lady should take care of herself. The master’s old man is bound to be alive. If the master’s old man comes back and sees that the second lady has collapsed, how will he blame himself? Please take care of yourself and meet the master’s old man in the future!"

Two ya leng stupidly drifted off nodded.
"Send it in!"
"yes, madam!"
Wu daxi hurriedly put the food in and looked at Er Ya’s emaciated body, but his eyes were red and he bowed his head and withdrew.
"Chief, do you want to keep looking?"
Several guards came back exhausted, and another one came over with red eyes and stare. Wu Da hurriedly gave him Jianli and gave him his own questions.
"How does the bastard landlord treat his brothers on weekdays?"
"Nature is very generous!" A guard way
"In that case, what can we get in return, Master Zhuang? Nowadays, there is no one along the river, which does not mean that the old man’s house is gone, but there is still great hope of living. Maybe he has already landed, and he doesn’t know to inform his brothers to go to the villages and towns near the shore to look for expansion. "
"Well, I didn’t say that even if I’m exhausted, it’s a dead value to keep the owner alive!"
Several guards answered at sixes and sevens.
"Fuck off, who wants you to die and do things well!"
Several guards were busy rolling and crawling.
It’s been almost half a month, and Sanya has sent several capable guards to gallop to Feng, passing by the county government and posting Jane’s portrait everywhere.
Su Yuting has always felt that her left eyelid is jumping badly recently, and she is uneasy. Even sitting by the oven, she can’t help shivering, and she can’t help but look at the Third Ring Road strangely.
"Madam, don’t always look at me like that. I didn’t steal elbows from the kitchen again!"
Sanhuan lost his temper and couldn’t help but whisper two glances. Su Yuting licked his lips consciously. Obviously, this move betrayed her.
Officer-in-law has been out for several months. Sanhuan often takes a look at himself at night to see if he has grown up a little. Maybe he can eat it when the officer-in-law comes back!
It’s a little longer, and it’s also because I ate too much pig elbow and gained some weight. My chest is still worse than my wife’s, so I can’t help but condescend at this moment! Because now I’m not even worse than Er Ya!
"What are you thinking? I didn’t say anything about you. What are you nervous about?"
Su Yuting glared at Sanhuan grumpily and continued her work. She is busy sorting out the accounts these days. According to the letter sent by the official, she will be home in about ten days, so that she can calculate the accounts for the official.
Su Yuting has a smug look on her lips. In the past few months, the sales of various workshops have increased a lot, but she has made a lot of money, but she has also bought more things.
The summer resort has been built, and the garden has been decorated according to the previous design, and then some things such as furniture have been added, and then some maids have been hired to clean and care in the manor. Now that the official has not come back, Su Yuting has made it impossible for anyone to live in it first, and everything has been placed by the official.
Even the Third Ring Road begged many times to try to live in its own Heng Wu Garden for one day, but it was all rejected by Su Yuting.
If you were an official, you wouldn’t have so many rules!
Sanhuan was muttering in his heart at that time, but he had to listen to Su Yuting’s arrangement for fear that when she would use her long-lost stunt-a Yang finger to poke her forehead.
"It’s time for the official to go home!"
The third ring looked at Su Yuting and said, I can’t get out of it.
Yes, the official should go home! Su Yuting couldn’t get out of the tightness, either. She stopped working in her hand, holding the hand-held stove in her arms. It was this hand-held stove in her arms, and it was also an officer who designed good things to hold the stove and miss people. This bad thing went for so many days.
"Madam, madam!"
A girl rushed over to Su Yuting and gave her a gift. She cried quickly without gasping.
"The villa master’s guard is back, and the villa master and the old lady are asking questions in the lobby!"
"Is the official escort back?"
Su Yuting suddenly got up when she was happy, and suddenly she felt that her heart was falling and she didn’t focus on what was the official escort back?
Sanhuan couldn’t help jumping up and clapping and laughing.
"Wait here for me to have a look!"
Su Yuting said to the Third Ring Road, put it in the account, and the abacus got up quickly. As the girl hurried to the front hall, she heard someone crying in the front hall before she arrived, and her heart suddenly quickened a little.