"Ha ha, four million five hundred thousand, in his life, he make big. A man like him, who is the head of a hospital, won’t take long to get it! " Zhang Xiaotian walked in the way.

"Ha, that’s …" Suddenly Yang Xiao, who was joking, stopped, and the smile on her face slowly faded away, becoming more and more serious.
"What’s the matter?" Zhang Xiaotian see brother stopped, a face of serious appearance, I asked strangely.
"There are several powerful ghosts fighting ahead!" Yang Xiao speaks with a little hesitation.
"What kind of terrible ghost will fight in this city?" Zhang Xiaotian was a little surprised. You know, severe ghosts generally like to live in places with strong soul. Although there are not many places in the world that are as strong as hell, there are still many places that are slightly inferior. As long as they are strong, they can occupy a piece. Generally, there are many such sites in big ghost families. However, such places are generally in deep mountains and swamps, and there are really few in crowded big cities. Even if there are, they are mostly places with thin soul and are not easy to practice. Therefore, some advanced ghost practices generally do not live in big cities.
Taoist priests with low cultivation, such as Wuyouzi and Tomorrow, can only catch some ghosts and spirits that have just died or have been dead for a few years in big cities. Want to go to the mountains and marshes to catch those powerful ghosts? They really don’t have that ability.
"It’s black and white impermanence!" Yang Xiao took a deep breath and said.
"Black and white impermanence? There are ghosts in this city that can fight against black and white impermanence? " Zhang Xiaotian was a little surprised. You know, black-and-white impermanence is not the highest in this world, but it is the weakest iron brand that is also in the middle of the ghost. Plus, the unique magic weapon in hand, if the opponent does not fix for the late ghost period, he doesn’t even have to play, just run as far as he can.
Black and white impermanence is not only two people, but two positions. It is divided into four levels, namely, gold, silver, copper and iron. Iron brand impermanence can only be held in the middle and late period of ghost, while bronze medal impermanence can only be held in the peak period of ghost, silver medal can only be held in the middle and early period of ghost, and gold medal impermanence can only be held in the late and peak period of ghost.
Every level of impermanence will hang a corresponding level of brand on the chest, such as iron brand, gold brand.
"Not one-on-one hit, but one-on-one hit! That ghost repairs two impermanences with one pick! " Yang Xiao to swallow saliva said.
"What? Pick two out of one? What is the ghost repair, so awesome? " Zhang Xiaotian was surprised. I didn’t expect there to be such a terrible ghost repair in my city.
"I don’t know, but I saw that those two black and white impermanents seemed to have a bronze medal hanging on their chests." Yang Xiaodi’s voice trembled a little.
Zhang Xiaotian was completely speechless, and it was enough to pick two impermanences, but it was still the impermanence of two bronze medals. You know, those are two ghosts at the top of the mountain, and there are two magic weapons, which are rare for masters in the ghost period. To be able to do this, the master must be at the peak of the ghost, and he must have a magic weapon in his hand.
I don’t know who offended these two black-and-white impermanence. You should know that the black-and-white impermanence of bronze medals usually doesn’t walk around the world often. Most of the people who come out to detain the soul are impermanent iron cards.
"Elder brother? Go or not? " Yang Xiao asked Zhang Xiaotian with a little hesitation.
To tell the truth, it is rare for this level of the strong to fight against ordinary times. If you can watch this time, you will definitely gain a lot of combat experience in the future.
But there is no doubt that this kind of action is very dangerous. If it is discovered, it is obviously not enough for them to be at the peak of a ghost and at the beginning of a ghost.
Just when Zhang Xiaotian was hesitating.
Yang Xiao quickly took his hand and hid in a garden next to him.
It turns out that the fighting of the three ghosts has shifted to this side.
"Black and white impermanence! Don’t deceive ghosts too much! I just don’t want to offend the hell too much. Don’t think that I am afraid of you. If I get angry with Laozi, I will try my best! " I saw an old ghost running in front, shouting. And constantly directing a stick-shaped object to collide with a magic weapon like a mace behind it.
It seems that the mace-shaped magic weapon is the black and impermanent crying stick, and that stick is probably the magic weapon of the cow.
"Hum, you hurt two of my men, can you just forget it?" Behind one of them, dressed in white, shook a small gray banner in his hand and said.
"Damn it, if your two men hadn’t sent my precious apprentice to hell, could I have wounded them?" The former old ghost cursed and said, and stopped. Maybe I know it’s useless to run again.
"Hum, it’s our duty to force the soul into the house. If you have any opinions, go to hell and tell the Yan!" Black impermanence cold hum a way, a mental attack wave in the past.
"Depend, there was an agreement between the secular ghost world and the underworld, and only the ghost practice in the ghost period below the ghost shadow was detained. My disciple was in the early stage of the ghost shadow, so why did you detain him to hell?" The old ghost also randomly creates a mental attack wave pair of his own and collides with the volatile mental attack wave, and then lifts the stick in his hand to block the remaining aftermath. The advantage of doing so is that it can save a certain amount of spirit. However, to be able to do this easily, it is not only a matter of cultivation, but also a matter of high eyesight and combat experience. Otherwise, it is a waste to release more mental attacks and suffer less. Obviously, this old ghost is a master.
"agreement? That was signed by the underworld and those secular ghost families. What does it have to do with you? " White impermanence waved in the small complications said. And from the inside of the banner, a gray breath came out and shot at the old ghost.
The old ghost flashed easily and cursed: "Shit, I’ve seen shameless people, but I haven’t seen you so shameless. The hell wants you to be impermanent, which really disgraces the whole hell! Your behavior is called treachery, you know? "
"Ha ha ha ha! Don’t say more, today it’s hard to say that you’re going to go to hell for us to see your precious apprentice. It’s not easy to meet you tonight, such a profound meditation! At that time, you can put on a lot of soul stones at least! You can find this yourself, and you can’t blame us. " White impermanence said with a laugh.
"Fart your mother, I will die with you tonight, and I won’t let you fall behind." The old ghost is ashamed and angry.
"However, this matter is not without room for relaxation!" Black impermanence then said slowly.
"Well, what do you mean?" The old ghost’s tone is also slightly slower.
"As long as you give the stick in your hand to our two brothers, then the matter will be forgotten!" White impermanence tone arrogant said.
A red face and a white face, it’s a good match.
"good! I said, why are you staring at me so closely? It turns out that you have been trying to hit me with this stick. Dream your mother’s big dream in the Spring and Autumn Period. If I believe you treacherous people, I’m not a pig’s brain. I’m afraid I just gave you the stick here, and you will arrest me again. Without the magic weapon, when the time comes, I will not recognize your slaughter? " The old ghost is extremely anti-laughing and scolding.
"No,no.. As long as you give us the stick, we will not embarrass you, and we will bring your apprentice back from hell next time! " Black impermanence heard the old ghost say so, and he couldn’t help but make a big excuse and add a promise.
In fact, they really only want that stick, and they don’t want anything else.
"How do you expect me to believe that?" The old ghost hesitated a moment and said.
"This, that you say to let us how can you believe?" Black and white impermanence thought for a while and didn’t come up with any good ideas, so I had to ask.
"So, you hide your magic weapon here, anyway, there is no ghost to take your things. Then we’ll go to a place far away from here, and I’ll give you this stick, so you can’t take me without a magic weapon. How about it? " The old ghost said slowly.
"Um … ok, we agreed! If you dare to play any tricks then, we will chase you all over the world! " Black and white impermanence two ghosts together to discuss for a while, in order to get the magic weapon of the stick, finally bitten to grind.
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