This fire Taoist can’t help it if he comes to Bai Meng without a trace. I can only take the magic weapon and sit on the red beach to see what the fire Taoist is playing.

After three days and nights of hard work, the fire monk rushed out of the volcano and held the knife. It was just that the blade was bright red and it was just freshly baked. He didn’t care if Bai Meng went straight into the sea with the knife.
But I heard an almost crazy whine, but thousands of seawater dried up in an instant, and the light on the knife didn’t cool at all. The fire Taoist jumped onto the fire knife. In the black waves, he seemed to be driving an assault boat, and all of them were rushing around the sea. Everywhere he went, he would suck up thousands of seawater and leave thousands of mists.
Bai Meng went to this sea and watched it carefully. Now this is Dreadwind sea water. It uses thousands of plough qi to reverse Yin and Yang to generate Dreadwind qi and then condense it into water.
This water is really worse than the black fog in Dreadwind. Too many ordinary people can’t live if they touch a drop of it. Even the fix-the-truth tuas met the sea and it was born to die.
"Shajun has a rare opportunity. Why don’t you refine your sword here with this Dreadwind black water? Isn’t it wonderful!" Fire Taoist suddenly let Bai Meng startled with a smile.
Bai Meng’s heart is also a joy. It seems that this array is also a mysterious loss array. As long as thousands of dark seawater are exhausted, it will pass.
He received the Rev. He immediately offered a sacrifice to Dreadwind Excalibur and Bai Jiaojing and rushed into the volcano. As soon as he entered the volcano, he realized that it was the fire Taoist who fooled himself. It turns out that there are eight strange fire beasts in this volcano.
All of them have been penalizing in this law for 5,000 years. Although there is no great achievement method, they are powerful and simple, and one mouthful anger is sprayed all over the sky.
Bai Meng, even with the Zi Xia Fairy Temple in hand and the mixed Yuan garments in his body, has no way to resist that he can only fly quickly. He wants to go, but he won’t let him go.
However, the entire crater was flooded with magma and the Baimeng retreat was completely blocked.
These eight fire beasts are rhinoceros, elephant, lion, dove, deer, snake, turtle and tiger, all of which are strangely born with extraordinary powers. If they were not trapped by the array method, they would have soared to Kunlun Wonderland.
Although these fire beasts haven’t learned Taoism and metaphysics, there are not many ways to kill people like the old demon in tian hu, but their own cultivation is a little abnormal, even Bai Meng is bitter and has no countermeasures.
When I was struggling to defend the key, I suddenly heard a loud drink, but Huang Lingzi also entered the law. Huang Lingzi was a real person, and he broke the Kaifeng top magma with his own Xuantong and fell to Bai Meng.
At the sight of these eight fire beasts, Huang Lingzi frowned and was about to pull Bai Meng away, only to see that the broken magma behind him was closed again. At this time, chanting the spell to break the mountain was blocked by thousands of internal heat and could not be broken at all.
"Boy, it turns out that you are only allowed to come in and not to go out. This is too overbearing!" Huang Lingzi not only complained.
As soon as Huang Lingzi comes, his myriad loess protectors are better than countless fairy halls in Zi Xia in this volcano. You should know that this fairy hall in Zi Xia is a magic weapon of golden body, and what you are afraid of is fire virtue.
Two people quietly crouched on the earth cloud condensed by loess Zhenyuan. Each has its own magic weapon, Bai Meng, mixed Taoist robes, dragons and phoenixes, Bao Jia, Huang Lingzi, Jiugong Xiaoyao Bell and golden wings.
Staring at the eight fire beasts at the foot. Huang Lingzi couldn’t help frowning and complaining: "Why don’t you see Master Lei Gang and Yuyangzi?"
Bai Meng sneered: "I said they are useless. Don’t you want to think about how you got in?"
"Really boring. After flying for three days and nights, I didn’t see my head. I started to calm down and practice for no reason. I don’t understand it myself! " Huang Lingzi is a face of ignorance.
"You have probably read the Zodiac Sutra, haven’t you?"
"No, I’m just practicing my JueXue in that nothingness, but it seems to be some. Anyway, I’m just sitting there doing nothing and realizing Taoism JueXue may be a one-stop process. I have learned a lot from the Zodiac Classic. Naturally, it is used to understand your own Juexue! "
"Oh, but … so it seems that if you don’t have a thorough understanding of the volume of scriptures granted by the Yellow Emperor, you can’t get in. Now that Master Lei Gang and Yuyang are still in charge, it is possible for Yuyang to come in if we hurry! "
"What’s a quick method of the eight fire beast power get if it is not in a volcano. Brother Bai Jiao’s mirrors can kill them as soon as they come out abruptly. What can we do now? " Huang Lingzi is a little frustrated. Facing the Eight Fire Beasts is like seeing eight old demons in tian hu. It’s just that these fire beasts are a little single.
There is more and more magma in the interior of the volcano, and the eight fire beasts are gradually rushing up along the magma. Bai Meng is also worried when he stands on the loess Zhenyuan. He suddenly laughs: "It’s not completely helpless. Although these eight fire beasts are interested, we are one against two, but it’s not a problem. Besides, I also brought three flies and Firefox, and there are one hundred and twenty-eight stars in the mirror of reincarnation. It’s a pity that Jin Chanzi didn’t come, or he could have stopped one with his pure yang and Gankun Tongbao. "
"If it is said that Jin Lingzi is also a cinch for the three of us to join hands with the eight fire beasts, it seems that the next time we enter Beiling, we still need the three of us to come together. Anyway, it’s not a big problem to have the mysterious array of heaven and earth and those people who are too empty!" Huang Lingzi was influenced by Qi, but she felt that this big trap was set for the three of them.
Bai Meng couldn’t help but nodded: "It’s a pity that there was a mistake, but now it’s no longer the time to say this. Let’s kill these eight beasts first. They are only one step away from soaring, but they are just suppressed by the array law. Although there is no magical means, they should be cautious! "
"Brother, it’s no small trouble to deal with this kind of fire beast, but it’s not completely inorganic. After all, it’s just a spirit beast. There is still a big gap compared with the evil spirit of the old demon in tian hu!" Huang Lingzi is confident to raise my hand and fly out of Jiugong Excalibur and Golden Scissors.
Huang Lingzi is blessed to learn Taiping Daoism and make rapid progress in one day. What God has learned and understood is much stronger than that of Bai Meng, especially the way to transport the array with a sword is really amazing. Now even the real people in the Arctic are not as good as themselves.
With one shot of his sword, he turned nine palaces into nine palaces, two instruments, two instruments, four elephants, four elephants and three days of gossip. Only one handle of Jiugong Excalibur is a nine-and-nine-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-
The golden light and nine suns cut to pieces. In the face of this fire beast, it means where to cut. If there is not a big gap in cultivation, you can even cut three bodies on the spot.
Nowadays, Bai Meng, Jin Lingzi and Huang Lingzi have their own strengths compared with each other. Jin Lingzi specializes in the fierce and strange methods of the sun, the moon and the stars, supplemented by a pulse of heaven and earth, and he is the strongest. Huang Lingzi hardly practiced the Sun, Moon and Stars on the basis of heaven and earth, but there were too many places where he studied the Taiping Daoism and achieved strange magical powers.
Only Bai Meng, a master of the sun, the moon and the stars, and a master of the Taiping Daoism, soon learned a little bit of alchemy, character seal and array, all of which seemed complicated.
He asked himself if it was a magic weapon, but he was the weakest among the three people. After all, although there was a wide range of unique skills, there was not much.
This is also the reason why Huang Lingzi specializes in Taiping Daoism. Although Bai Meng has also learned the Sun, Moon and Stars, he spends most of his time traveling outside, unlike Jin Lingzi and Huang Lingzi who have time to practice penance every day.
Besides the three of them, the top five masters of Yin and Yang Sect are Arctic Reality and Guangyang Reality, all of which have great tricks. By contrast, it is no longer the scene where Bai Meng outshines others.
This person’s state of mind is very complicated. When Bai Meng outshines others, he hopes that others in his own land can strive to be as good as himself, but once his brother gradually becomes more and more himself, this feeling is really a bit sour.
Looking at Huang Lingzi’s dusting, ten thousand loess lines were instantly transformed from the magma, and dozens of Huang Jin Luxi’s golden light was cut as high as thirty feet. No matter how strong the fire beast is, it will be more mysterious. The small Jiugong sword array is in hand and Jiugong fairy ring is waiting for an opportunity to come out.
This is not at all because of the lack of actual combat experience and the fear of the feet. It is really amazing to be alone.