At this time, Wei Wuji turned his attention to the python demon and said with a smile, "What, you are guilty before your partner confronts you?"

"Who is guilty?" The python demon managed to maintain its powerful posture and said, "I’m just so excited to see that Brother Li is all right!"
"It’s good to have no guilty conscience!" Who mowgli light smile, "now, I want to interrogate your partner, don’t worry, as long as his answer, consistent with you, I will definitely keep my promise and let you go. However, if it turns out that you have concealed part of it, that is, you have violated the previous conditions, then I will not be polite and will definitely kill you! "
The easier the words of Wei Wuji are, the greater the pressure on the python demon’s heart. This moment. Two trends of thought emerged alternately in his mind. One is to try every means to argue with one’s companions and strive for the last ray of life, and the other is to sacrifice oneself and fulfill one’s companions and let them avenge themselves.
Monty python demon knows very well that the latter one is relatively more reliable. After all, as long as you are dead, the words of your companions will become the final judgment, and there is a great chance of survival. And the first kind, even the companion also carried on a part of the concealment, let it have the opportunity of dispute, who mowgli and others are willing to let themselves go, or two say!
However, it is because of clarity that the struggle in his heart is even more severe. Monty python demon’s practice all his life is to fulfill himself by plundering others. Now. Suddenly, I have to sacrifice myself to help others. Where can I give up?
As the python demon struggled, the corpse demon Lin Zhao had awakened the black dress person, and Wei Wuji went to his side and began to prepare for questioning. Ulrich and others did not come forward, but firmly blocked the python demon in the encirclement, because they knew very well that the probability of this python demon lying was one thousand one hundred percent.
The men in black can cooperate with people like Python Demon, and naturally they are very alert. After waking up, they can see the current situation clearly in an instant. Although his face is quiet, his mind has already started to turn, planning countermeasures.
Who mowgli also don’t delay time, then said, "now the situation, you must also see clearly, however, there are some specific things, I think you are not too clear, so, here I am, just give you a brief introduction.
You have plundered for many years and killed countless people. It is not an exaggeration to say that you are full of evil. But … I don’t care much about these. What I care about is the treasure in your hands. At present, your only chance of survival is to hand over the gains you have plundered for many years. Just now, we have asked your snake demon companion, and he has confessed all your treasures.
However, I still have some doubts about what he said. Therefore, it is impossible to release it directly. If what you said is consistent with what you said, both of you will be released. If you say more than he does, then he will end up dead. After all, I have given him the opportunity once, and it’s no wonder that I didn’t seize it myself.
Of course, equally, if you say the number of hidden treasures. If it is less than what your partner says, then the result is that you are dead and he is alive! "
Paused, who mowgli continued, "well, I said the said. According to your intelligence, you don’t need my help to enlighten me. Now, you can tell me about the treasure. "
Say that finish, who mowgli looked at him with a relaxed face. Waiting for his answer.
The man in black did not speak immediately, but hesitated and asked, "Are you so sure that I will say it?"
"Ha ha," who mowgli smile, said, "this is not a question of betting is not betting, are you willing to say, also depends on you, I won’t use the slightest punishment for you, if you are willing to die, to help you the snake demon companion, I don’t care.
Anyway, the number of hidden treasure places mentioned by your companion is quite a lot, which is just a windfall for us. It’s good to have more, but it’s no big deal to have less! "
At this moment, the python demon’s mind, sacrificing itself and fulfilling his fellow countrymen, just gained a little upper hand, and he was trying his best to make up his mind to put it into action. Suddenly, he heard the words of Wei Wuji. At that time, his mind faded again, and his mind was full of, "Brother Li, please help me quickly!"
Men in black eyes wandering, swept the python demon, python demon quickly changing look, but, the two of them, which is not a child prodigy, his mind, be seen by men in black. This moment. The man in black didn’t hesitate for a moment. He demonized the python. "Brother Chang, I’m not a saint. I can’t sacrifice myself to be better than others. All I can do is tell the truth. I hope what Brother Chang said earlier is also true and there is nothing missing."
Then, one by one, the men in black completely revealed the hidden treasure of the two of them. As a result, it was just one more than what the python demon said.
Men in black words down, who mowgli will focus on python demon, doing, etc., also their spiritual force together, can send a thunderbolt at any time.
"Now, what do you have to say!" Who mowgli didn’t immediately to python demon laid hands on him, because, he also wants to through the mouth of python demon, to verify whether the black dress person is hiding, so, its openings asked.
Unexpectedly, at this moment, the python demon did not, as he expected, try to argue, and his look was not as panic as before, but he calmed down. With a smile on his face, he said, "This immortal, don’t you just want to get bad information from me? I’m sorry, I won’t be there!"
As soon as the words fell, with a bang, the python demon blew itself up directly.

Chapter DiErBaEr New servant
Chapter DiErBaEr New servant
The python demon blew itself up. Is very thorough, will be forced under the guise of heaven and earth reiki concise life’s core monuments Dan fire completely released, a burst, vanity is one of the dark, explosive scattered to tens of millions of sparks, like the stars, shining, soaring to the four sides, in the void to draw absolute virtual mark, like a sharp arrow.
Outside, always alert, responsible for the siege of python demon Chen Yan and others, feel the power of Mars, but also dare not stay where they are, their own flash of light, withdraw and leave, let those Mars wreak havoc.
After the loud noise, there is no trace of the python demon, and even a little residue can’t be found. On the ground, there is only one about 100 feet wide. There is a huge pit dozens of feet deep.
Python demon such action, is really a big surprise who mowgli and others. After all, in any case, this python demon doesn’t look like the kind of person who gives himself up for others!
Wei Wuji is a man of two generations, and his mind is the most agile. Soon, he shared the reasons. At that time, he sighed, "It is a pity that an ordinary snake demon can come to this day!"
It turns out that, according to Wei Wuji’s speculation, it is also a calculation that this python demon did not make the slightest defense and did such a "strong-willed" move.
Monty python demon already knows that he lied earlier and concealed an important treasure place. With Wei Wuji’s character, it is absolutely impossible to forgive him, and death is already inevitable. If you die after being captured by Chen Yan and others, you will definitely have to bear some pain, not only because you will suffer more sins, but also because you will leave a stubborn reputation among the world. Honesty is not worth the loss, but it is better to end it yourself, one is happy, and the other is to leave a good reputation.
This, but from the python demon’s own reasons to care about, is beneficial to oneself; From another point of view, it is harmful to the unscrupulous party and the black dress person. Because, in this way, in the eyes of many people, he means to cover up the secret for the men in black, especially for outsiders.
If Wei Wuji became suspicious and beheaded the men in black directly, it would not only successfully frame his companions in black, but also make him have an extra companion on the way to the grave, and also successfully make Wei Wuji eat his words and end up with a bad reputation of not speaking good faith and keeping his promise. After all, in their view, noble and decent disciples. No matter how I feel, I hope my reputation will be clear.
And if who mowgli didn’t kill the man in black, but let him go as he said, if the man in black really told all the truth, that’s all. If he has something to hide, then how can he feel a little ashamed and guilty in his heart? After he escaped, in order to reassure himself, he will try his best to help him get revenge in the future.
It can be said that the python demon takes its own physical death as bait, and this game arranged by it can be described as extremely diabolical. If you are not careful, you may be caught. However, who mowgli blazing with anger, it directly came to light, naturally, this bureau would be useless.
The rest of the people, including the man in black, are also very smart people themselves. Wei Wuji doesn’t need to analyze it in detail at all. He only briefly points out this sentence and makes time to think about all kinds of causes and effects. One by one. My heart is also full of sighs.
Among them, the corpse demon Lin Zhao is the most serious. However, what he lamented was not the means of the python demon, but the flesh and blood that had been left by the python demon, as well as the corpse armor sword that he had practiced for decades, especially the flesh and blood of the python demon.
Previously, he forcibly absorbed nearly half of the flesh and blood of the Python demon through the resin magic solution, and vaguely felt that he had already finished Dan’s phase. If the remaining flesh and blood of the Python demon were completely refined, it would certainly be a step further. Even if it is impossible to directly condense the inner Dan and achieve the fake Dan, there is no problem. But now, the python demon has blown itself up, and even the dregs of Ding Dianer have not flowed down. Naturally, there is no hope.
Not to mention these, only said who mowgli through secretly on-demand, make all the people understand the evil intentions of python demon, then going to the front of men in black, said, "you this man, since truthfully will be everywhere to hand over the treasure. It seems that conscience has not completely disappeared, and there is still room for rescue. I can let you live as promised! "
Hearing this sentence, the men in black were overjoyed at that time. At that time, they repeatedly bowed and said, "Thank you for your mercy, thank you for your mercy! In the future, I will never dare to do such a thing again, honestly. The cultivation of immortals is divided into books. "
"Don’t worry, I haven’t finished yet!" Who mowgli with the wave, saying, "is the so-called death penalty can be avoided, live sin! It’s no good letting you go, because after letting you go, you will have nothing, and you may commit crimes again, or you may be killed by your former enemy. In either case, it is against my intention to let you turn over a new leaf today, which is extremely beautiful. "
Paused, who mowgli continued, "so, I thought about a strategy, that is, you are by my side, as a servant, for me to drive for 30 years. During these thirty years, if you can be diligent and do not make trouble, after the expiration, if you are willing to stay in my Five Elements Sect, I can recommend it for you; If you don’t want to, I can also send you all kinds of instruments, pills and lingshi, so that you can go down the mountain to practice on your own.
What do you think? "
"Is there any other way?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Men in black looked up slightly, looked at who mowgli and asked.
"I don’t have it," said Wei Wuji, spreading out his hands. "Maybe you have a better way. Let me hear it. If it’s appropriate, maybe I will answer it."
On the face of Wei Wuji, there is a warm smile. But look in the eyes of men in black, but feel so ferocious and horrible. "I have a good method, but, I dare say? Forget it, let’s be a servant for 30 years. At least, this safety factor is higher. Let’s talk about things in the future! "
The heart is fixed, and when it is, the black dress person kneels on the ground, makes a deep bow to Wei Wuji, and says, "Take a break from Li Yilong and meet the master!"
"well! Get up! " Wei Wuji waved and said, "As a person, I don’t care much about empty gifts. The most important thing for me to do is to be honest and diligent. You should remember!"
"Yes, I dare not forget anything!" After Li Yilong got up, he continued the respectful way.
"All right, now, you can take us everywhere to get the treasure!" Who mowgli commanded 1.

Chapter DiErBaSan Contributions, Tasks
Chapter DiErBaSan Contributions, Tasks
With the help of Li Yilong, a person who knows the inside story. Who mowgli and others, the process of taking treasure is particularly smooth, but in just three hours, the collection of python demon and Li Yilong for nearly a hundred years has been taken out.
All the treasures, piled up on the kamikaze boat, actually formed a wide, five-foot-high hill, full of beautiful things, dazzling, and all the people watching were straight-eyed. Even Wei Wuji, a well-informed master of refining, is inevitably shocked. Because, python demon two people’s collection, it is too rich, light treasure, there are as many as 33 pieces.
"How many people have you robbed, and even after supplying your own practice, you still have such wealth?" At this moment, who mowgli could not help asking.
The rest of the people, hearing this, also set their sights on Li Yilong. This Wei Wuji’s new servant. Li Yilong’s profound practice is very clear about his own situation. Therefore, without any procrastination or concealment, he immediately replied, "In fact, there are not too many people who plunder. However, we are looking for disciples of various sects to plunder, especially those who have just come down the mountain and have little experience.
Most of these people who dare to try in this place where babies are forbidden have good treasures for self-defense. Therefore, they are extremely rich, and they often plunder the last time, which can be used for us to practice for a long time.
In fact, at present, these things only account for 30% of those treasures that are not easy to sell. Most of the rest were torn apart by us and sold cheaply. In the sight of these, it is too obvious that the characteristics of the attached sects are too obvious. Even if they are separated, it is not easy to make moves. After all, those in power in the black market. Most of them also have the shadow of sects. "