If this is an ordinary GANK, it doesn’t make much difference!

But this is the first time that he and the czar cooperated with each other to kill Victor by crossing the tower. This defensive tower must be damaged by him.
In this wave of killing process, it is very likely to eat one more defensive tower attack, then he will be replaced!
By touching your eyes and hands, you can directly give a big move, and then you can move a long distance out of the tower attack range with Q skills!
"GODEYES, the blind monk reacted too quickly. This flash not only appeared in front of Victor again and kicked him back, but also avoided Victor’s e-skill death ray!" Meng Li attentively way
And the night maple controls the blind monk, and after kicking Victor’s big move back, Q skills hit Victor in suspense because of the flying effect of the big move.
"Victor should be dead, but how did the blind monk say that he topped two towers and Victor released a big move at the last minute to ignite Q skills. Will the energy transfer be replaced at the first meeting?" Reggie must be dead to know that Victor was so decisively flashed by the blind monk and didn’t play wild support.
But being a soldier and pretending to be a blind monk is also very fragile at this time.
Resisting the damage of two defensive towers and being ignited by Victor, the blood line will become bigger and bigger in an instant!
The blind monk on the big screen gave an E skill after Q and Victor, and immediately turned around and walked out of a tower without thinking about war!
Yefeng knew that Victor was doomed when he didn’t flash after this wave of damage from the blind monk!
"oh! ! !”
The audience is an exclamation, echoing the blind monk’s silk blood W skill. After the golden bell was cooled on time and gave himself a Bai Dun, the blind monk’s silk blood came to life.
"Although this wave of killing was successful, I have to say that GODEYES’ move is too dangerous. After that, it is the RANK mode to arrest people." Meng Li couldn’t help but smile when he saw the blind monk’s silk blood returning to the city
The soldier, the blind monk, flashed a roundhouse kick after forcing Victor out.
Although this wave of killing occurred, the blind monk’s silk blood escape must have been predicted by GODEYES’ previous method, which means it is very likely that this wave will be replaced by Victor!
"The main reason is that the blind monk flashed in front to hide Victor’s E skill. The death ray is too key. If Victor’s E skill is put later with the big move and ignited, two blind monks will definitely die!" Reggie also said
Victor’s highest damage skill, e skill, the death ray is hidden by the blind monk, and Victor’s damage is very limited!
The enemy player has been killed!
"If I am a soldier, I can bring the rhythm twenty minutes ago, and then the team battle base will eat this big move!" When the news came from the headset that Victor had been killed by the czar, the blind monk Yefeng had already pressed back to the city.
This wave of killing is really a bit hard for Ye Feng!
It is very dangerous to export blind monks to resist the tower!
And the target is Victor, a hero who broke out in terror.
His idea is actually that if Victor presses the flash when he doesn’t touch the wall, he will kick it out of the tower and then pick up the Q skill. This is the kill game!
And if Victor flashes in time, he certainly can’t!
However, the change changed after Victor flashed, but the death ray with the highest E skill broke out!
When this picture appeared in his mind, he immediately flashed away from the death ray and declared Victor dead!
"Ah, my English god is feeling off the charts."
"This is really daring. It should be less than fifty drops of blood just now, right?"
GODEYES fans in the audience also broke into a cold sweat because of this wave of monks.
The safest way to see that white people know Victor is to hand over the flash, but blind monks can’t. Victor’s hero is too explosive!
Even if there is no defensive tower to attack Victor, a set of damage to the blind monk with ignition is likely to take him away.
But the e-skill death ray was hidden, but it was not expected by everyone!
"This wave of arresting people is thrilling, but the fruit is that the head of the tsar here in Nanling is too key." Reggie was very frightened by the fierce game between the two sides, but he quickly reacted and analyzed.
"The tsar is still almost full of blood, and he should be able to consume a lot of blood in the defense tower!"
Because Victor, a hero with abnormal tower-keeping ability, Tsar Li Yuanjun didn’t have a chance to get close to the other side’s defense tower in the early stage, this wave of killing also made Tsar consume a lot of tower blood lines.
It can be said that it earns a lot.
"This blind monk is really a dog!" Chongshan of Minnan University has an impulse to throw a keyboard when she looks at the black-and-white screen in front of her.
What is this?
Why did you attack the blind monk so hard and come over to fuck me?
"You should be careful when he takes out his real eye," Zhang Xiaohua, who is playing wild, also complained with filar silk.
He Nunu was chosen to control the field vision, so that Zhong has a good development in the post-team battle, CARRY.
But the blind monk GODEYES across the street is too rhythmic!
The key to this wave of Victor’s arrest is that when the blind monk crossed the river, he came over against the wall of the big dragon circle and perfectly avoided the view inserted in the river grass.
"Jin Kesi and Hammer Stone dropped a tower, while Lu Lunma and Feng Lesbian dropped a tower, and the third little dragon was about to refresh it. This wave of going home should be that with Jinks, it should be more than a yellow fork (fanaticism)." Reggie analyzed.
And the third little dragon, this team battle will be a very important one for both sides. Once either side does not handle it well, it will probably greatly affect the outcome of this game! To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three eh!
The third little dragon refresh is the most crucial confrontation for the first game between the two sides.
Because this wave of the team’s victory over the negative is likely to affect the trend of this game!
"Yes, this little dragon fight is really very critical. The best result is that one side takes off the little dragon and the other side retreats safely. Otherwise, once something happens, it is very likely that even the big dragon will be lost.
When the time comes, the loser will lose a lot. "Reggie is also a little nervous.
Although he explains a lot of LPL games, he is an absolute League of Legends top commentator.
But to be honest, Reggie thinks this game is one of the more exciting ones in his commentary!
Of course, the excitement of this game is not due to the top technology of both sides, but the fierce confrontation every few minutes makes this game full of conflicts!
For example, if there is absolutely no wild play in LPL competition, just flash and kick roundly after the blind monk crossed the tower and flashed Victor!
"Jin Kesi equipped with ADC has a yellow fork more than Lunma, but in terms of singles, although Victor died twice, it is still higher than the tsar in terms of instantaneous explosion, mainly depending on how the two sides opened the group!"
Meng Li saw a two-key position equipped with purple ADC, and Jin Kesi was a full-blade attack speed shoe with a yellow fork in his hand.
And the mother of the wheel also bought the attack speed shoes and a yellow fork was missing in the case of cutting the edge!
"Victor chose to make a big stick immediately after Heicks was promoted to the full level, and even a buyer with no money for shoes. If GODEYES blind monk cooperated with Jin Kesi to kill a wave in the early stage, his development was not as good as that of the tsar!" When Meng Li saw Victor pretending, he knew that this wave of Minnan University was bound to fight Nanling!
"Our injuries are still high. If we don’t fight this wave, it will be difficult for us to fight when the tsar grows up!" Ming Chong Dao, captain of Minnan University
This is not the same for both sides!
Whether in the early or late stage, their main output in southern Fujian is definitely Victor! Yu Lunma relies more on the big move to accelerate the group, which can make Victor have a better output environment!
But Nanling University is different.
Nanling University Array is the main harvester of Jinks in the early stage and the remote output of Tsar Jin Kesi’s double batteries in the later stage!