[III. Upgrading Marriage Temple to Yuelao Temple] has been completed.

Repairing the Tianxu Manor to the Moon Palace requires face decoration, so just throw money at one word.
There are moon palace furniture in the mall, which is astounding. Just buy it. Xiao Yan can’t come up with so much money for the time being.
The upgrade of Marriage Temple to Yuelao Temple has been completed. It is suitable to complete the remaining item [Upgrade the skill of grasping armor to Lv3].
[Bingjia] is a special function that is said to unlock when it is raised to full level in the cover field.
The first level depends on throwing money, and the tenth level needs special props [Mooncassia twig]
The way to get cassia twig is uncertain. Xiao Yan bought three in the mall before. He tracked cassia twig and put it in the agency column.
[Agent Search for Cinnamomum cassia twig]
[Does it take 1w pyrotechnic value to get a laurel twig? 】
Xiao Yan didn’t even think about selecting the [Yes] option. He now earns hundreds of thousands of 1w fireworks, which is nine Niu Yi hairs for him.
[ips1] I want to fly to wuyue for a night because of my dream.
A line of words is gone
Xiao Yan has a feeling of being cheated of money, but calmly took a look at the map of Xiaoyingzhou and found that this show is very obvious.
There is a scenic spot called Jinghu Lake in Xiaoyingzhou, and most of the laurel twigs are hidden near Jinghu Lake.
Xiao Yan went back to Xiaoyingzhou and looked dumbfounded at Jinghu Lake.
Jinghu Lake is very clear, and the boat floats like water in the air. The lake is 100 meters deep and can be seen at the end.
But the problem is that there are a few branches floating in the water like needles, and there are few million!
There is a laurel twig in Jinghu Lake. The only way to identify laurel twig is to break it and it will recover automatically.
The work of breaking millions of branches one by one is not generally large.
Xiao Yan fished out two branches from the water and broke them. It was not lucky enough that they were not laurel twigs and could not recover immediately after breaking them.
When breaking off, the sound is quite nice and different. One sound is heavy and clean, like mahjong hitting, and the other is crisp and neat like pebbles hitting.
It sounds quite decompression. Xiao Yan broke several branches one after another and found that the branches made different sounds after being broken, such as crisp and dull, and roared like ancient behemoths.
Xiao Yan suddenly had an idea.
He quickly changed his diving and put on protective gear to enter the water.
Sound broadcasting in water hinders less medium change and is more profound and pure.
On the ground, when different branches are broken, waves and water waves fuse to produce a wonderful reaction. The eardrum seems to be gently massaged and numb, and it feels directly to the skull, scalp and back.
This is an effect several times better than wearing headphones. ASMR’s decompression ability is at its peak.
Xiao Yan was overjoyed. He had long wanted to do diving projects, but he didn’t take action because there was no innovation. He didn’t expect to send a new project to the door.
Set a reward for discovering laurel twigs, and visitors can get coupons, so that they can sit in the office and collect laurel twigs while collecting fireworks.
Xiao Yan immediately took action when he thought of this project. He first scanned the branches with the function of species identification.
[root wood]
It’s hard to understand how this plant grows, probably by budding and reproducing like a single-celled organism. 】
[Self-healing speed is slow in the environment]
Xiao Yan broke off several branches in succession and then threw them into the water. One root floated and broke two halves, one withered and the other recovered.
The whole process takes about five minutes, and the overall number of root trees changes
Xiao Yan swam deep for a while, and the underwater scenery of diving project can’t be ignored.
It’s a pity that the lake is too clear without fish and coral ash.
Xiao Yan suddenly saw a cave when he was trying to swim back to the shore.
The lake is clear and the caves can be seen at a glance. To Xiao Yan’s surprise, there seems to be light on the other side of the caves.
When he got into the cave, he was very narrow at first, and then he was suddenly enlightened after dozens of steps
After swimming to the end of the cave, Xiao Yan opened his eyes in surprise.
In front of him is a giant portrait.
The giant fainted on the throne, and the sword broke off and the crown fell at his feet.
Half of the colossus was immersed in the lake, and the chest of the stone statue was exposed in the air. Xiao Yan floated to the surface along the colossus body.
The shore is full of scattered stone carvings and broken limbs can be seen everywhere.
Unified display sound
[The new scene sword burial has been unlocked]
【 each year we bury in the desert bones unnumbered Putao entered the Han family. In ancient times, the gods fought and died tragically. The sword was repaired and the sword was waiting for their life 】
Although the surrounding scenery is dilapidated, it is not gloomy. On the contrary, it has some tranquility and eternal mysterious beauty. I don’t know that after tens of thousands of years, the bones have turned to dust, but the swordsmen’s armor and utensils are still here.
There are several swords on the shore, half buried in the soil and half exposed at the bottom of the lake. This scenic spot is a replica of Yingzhou Jianzong, but the swords are not. They are ornamental sculptures.
Xiao Yan turned around and found that there were no sculptures and graves here.
The tomb is clean and refreshing. Removing the coffin and the long lamp is a natural and good place to live. When entering the grave, it will be explained automatically.
Life is a big event. Please rest here and forget all your troubles.
[Staying in the tomb for five hours can dilute depression and stop worrying about you]
[Can be used to cure some mental diseases or mental diseases]
According to Xiao Yan’s understanding, it will be better to stay here for a while. Some people are depressed because bad memories of the past always come to mind and upset them.
The tomb of sorrow can help people get rid of bad memories and not think about them from time to time.
If you have extremely painful memories, live in the tomb with the ecstasy lamp lit for 24 hours, and tourists will forget the painful memories after amnesia.