"Let her go and drop a bigger fish." Zhuge is not bright.

"Hum!" Beargguy snorted coldly. Anyway, he just doesn’t like Zhuge. This is a hidden guy who doesn’t understand. When I was in Kyushu, Zhuge said before dawn that Beargguy was the least afraid of all his opponents. Because this guy is very straightforward, he doesn’t know how to hide his joys and sorrows. His personality and Zhuge don’t shine, and they are all the kind of characters that "fuck you if I don’t like you". Judicious, not as sinister as others.
"I didn’t expect to meet you here," said the little demon fairy. "I’ve heard your name in the wild fairy land for a long time, but we’ve always stayed in the demon family."
"How can the demon race fight with the Gu Wu clan?" Zhuge asked without light.
"The demon family and the Gu Wu family have been fighting endlessly over the years. The Gu Wu family is known as the most overbearing race, but only the demon family can restrain them, so the Gu Wu family has always regarded the demon family as a thorn in their side." Demon fairy said lightly.
"The search is dead ~ ~" Beargguy shook hands with the Qinglong broadsword and said, "This is the magic weapon of the demon family. How can you have it? The demon family also has a weapon exactly like this. " "The demon family also has one?" Zhuge was slightly surprised that he was not bright.
The little demon fairy said, "Yes, you remember those pieces of bronze that we found in the general altar of the monster beast clan in Kyushu. I said that they were the pieces of the infinite knife and the magic weapon of the demon ancestor. The Infinite Sword is a pair, and one is also enshrined in the demon clan. At present, it is in the charge of the current demon master, Yao Tianba. "
"Oh, I see." Zhuge didn’t highlight the nod.
"Look at the broken handle of this Qinglong Dao. I think the pieces of bronze we found in those years must belong to this magic weapon." Demon fairy Jr. gave Zhuge a dim look and said, "Zhuge, I hope you will give me this magic weapon, and let me take it back to the demon bully, so that he can restore the complete boundless sky-splitting knife."
Hearing this, Zhuge narrowed his eyes slightly before dawn and shouted, "Miss, how did I find that you have become hypocritical since I haven’t seen you for hundreds of years? If you want to get your magic weapon back, just sayno. Why do you have to make excuses like this? Am I the kind of person who owes people something and doesn’t return it?"
As soon as this remark came out, demon fairy Jr.’ s black eyebrow frowned slightly, and immediately he gave a wry smile: "You guy, your personality has not changed at all for hundreds of years. Well, I want to take it away with me. After all, this is the magic weapon left by the demon ancestor. "
Zhuge didn’t smile. "Hey ~ ~ That’s right. Just say what you have to say. I’m easy to talk to."
"Hehehe, can I take it away?"
Zhuge Liang didn’t answer very simply.
"You …" Little demon fairy’s face turned white, and his silver teeth bit. "I knew you wouldn’t want to. You are still the same as that year, and you just …"
"I didn’t mean that." Zhuge Liang interrupted demon fairy before dawn, saying, "Give me a year. If after one year … if I still have my life, I will personally return this magic weapon to the demon bully. Now I am still useful."
"What do you mean?" Demon fairy Jr. recognized the implication of Zhuge’s gloomy remarks, and Diane frowned, "Do you only have one year left to live?" "Who knows, maybe." Zhuge smiled and took the Qinglong broadsword away from Beargguy.
Beargguy is somewhat reluctant. As a man who yearns for strength, such a magic fairy wants him to change back, and he really gives up his heart.
"Where are you going?" Zhuge asked without light.
"Zhu Xiancheng." Demon fairy Jr. said: "In recent days, the Half-step Immortals have appeared in many places in the three major domains. All the Half-step Immortals who entered the tiny world have returned, and there are even some unknown Half-step Immortals. Moreover, things about the battlefield outside the sky also spread wildly in the three major domains a few months ago. It is said that there is another plane above the immortal domain, which is an ancient battlefield and a battlefield belonging to immortals. Have you heard? "
"hmm." Zhuge nodded somberly. I didn’t expect the secret about the outer space battlefield to be known by the world so soon. I wonder if the news about "chaos" will spread in the near future.
"The carrier of chaos …" Zhuge frowned, and he finally understood that the old blind man and the magic-free old man once said that chaos has no entity. If it wants to come to the universe, it needs to use the seven-star treasure body in its heyday as its container. That is to say … those who come back from the battlefields in outer space will not let themselves go, and they will get rid of the seven-star treasure body, so as to avoid "chaos" as a disaster in the future.
Zhuge Liang suddenly felt heartbroken at this moment: "Does my death … also mean saving the world? But my death must be a happy event for people in the three domains … "
Suddenly, Zhuge Liang’s heart rose with sadness.
He feels more and more that it seems that there is a hand pushing everything, and his step by step seems to have been arranged, including this seven-star treasure body. Even Zhuge doesn’t feel bright, and even the reason why he crossed into this world is that someone can arrange it again ……….
"What are you thinking?" Small demon fairy see zhuge don’t light a stressed look on his face, can’t help but ask.
"I am thinking about what kind of heaven and earth will be in the future." Zhuge is not bright and regrets.
"Hum!" Beargguy, who was on the side, snorted and sarcastically said, "When did you become sentimental?"
In the face of Beargguy’s satire, Zhuge couldn’t help but smile, but he was speechless.
Demon fairy, Jr. pursed her lips and said, "From what you said, it seems that someone is going to hurt you. If you need our help, just let me know. If you can help, you can’t help us. "
"Gee, you just didn’t say that." Zhuge didn’t smile. "But I’m still sincere. You can’t help me."
Demon fairy, Jr. curled his lips and said, "I don’t know how to be kind. Hey, do you want to go to Zhuxian City with us?"
"Let’s talk about it, maybe I will go, goodbye!" Zhuge didn’t light up, threw off his robe and sleeves, disappeared directly in the same place, and met the temporary town.
Looking at Zhuge’s disappearing back, demon fairy Jr. snorted: "Cunning guy, I think he is afraid that we will beg for boundless knives and deliberately avoid us."
"No …" At this time, Beargguy frowned and said, "I always feel that something is wrong with this guy."
Back to the temporary yard, Zhuge did not light up and meditated.
Zhuxian City … Could it be that there will be a fairy in Zhuxian City in the next few days? In those days, the broken void of Xianjun Tower appeared in Zhuxian City, and eleven immortals were borrowed. The place where they went was probably the battlefield outside the sky. In other words, in addition to the tiny world, Zhuxian City can also connect the battlefields in outer space.
"psst ~ ~ ~"
Zhuge Liang took a deep breath, so that the unknown existence of the outer battlefield would come from Zhuxian City. I remember that Qingyun said in the realm of minimalism that the first seven-star treasure body was taken away by the so-called "chaos". Although the first Seven-Star Treasure Body suffered heavy internal damage and could not bear all the power of chaos, it was said that the body could bear a smaller part of the power of chaos. Even so, it was a blow to the universe.
Xianjun Tower!
Reminiscent of the Xianjun Tower, Zhuge was slightly relieved when he was not bright. He said that chaos would break out, but it was temporarily stopped by Xianjun Tower. Presumably, even if chaos acts, it will not be at this moment.
"Maybe we should go and have a look. If there is a curse, it can’t be avoided." Zhuge thought before dawn, and immediately set off for Zhuxian City. However, Zhuge Buliang still didn’t choose to fly directly to the sky, but walked on foot. He wanted to find out the news, and how many great sects and immortals would participate in the event of killing Xiancheng.
This small town is not too far away from Zhuxian City, 3,000 Li, but the distance of 3,000 Li is at least seven days at the speed of Zhuge’s walking before dawn. The repairman is walking, and the speed is not comparable to that of ordinary people.
All the way to find out, as demon fairy said, Zhuxian City has been surging recently, and countless great masters have gone to it. The great immortals in the east, west and south can be said to be in full swing.
Such a big scene is simply comparable to the last grand meeting. These people must have gone to meet the immortal who returned from the battlefield in outer space.
"Will the real immortal come?" Zhuge thought before dawn.
"Will the real immortal come?" Zhuge thought before dawn.