Chapter three hundred and eighty-nine: Kill!

Chapter three hundred and eighty-nine: Kill!
Blood escape realizes teleportation-like magical power at the expense of burning some essence blood.
In fact, the blood escape is very similar to the occult techniques used by the other blood shadows. However, from the effect point of view, the occult technique of blood shadow is more overbearing and may cost more.
This may also be because his cultivation is deeper, or the level of practicing occultism is higher. Just like Tang Qing’s blood escape technique, it can only be used reluctantly now. With the gradual deepening of cultivation and more thorough understanding, the power will be greater.
It’s been nearly two years since I learned this magical power. This time, it’s the first time I’ve used it in actual combat. Tang Qing doesn’t have an accurate score in his heart, but bridled boasts that it is unique in the world, so it must be not bad.
Outsiders look, Tang Qing’s escape technique is even more horrible than blood shadow. I didn’t vomit three liters of blood like a blood shadow, and then I turned blood into fog to escape. I saw that his red light flashed twice, and his body was blurred and disappeared.
When I reappeared, I suddenly appeared in Xiaoyuan Baby, which just emerged hundreds of meters away, less than ten meters.
The rainbow, which should have been shocked, has been completely numb, with dull eyes, floating in the air stupidly, unable to speak at all. On the contrary, Yu Shao and others were surprised and amazed. Even the dumb mother-in-law, who has been expressionless, showed a look of horror.
Endless cards The real cards are endless. At this time, people already don’t know how to describe their inner feelings. At this time, even if Tang Qing took out an artifact, they wouldn’t be surprised.
If Tang Qing knew these ideas, she would certainly hold her head high and have a grand mouth. "Artifact? That stuff Tang ye already has, calculate a hair. "
He doesn’t know and has no time to think about it. At this time, Tang Qing is trying to control the dizziness, forcibly suppressing the pain that the body is almost torn, and making several actions at the same time.
Yuan Ying, with blood shadow, has just finished the second teleport and is about to continue casting spells. Suddenly found that Tang Qing unexpectedly, unexpectedly in front of his eyes, this kind of feeling, to his shock, almost no less than the doomed ray is chopping towards him.
That’s ridiculous. He’s just Brother Jiedan, and it’s early days.
If you talk about war and strategy, you can ignore the level gap because of your intelligence. But what about the others? How did such a family, such a beast pet, such a fighting power, and such an avatar come from? Extremely shocked, even made him feel terror and despair.
Even escape, blood shadow also made a mistake that is not a mistake-straight ahead, it’s really no wonder that he. Who would believe that in the sight of these people, such cultivation can be faster and farther than teleport?
In the face of a bunch of young players, you have to consider the direction when you use teleport to escape? This sense of absurdity makes Blood Shadow want to cry.
Uncontrollable fear, blood shadow involuntarily paused, and the casting action was stiff. Time is half a beat slower.
As a result, it was fatal.
White shadow flashed, green shadow flashed, and almost transparent figure flashed. Finally, the red silk flashes and the colorful glow shines at the same time. I have worked hard to practice distraction for a few days, and at this moment, I have played an unparalleled role.
Soul shock, siren’s cry and god’s sting, three magical powers are issued at the same time. At this time, Tang Qing no longer considers itself. Keep him anyway; In any case, we must get our money back.
Up to now, although the crisis has been temporarily lifted. However, Tang Ye believes that the huge loss has made him unbearable and painful. Fighting is a fight for others. For him, it is labor, and it is hard work that must be rewarded.
What’s more, if he is allowed to escape, there will be endless future trouble.
Although, perhaps the blood shadow has already spread the news, and has already notified so-and-so. But that’s possible after all, and you can’t be sure. Besides, even if someone knows the news, at least they don’t know the specific whereabouts. If possible, eliminating the future trouble is to do the immediate thing well. If there is a possibility, you must never let him go.
"Ow!" This is the growl of meow, like the anger of a lion.
"Silk" is the strange name of the siren.
"Uh-huh" This is Tang Ye’s cold hum, and he specially added a sigh of disdain and ridicule.
The sharp sound of the spectre is not like it, but it really has the figure of Mei Ji, like a blue ghost. However, its fierce breath and ferocious face are incomparable to that of the spectre. Although she has recovered a little bit of her mind, Mei Ji’s transfiguration can’t be changed for the time being, and she can only return to normal when she needs the advanced king of evil spirits.
The illusory figure constitutes a huge face that people can see as lost. Pale blue face, fangs, eyes red and cold, with bursts of screaming and whistling, swoops down. Her shrill voice is not magical, but it makes people confused, uneasy, and gives birth to fear and horror for no reason.
The three kinds of supernatural powers are aimed at the spirit and soul. Don’t say that he is a Yuan baby, even a pure soul body, and he can’t be exempted. Yuan Ying’s eyes, with a bloody shadow, just showed sobriety, and immediately became confused, with a look of pain between his eyebrows, and hesitated to pause again.
The end sound of the sea monster is actually his miserable cry. After the magical power was issued, the poor siren immediately fell with her head in her head, and her mind roared. I don’t know why. Meow meow slightly better, body to yuan baby, small mouth fierce suck a record. A flash of light visible to the naked eye flew from Yuan Ying and was swallowed by him. Yuan baby gave a miserable cry, and her small body became more and more dim. The ghost then pounced on him, tearing his mouth and scratching his claws, which was extremely fierce and brought him a lot of harm again.
Red silk reappears, trapped in Yuan Ying’s body, and tightened like a desperate man. And the most deadly, a gentle finger, and then point in the head of Yuan Ying.
Fingers, there is a flame, black flame.
The shrill whine resounded between heaven and earth, as if the ghosts who suffered from purgatory were pleading for their early liberation in the face of the ghost slaves who imposed punishment.
Although the blood shadow is strong, how does it compare with old Bailey? It’s a world of difference. At this time, Tang Qing, compared with that time, is also a world of difference
Yuan baby’s body, sharply reduced, on a small face, can’t tell the expression. The five senses are completely wrinkled together and are gradually blurring. A glittering and translucent light spot, falling out from Yuan Ying’s body. Until now, Tang Qingcai saw that it was a ring, which should be the property of the blood shadow. It was something that he spent a huge price and worked hard to rob.
From beginning to end, blood shadow almost never used a magic weapon. Maybe, it may have been shattered before, and Tang Qing didn’t have time to observe it. But blood shadow so obsessed with things, no matter how to also want to grab.
Who told you to be the enemy of Tang Ye? should
The closing work comes from the colorful glow, and when the seven stars are opened and closed, Yuan Ying, who has already resisted death, is wrapped up. The fire spirit, already slightly dim, suddenly found that the optical network was open and was trying to escape in surprise. Suddenly I found a broken baby with a black flame burning overhead. Cried like a gluttonous hungry beast, swooped down, and suddenly, it turned into a fist-sized fire ball and wrapped it up.
No matter Yuan Ying or the black fire, it is a great tonic that the fire spirit dreams of. Even if it can’t escape, it will do whatever it takes. The colorful optical net was folded again, wrapped the fire ball and turned it into a ball, which was integrated into Tang Qing’s body.
end completely
Tang Qing, who has no means of surprises, just relies on a brave spirit, an almost endless number of cards, and a desperate heart to teleport Yuan Ying.
This is how heroic this is how tough this is, how daunting it is.
Masculinity is good, but at this time, Tang Qing has been exhausted, depressed and almost unconscious. Reluctantly put the ring away, he couldn’t even stabilize himself and fell straight from the air to the ground. Hit a, uh, humanoid pit.
"Spicy next door" Tang Qing was lying on the ground, her eyes were dull and dull, looking straight at the sky, and her thoughts had stopped. Through the introduction of the mind, he knew that the siren was not dead, the problem of meowing was not big, and the injury of Jasper Dragon was not life-threatening. As for Maggie, she was unscathed and got some benefits.
That’s enough, Tang Qing’s own body, although it consumes a lot of energy, is mentally exhausted and dies, and the body is even worse. Fortunately, however, he is strong enough, which is nothing more than some shocks and a few broken bones. Pain is of course painful, but as far as his resilience is concerned, the problem is not big.
At the moment, he no longer wants to fight, worry or even think. Whatever. What kind of soul-eating moth? Tang Ye has already noticed that most of them have two wings, and very few of them are just three wings.
Hundreds of soul-eating moths, if the blood shadow is intact, even these alone are enough to make people go into a hurry. But now, even if the blood shadow is not dead, it is estimated that it is being swallowed by the fire spirit, and it will not be long before it scampers. Without the master’s command, whether it is a demon insect or a monster beast, the combat power has dropped by more than 30%. Yu Shao Rainbow Five Poisons and others add up, with the help of blood bats and an injured Jasper Dragon. If you can’t even deal with them, it will be too disappointing for him.