Some English media have given Manchester United a new name, called "Man-Earth Allied Forces".

Changsheng has another interpretation of this matter.
"In fact, it is the six martial arts sects that besieged Guangmingding."
He said this to his coaching staff.
Rudy Gonzá lez and dimatteo asked at the same time: "What do you mean,’ Six Wulin sects besieged Guangming Top’?"
Chang Sheng just wanted to open his mouth, and suddenly he felt that it was particularly troublesome to explain. He had to start with "Eternal Dragon Slayer", and then he had to explain what "martial arts novel" was and explain it. Naturally, he could not avoid introducing the author Jin Yong, and continued to trace back, which was the traditional cultural background of martial arts novels in China …
Changsheng thinks that he has explained all this clearly, and it is estimated that he will have to go to several chapters, that is, naked irrigation to gather words.
So he waved his hand: "Simply put, a group of people with different ideas but all high-sounding slogans gathered in a place called Guangmingding under the banner of’ doing good for heaven’ and planned to jointly destroy the villain."
"We are the villain?" Dimatteo asked.
Changsheng nodded: "Of course, we are the villains. Being besieged by those just people, the situation is very critical. But … "
He turned his voice and smiled: "The villain will surely win the final victory!"
Chapter four hundred and five Life is to fight and then triumph.
The media are talking about Qi Xin’s cooperation in European football to help Manchester United beat Lazio.
Even at the press conference before the game, there were media reporters standing up and asking questions like Chang Sheng.
He said: "Does this phenomenon mean that Lazio is very unpopular?"
Changsheng scoffed at this. He snorted: "This only shows how much Europe is afraid of us. In order to defeat us, it has done everything it can."
He shrugged his shoulders and spread his hand: "But I don’t care at all. It’s Manchester United who plays against us, not Manchester United plus Real Madrid plus AC Milan plus Juventus plus other cat, dog and dog teams … If someone thinks that this can beat us, then I welcome them to give it a try, because they don’t really lose to us, they won’t understand how futile these things are. "
Changsheng is very domineering. At Old Trafford, his momentum makes people think that he is the owner here.
And journalists are also surprised by Chang Sheng’s confidence.
Maybe he’s bluffing.
Many reporters think so in their hearts.
Changsheng doesn’t care what journalists think. Anyway, as long as he wins, the ideas of these journalists are meaningless at all.
Compared with the ever-victorious self-confidence, even at home, Ferguson is very cautious.
He didn’t say before the game that it was an advantage to be behind by one goal, but said, "No matter how many goals you are behind, you are behind. I don’t know why the media are optimistic about us. Obviously, Lazio is the favourite. Although it is our home, but we are behind in the score, this game is very difficult … "
The old fox hid his minions as if he were a cute Samoyed dog …
He hopes to turn his attention to Lazio and let the pressure go to Lazio. Before the game, he tried his best to decompress his players.
He never mentions the factors that are beneficial to him, that is, he repeats the difficulties of the game over and over again.
It seems that this is not his home, but an away game.
The attitude of these two head coaches at the pre-match press conference is really interesting.
The visiting team coach is confident, but the home team coach is cautious.
At the press conference before the game, the head coaches of both sides also announced their respective starting lists for this game.
Judging from the starting list, both sides are the strongest and best players.
The coefficient of Manchester United’s main lineup, which rested in the last Premier League game, started.
The same is true for Lazio.
Just looking at the starting list, you can imagine how fierce the game will be.
However, Manchester United’s starting list is not the same as that of the first leg between the two sides.
At his own home, Ferguson chose a lineup with strong attack power, instead of choosing defense as in the away game.
Obviously, this game, Manchester United is going to attack at their own home.
This is not unexpected.
Only one goal was lost in the first round. If you don’t attack at home, then Manchester United is not Manchester United. Attack is necessary, there is no suspense.
The key is to see how Manchester United attack.
Lazio’s lineup is no different from the first leg, and Lazio’s tactics should not change.
On the day of the match, the media from all over the world gathered at Old Trafford to report the match.
From five hours before the start of the game, some TV stations started their live programs.
At the gate of Lazio’s hotel, many journalists and fans also gathered.
Journalists came to report on Lazio’s pre-match preparations, while fans came to cheer for Lazio.
At five o’clock in the afternoon, the Lazio team had a simple dinner and took a bus to the Old Trafford Stadium.
At this time, the distance is two hours and forty-five minutes before the start.
The square outside the Old Trafford Stadium is already full of people, most of whom are Manchester United fans, and the eyes are all red oceans.