At night, Qin Shaojie came to the airport alone, waiting for the plane to fly to London. No one will come to see him off, and no one will pick him up. Even the passport he is using now is a fake name.

Along the way, Qin Shaojie could only close his eyes and catnap. After nearly eleven hours’ flight, when he arrived in London, it was already around two o’clock in the morning. It was dark when I left, and it was still dark when I arrived.
Qin Shaojie didn’t find a place to rest. He sat at the airport for more than two hours and boarded a plane to Africa.
After several hours of flight, the plane landed at Senegal airport. Since there is no direct flight, Qin Shaojie can only go to Gambia here, and then take a train or a car.
Because of the language barrier, Qin Shaojie had a hard time finding an English-speaking driver, rented his car and drove directly to Gambia.
Located at the western end of Africa, Gambia is bordered by Senegal in the east, north and south, and the Atlantic Ocean in the west, with a coastline of about 50 kilometers. It is the smallest country in West Africa. The only flat and narrow impact plain in the whole territory is slightly higher in the east, and the highest point in the country is only 46.4 meters above sea level. Gambia river runs across the east and west, with a territory of about 472 kilometers, and its mineral resources are not very rich. About 1.5 million tons of mixed minerals of titanium, zirconium and rutile and more than 500,000 tons of kaolin have not been developed and utilized.
Qin Shaojie don’t understand, this small place, why can also have a war.
But that’s not what he needs to know. His main task is to rescue.
After several hours’ drive, Qin Shaojie came to Banjul, the capital of Gambia. It is the smallest capital of Africa and the seaport of Gambia. It was once built as a military stronghold by British colonists.
Qin Shaojie’s place to go is not here, but after nearly 20 hours’ journey, his ass hurts even if he is not sleepy. I plan to rest here first, make a plan, and then act at night.
Banjul is fine, there is no large-scale war.
Qin Shaojie found a fairly good hotel to live in.
Fortunately, many people here can speak English, and they opened the room without any trouble.
Asked for something to eat, Qin Shaojie sat on the sofa and read the information.
Yuan Qingfei, female, 28 years old, a doctoral student at the Military Medical University, with the rank of major, arrived in Banjul, Gambia, with the peacekeeping forces on 20th of last month, and went out on 7th of October. Her whereabouts are still unknown, and she is suspected of being kidnapped. Later, private armed forces claimed that she would need $10 million to release her. Diplomacy is fruitless.
Qin Shaojie looked at it for a long time, and finally understood that this was kidnapping. The government didn’t want to give money, so he came to save it.
But after all, the rebels did it, and even diplomacy can’t help it. If there is a way, there will be no war, and the government forces and rebels will not be so hot.
Although the rebels have not yet entered Banjul.
According to the information provided, Qin Shaojie learned that Yuan Qingfei is likely to be held in a village near the coastline of Beihai, which is a stronghold of the rebels, a virgin forest, and close to the coastline. It is a good place to attack and retreat.
A day without words.
Qin Shaojie had a comfortable rest during the day, until the evening, when he got out of the hotel, he found a place where no one was there, and according to the map provided in the information directly, he left the imperial sword.
This place, fly anywhere. Not afraid of being seen.
At this time, it was already dark, and it was about ten o’clock. In the air, Qin Shaojie saw a bonfire in the village, and a group of poorly dressed rebels were sitting around talking and drinking wine. Among them, there are two more child soldiers. He looks about eleven or twelve years old.
Qin Shaojie couldn’t help but sigh that when he was so old, he would only cry when he was bullied. The children here look small, but they have killed many people.
Looking at it in the air, there are at least 300 people here besides what we can see. It is unlikely that you want to save people quietly. But if you have to start work, it’s not impossible. No matter how many people can’t help him, a gun is like a fire stick to him, but if you want to go in, you will be found. It’s impossible to use stealth symbols. If they can’t see themselves, and Yuan Qingfei runs away again, then their guns will be aimed at Yuan Qingfei, and then she will die and her task will fail.
The so-called afternoon plan, that is, no plan, can only take one step at a time.
Qin Shaojie was a little excited when he performed this task for the first time, but he was worried too much, and he was afraid that it would hurt the hostages if it was not done well.
After thinking for a long time, Qin Shaojie intends to use the stealth operator to find out where Yuan Qingfei is being held and then save people.
Thinking of this, Qin Shaojie took action.
Under the action of the invisibility symbol, Qin Shaojie swaggered away from the village. After a while, Qin Shaojie found Yuan Qingfei and looked in through the cracks in the board. He only saw Yuan Qingfei tied up with his hands and feet, sitting on the ground, and next to him, there was a girl with blond hair who was also tied up, just with her head down and couldn’t see her appearance clearly.
Qin Shaojie received the invisibility symbol, carefully opened the door and went in.
Yuan Qingfei sat shivering on the ground with his eyes closed. There are still some bruises on his face. It seems that he was beaten. Feel Qin Shaojie near, because his mouth is blocked, he can only make a purring sound.
"Shh, don’t make any noise, I’m here to save you." Qin Shaojie whispered. Conveniently took the cloth stuck in Yuan Qingfei’s mouth and untied the rope that tied her.
Yuan Qingfei didn’t see the person in front of him, with heavy eyes, Qi Mei’s bangs and handsome face, but he couldn’t stop the masculinity. More importantly, he is Chinese.
Yuan Qingfei was the favored son of his family since he was a child. He was admitted to the Military Medical University and graduated with honors. As he wished, he went to the People’s Liberation Army Hospital and became a surgeon.
This time, she came to Gambia at her request, but after she was taken away, she was afraid. She has never seen a war, but this time she faced death so close.
I thought I would die here, but when I saw Qin Shaojie, I threw myself in Qin Shaojie’s arms and sobbed gently.
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Chapter 75 Smooth rescue
"Well, stop crying and don’t disturb them." Qin Shaojie whispered comfort.
Qin Shaojie patted her on the back, quietly comforted, and looked at it.
In Qin Shaojie’s impression, girls who are generally ugly will choose to be soldiers. He didn’t know that there was a military medical university.
Yuan Qingfei is very beautiful, with delicate facial features and short hair, which makes him more capable. Although my face is dirty now, there are still some bruises. But it doesn’t affect her beauty.
"I’m here to save you, can you go? I’ll take you out. " Qin Shaojie said.
"Yes, but …" Yuan Qingfei said with tears.
"What’s the matter? Is there anything else? " Qin Shaojie asked.
"What about her?" Yuan Qingfei pointed to the blonde girl who was still tied around.
"I can only take one of you, otherwise, we will be found." Qin Shaojie wanted to think and said.
"ooh." Next to the blonde girl who has been keeping her head down just now seems to understand Qin Shaojie’s words. Because her mouth is stuffed, she can only purr.
"Don’t leave her, she is a girl. If you don’t take her away, she will be abused and insulted." Yuan Qingfei took Qin Shaojie’s arm and said.
Women, I really don’t know what to say about you. When you harden your heart, turn around and leave without looking back. When it softens, it doesn’t matter where it is. Qin Shaojie helplessly thought.
I can’t help it. Who makes himself a man who is passionate about jade? Qin Shaojie had to untie the blonde girl next to him again. This just see her face clearly.
Under the golden hair, there is a white face with delicate facial features, and blue eyes reveal a unique beauty of westerners.
It seems that the age is about twenty years old. Maybe he was scared. After being untied by Qin Shaojie, he still sat on the ground trembling. Eyes with fear, looking at Qin Shaojie.
"Don’t be afraid, can you speak English?" Qin Shaojie asked in English.
"I, I am English." The girl said with a trembling voice.
"Well, that’s good. I’ll get you out of here. Can you go?" Qin Shaojie asked.
"Yes. Can you get me out? " The girl asked.
"Don’t worry, these people can’t stop me. It’s a big deal to fight." Qin Shaojie said confidently.
Although I can’t leave quietly with two women, I can’t leave one without myself, so I have to fight my way out.
"Thank you, my name is Lindsay? Howard, can you tell me your name? " Lindsay looked at Qin Shaojie and asked.
"Qin Shaojie".
Qin Shaojie lightly said his name, and now he is thinking about how to ensure the safety of two women, which have time to struggle with these problems.
"Wait for you two to follow behind me. Do what I say and don’t ask questions." Qin Shaojie said. Not at all like a novice on a first mission.
Two women are nodded his head.
Qin Shaojie opened the door and took the lead in going out. Two women followed Qin Shaojie closely.