In the vast desert

The weather here is dry, hot and deserted, and there are no resources, which are rare even for practitioners.
But at this time, there are two figures separating two towering sand dunes.
It is Ye Feng and Fang Xiaoyin.
The desert here is hundreds of thousands of miles away from Qinglanzong, and they just came here to take Du Jie.
"Ye Gong doesn’t know if you are satisfied with this place in Du Jie?"
NieZhen expression embarrassed asked
Crossing the sky is the most important event in a practitioner’s life. Usually, you will carefully choose a scenic spot or a suitable and quiet environment.
Du Jie is a rare event in a desert where aura is relatively scarce.
But this place was specially charged by the Lord, saying that he was worried that the power of Armageddon would be too great for other creatures to suffer an accident.
Nie Zhen doesn’t quite understand how powerful he can be if he hasn’t survived the apocalypse.
"It’s okay. It’s the same everywhere."
Ye looked around with interest in the wind.
He didn’t think that Qinglan Sect would find a place like this.
Not only is it inaccessible, but even monsters and beasts can hardly be seen.
It’s interesting to say that the other party’s choice is a bit interesting.
See leaves with the wind didn’t show displeasure NieZhen hurriedly relieved face but told never provoked this unhappy.
"That’s good."
Nie Zhen smiled.
"By the way, do you really want to be in Du Jie with Xiao Yin? If you don’t want to, I can take her away."
Although Fang Xiaoyin can’t beat Ye Fengfeng, she is very confident about her talent.
Usually, the stronger a person’s potential, the more violent the robbery will be.
So she wants to be with Ye Fengfeng, and Du Jie dreams of pulling back a city.
"Let her be there if it’s okay."
Ye said with the wind
But at this time, his heart was thinking that he might be discovered by some people.
If it is because of SHEN WOO dialect, Nie Zhen can’t have such a big gap between him and Fang Xiaoyin. After all, Chinese Xiaoyin is SHEN WOO’s brother when he casually fabricates his identity.
Now NieZhen almost saw Fang Xiaoyin put his attention on himself.
There is a possibility in this situation.
Who could it be?
Why don’t you hide from yourself and come out to meet?
Ye shook his head with the wind. Let’s go to Du Jie first. It will always come.
"Ok, then I won’t bother you. We are here to protect you."
Nie Zhen then turned and flew away.
Not far from the sand dunes, Zongyuan, Yan Zhen and Xuanqingyue are all there.
They want to make sure that the process of Du Jie with the wind is not disturbed, even if it is less than one in ten thousand.
The wind roared.
Ye Fengfeng and Fang Xiaoyin stood opposite each other in the scorching sun at the top of two sand dunes, and the yellow sand quickly brushed their feet.
This scene is very similar to two martial arts experts who are ready to duel.
Fang Xiaoyin held out her hand very smelly fart and made a provocative move, as if to say, "Open your eyes and see what it’s like to be a peerless genius."
Then she sat cross-legged and suspended at the top of the sand dune
Thick rhymes gradually rippled out of her body, which was brewing her own momentum until she reached the level of arousing thunder and robbery
Ye smiled with the wind and looked up to heaven.
Du Jie at last.
I still remember a time in Du Jie, when I first played to rob the clouds, then I stole some thunder-robbing liquid from others, and finally I simply cut down the fairy gate.
Extremely low quality
But this time he’s going to have a serious robbery
Three figures in the virtual space silently watched Ye Feng and Fang Xiaoyin.
"The first time I was so nervous about crossing the fairy robbery, I was never so nervous before crossing the emperor robbery!"
Yue Xiaozhao tone some excitement.
"It’s normal. So am I."
Hu Chuang said, "No matter how careful you are, you can’t be normal."
"Maybe even the celestial masters can lead them."
Blanche nodded. "That’s what we want."
"If it can really attract the attention of the dominant adults, then we will not correct it in Ye Huang’s face."
Ye Huang thing is that they face the biggest psychological burden of Ye Feng, and it would be better if it could be solved by others.
"Hey, it’s already started."
Yue Xiaozhao said
Suddenly three people will focus on sand dunes.
At this time, in the bright and hot sun, a gray cloud suddenly appeared.
Then the black clouds grow and spread, and the speed is getting faster and faster.
It didn’t take a moment to form a huge dark Lei Yun to completely cover the sun.
Lei Yun looks heavy and heavy, and a dignified pressure is getting stronger and stronger in heaven and earth, and even the wind is terminated because of this.
Ye Feng is still watching Xiaoyin suspended in China at the top of the sand dune.
It was Fang Xiaoyin who provoked this cloud overhead.
She has mobilized her breath and is gradually approaching the peak.
Suddenly Fang Xiaoyin suddenly opened her eyes and a sharp light passed in her eyes.
At the same time, the black robbery cloud crashed and moved quickly, and the world rolled up again. The sand and stones were flying in the center of the sand dune where Fang Xiaoyin was located!
Moreover, the volume of the robbery cloud has expanded ten times again in a blink of an eye. Not only did you lift up your eyes and look at it, but the whole day was shrouded in terrible whirlpool black clouds, and the thunder rolled and the mans flashed with great pressure and shock.