"That also not line! Lele is me, and no one can rob me! "

Dizzy ~ ~ ~ That’s right-
Shu Lele rolled his eyes and successfully met Rong Ning. He was slightly stunned and then burst into laughter. "Lele, I have seen today that it is not a cave to spoil his wife!"
"….." Shule Le Mo.
"That’s that!" Ning Yichen is complacent.
"Well, I’m not here to hinder you. I’ll disappear automatically!" Rong Ning Xi Xi smiled a few times and immediately got up from the chair and winked at Shu Lele and slipped out of the room.
Shu Lele caressed his forehead and pointed to Ning Yichen. "You are very unruly!"
"What the hell is moral integrity?"
Exactly. What the hell is moral integrity? It seems that we, Lord Ning, have never known anything about it.
VIP188, did you miss me?
Shu Lele sighed, turned around and looked faintly at the sunset glow outside the door, clutching her face as if she were blushing.
Ning Yichen hugged her from behind and rubbed her affectionately. "Did Lele miss me today?"
Miss him? You don’t seem to have time today, do you?
"Did you sneeze?" Shu Lele solemnly asked
"I don’t think so!"
"Me neither!"
"But" NingYiChen don’t understand "not sick will sneeze? What does Lele have to do with thinking about me? "
Shu Lele leaned his head in his arms and smiled. "Because some people say that someone must miss him when sneezing without getting sick!"
"Then you didn’t miss me today!" Ningyi dust face a heavy don’t want to.
"You didn’t miss me either!"
"No, I thought about it from the moment I went out. Although I was with the emperor, my heart was with my mother!"
"If you don’t concentrate on your work, the emperor will fire you!"
"Fired squid?" Ning Yichen is very obvious and doesn’t understand.
"Stupid! That is, you will be dismissed by the emperor, and there will be no money and no welfare from now on! "
"Then I just stay at home with my mother every day! I think she thinks of heartache! "
"….." It was indeed that no moral integrity was brought to the extreme! If in modern times, he must be a worthless otaku!
Well, fortunately, their family is rich, even if there is no salary and no official money, it will be spent for generations
Shu Lele looked back at him with a smile. "You’re a worthless little dust, or you really quit your job and don’t do it. Let’s go to the rivers and lakes!"
"Consider it!"
"You take your time to think about it, but there is something very important for you to think about."
"It’s not a Yan report. Today, Wang Guifei made a special trip to condescend to come here just to invite you to put in a good word with the emperor." Shu Lele then said what Wang Guifei said in the original place and let Ning Yichen consider what to do
Ning Yichen smiled silently. "Lele, what do you think I should do?"
"That depends on whether you think it’s worth it. If the prince is a prince, he might as well show off. If he can’t help Dou, he won’t go to that state of mind."
"Well ….." NingYiChen holding the lost in thought.
Ning Yichen entered the room after Shu Lele slept at night.
Highland barley lowered his hands and stood in a calm voice. "The person sent to look for Liu Yingying has already heard that she and Lang thousands of feet are together all day because of the heavy security."
"Lang thousands of feet?" Ning Yichen pondered that things were getting more and more complicated.
For a long time, he hooked his lips and smiled. "Don’t disturb her. Let her be happy for a few days."
Wouldn’t it be better to catch them all when the time is right?
However, the most important thing in the eyes is that the royal family’s power is gradually flourishing, and there has been some tendency to build a high reputation. At this moment, why not let them take a step forward?
Ningyichen smiled unfathomably, with a smile on his lips, which was both Leng Yan and desolate.
On the second day, the emperor really ordered the title of the prince to be awarded, and the whole country rejoiced and gave a big banquet in the palace for several days.
Ning Yichen hasn’t been to the palace since the first day of congratulations.
He stayed in Ning Wangfu all day and played with Shu Lele, making his day interesting.
This day, Jun Shaoyan suddenly came and brought amazing good news.
Ning Yichen looked at him with some shock. "Is Lu Xiaoxi really awake?"
"well! This is the special effect of fighting poison with poison! We have to be grateful to the people who tried to poison him! "
"So … you mean he can …"