459 Zhang inn

Before coming to Luanjia, Duanmutian said politely, "Naruto, this is my Luanjia."
Naruto looked at his eyes and smiled at the officers and men around him. He had a great understanding of Duanmutian’s identity and a general understanding of the world. This world was the same as the medieval feudal era when he was on earth in previous lives. It is very likely that Duanmutian’s identity will be backward, and it is also very good to guess that there will be so many troops and there will be Duanmutian. It is said that Duanmutian is a royal family, that is, an emperor, and it is very likely that he will be a sovereign. Maybe if it is an emperor, there will be 10 thousand troops accompanying Duanmutian.
Although it’s not easy to guess Duanmu Tian’s identity, Naruto didn’t show the slightest formality. On the contrary, he was very interested in Duanmu Tian. An emperor’s second generation had such strong martial arts, which made Naruto curious. Naruto believed that if he hadn’t collected all bijuu chakra and learned the immortal mode, his strength would definitely be better than his own.
Naruto ordered him to continue on his way. Naruto looked at the commanding army and thought to himself, "This Duanmutian looks more like a general than an emperor. Hehe, it’s interesting. I didn’t expect to meet such an interesting person just when I came to this world."
Sitting opposite Naruto, Duanmulian saw Naruto staring at Duanmu Tiantong without even looking at himself. "Why are you so rude? Don’t you say hello when you meet people?"
When Naruto heard the sound, he came to his senses and noticed that there was another girl on the frame. Seeing this girl was angry and looking at himself, Naruto suddenly realized that she had neglected this beautiful girl. She was angry and Naruto suddenly felt embarrassed and said, "I’m sorry I didn’t pay attention to hello at the moment. My name is Naruto Uzumaki and you?"
Duanmulian turned her head angrily and snorted proudly. "Hum, princess, what do you want to tell you? Don’t, my second brother cares about you, and the princess has to give you a good look."
Naruto touched his nose and felt a little embarrassed. He had been getting along with the fireworks for a long time. Naruto knew that a woman with such a big temper would be less irritating, or he didn’t know that she would be so ridiculed to deal with the girl at this time. Naruto thought it would be better not to talk.
Just because Naruto doesn’t speak doesn’t mean that Duanmu Lian will let Naruto go. When Duanmu Lian saw Naruto don’t speak, he suddenly said, "You are dumb and can’t talk."
Naruto didn’t expect to be able to hide. "What do you want me to say?"
Duanmulian didn’t know what to say for a moment, and suddenly Duanmulian stopped talking.
When Duanmu Tian entered Luanjia and saw the strange atmosphere in Luanjia, he suddenly wondered, "What’s the matter with you? Why don’t you talk? Brother Naruto, I’d like you to meet my sister, Duanmu Lianer, and this is Mr. Naruto Uzumaki. You should be polite to Mr. Naruto later, but you can’t make your temper know."
"What did you say, second brother?" he said angrily when he heard Duanmu Liandun. You want me to be polite to this guy? Why? He was invited by you, not by me. What did I ask me to do? Hum! "Then Duanmulian jumped over and walked beside the breccia. After pulling the breccia from the war horse, he rode away on his own.
The breccia stood in the same place with a stupid face. I don’t know why the princess suddenly pulled him out and rode out suddenly.
Duanmu Tianyi nodded apologetically to Naruto with a look on his face, and then he went to the front of Luanjia and said, "What are you still doing? Why don’t you go after the princess? If anything happens to the princess, I will only ask you."
Breccia got a fright and hurriedly called it yes, and then he asked a soldier to come over with a face of koo and chased him along the princess’s footprint.
Bubbles are bitter in my heart, but I can’t express it yet. I can slander in my heart, "What’s wrong with me? It’s the princess who wants to run. I can still hurt her. You two brothers and sisters are not harmonious. What are you mad at me for? I’ve provoked whoever I recruited."
These words can be thought about in my mind, but I absolutely dare not say them. Although my heart is bitter, I still ran desperately in the direction of the princess
Duanmu went back to Luanjia and looked at Naruto apologetically. "I made you laugh. My sister has been spoiled since I was a child. I hope Naruto doesn’t mind."
Naruto laughed. "Brother, I’m not the kind of stingy person. I like your sister very much. How can I blame her?"
Duanmutian nodded. "That’s good. By the way, I haven’t asked Naruto what you came to our pale blue empire for?"
Naruto smiled and replied, "Nothing was sent here. I came here to look for something, so I don’t know anything very well, but I know that if I see it, I will know it."
Duanmu knows the mystery of Naruto’s origin, but he didn’t ask, "Hehe, in that case, Naruto won’t stay here. May I make a suggestion to the emperor to make you a blue empire?"
Naruto laughed. "Forget it. I like being free by myself. Forget it."
Duanmutian felt a little sorry and said, "Tell me again when you want. Actually, it’s quite good to be a guest. There are 10,000 lingshi every month, and nothing will affect your life and practice at ordinary times. Of course, since you don’t want to talk, I won’t say any more."
Naruto asked doubtfully, "Lingshi? What is a lingshi? "
Duanmutian looked at Naruto with some doubts and said, "Naruto, don’t you know what a lingshi is?"
Naruto naturally said, "I don’t know. Is it strange?"
Duanmutian’s answer to Naruto’s words can explain, "It’s not that it’s strange that Lingshi is a mainland currency, and Lingshi is a cultivation that must consume Naruto. You said that you don’t know. To be honest, I’m a little skeptical about whether you are from this mainland."
Naruto’s heart thumped and he thought to himself, "I grass, this stone is money. Are you kidding me? You said that you don’t know money, and everyone will think that you are an alien. The concept that aliens are also rich is drunk."
Naruto coughed and said, "I didn’t know you said it was money. You can just say money or wealth. But I really don’t know this lingshi. I grew up in the village, and there is no lingshi in the village. I didn’t know that either."
It is understandable to hear that Naruto grew up in a village. But if Naruto really doesn’t know about Lingshi, then Naruto has such strong strength, which really scares Duanmutian.
Seeing Duanmutian swallowing saliva, he was a little nervous and asked, "Naruto, you said you didn’t know Lingshi, so how did you cultivate such strength?"
Naruto naturally replied, "Of course, you have to work hard on your own, fight and meditate, and practice Ninjutsu, which is a skill. So you come step by step?" Is this strange? "
Duanmu Tianxin has 10,000 steeds running in the grassland, voicing in his heart, "You are practicing by your own talent, so you have gradually accumulated into such strength today. Now, who is practicing in mainland China like you, and it is by talent that you can reach such an incredible realm? How can others live? Damn it."
Naruto looked at Duanmutian’s face and suddenly thought of "Hehe, you see, I won’t crush you to death. You let the old man make a fool of himself. Hehe, you always don’t rely on Lingshi to practice and always rely on blood to strike you to death."
Duanmu was stunned for half a day, and then he said, "Ahem, how come this guy is not back yet? Well, I’ll go out and see if he’s back." Then he hurried out without waiting for Naruto’s response. Duanmu was afraid to tell Naruto that his confidence and pride built up over the years would be hit by Naruto. Now, don’t say anything to Naruto.
Duanmutian thought as he walked, "I still want to ask about his realm, but I still don’t ask it now. Otherwise, I’m afraid my mind will be hit hard." Duanmutian didn’t ask, but he already had a big guess in his heart
I spent the next day on my way. After that day, Duanmutian never practiced in front of Naruto again, and Naruto was so happy that they tacitly didn’t start again.
Naruto has not been asked by Duanmutian to cultivate things these days. Every day, it is an interesting story about a mainland, and Naruto has learned about the world’s things and news. Although Duanmutian is missing, there is an additional Duanmutian.
Duanmulian has never given Naruto a good look since that day. Usually, no matter what Naruto says, Duanmulian will come out and talk to Naruto. Whether this is reasonable or not, Duanmulian must argue with Naruto.