"Zhu Rong’s family, you give a witness today. After thousands of years, let’s see who is better than the god of war!" When the magic statue spoke, he inadvertently stretched out his hand and looked at the palm of his left hand. The devil’s heart in the left palm is beating strangely, and the purple light makes him dare not see more. If it weren’t for the same body as the magic statue, I didn’t know that this magic statue would be a little afraid of it. Perhaps the magic statue felt my surprise and said to me unhappily, "Boy, what’s so strange?" If I have my own body, let alone the heart of the devil, even if Xuanyuan sword comes, I won’t take it all! "

It turns out that this demon has something to fear, so that’s good. If you want to drive him out of the body in the future, the breakthrough is in the heart of this demon.
In my feeling, the magic statue seems to have closed the power of the left hand. Wandering god stood opposite the magic statue, quietly observing the magic statue. Long-term battle with inferno people has made him develop a rare habit of calm. In my memory, when Magic Zun used the black magic knife, he always held it in his left hand. Now, seeing the broken sword held in Magic Zun’s right hand, wandering gods can’t help but whisper in their hearts: "Have you changed your temper?" Can’t the fairy be afraid of the left hand be changed to’ the fairy is afraid of the right hand’ today? "
It is precisely because of the calmness of wandering gods that the magic statue was given time to close his left hand, so the magic statue was able to gather the energy of his whole body. This period of time is very short, almost negligible, but as a soldier, everyone should see it. After the closure, I heard the magic statue say, "Boy, are you ready?"
"God never needs to be prepared to start a fight with people. If you are well, bring it on!" In the wandering mind, I still think that the magic statue of taking mortal flesh may be greatly reduced in skill, at least at my current level, I should be able to resist it. Think that year, the magic statue of a person is more than enough to top the top ten god of war, and he can’t be his opponent anyway. If we can defeat him today, we will have more confidence when we speak in front of other gods of war. However, am I the kind of god who likes to show off everywhere?
In the past, the magic statue fought with the god of war and could hardly hold a sword, but now it’s different. Not to mention that you can only use your right palm, even if you can fight hand-to-hand, but you don’t have to keep a good Xuanyuan sword, so what is it if you fight with others? What’s more, it’s a world of difference to borrow a mortal’s flesh and have a pair of flesh with yourself. Although the Xuanyuan sword has not grown up yet, it is precisely because there is no Xuanyuan sword that he can control it. If the real Xuanyuan sword is here, I’m afraid I don’t have to wander, Xuanyuan sword will kill him himself.
Although my body was taken away, I can still see what is happening outside. Just as the magic statue was talking, I saw an invisible shield around the wandering god. This shield is so similar to my shield, but it is much thicker and colorless and transparent!
I can see it, and so can the magic statue. He slightly zheng, then filed a broken sword to gather gas. If the wandering god started at this time, he might get a surprise effect, but he didn’t move. Actually, he wanted to, but he hesitated. According to the previous experience in dealing with the magic statue, has he ever seen the magic statue like this? On the one hand, I want to see what the magic statue is doing. On the other hand, he doesn’t know if it will be dangerous to make moves under such circumstances. Fight, also want to know yourself and yourself.
Chapter 200 The Battle of the Amazing
The movement of the Black Thief and others is also quite fast. The Magic Zun and the Wandering God haven’t started fighting yet, and they have already appeared at the edge of the arena. Zhu Rong’s younger sister understands that ordinary people can’t afford to release the energy generated by the fighting between ghosts and gods. So, without their consent, a divine light appeared at first sight, and a shield was formed in the blink of an eye to cover the six people.
The atmosphere was very tense, and all the people watching the game looked at the two people on the field with bated breath.
Holding a broken sword, the time to gather energy is actually very short. But this short time, for the protoss wandering god, is enough to kill the magic statue.
It’s moving. The magic statue and the wandering god jumped at the same time.
The magic statue leaped high, and before reaching the highest point, it split a sword at the wandering god.
The sword is like the wind, bringing out a harsh whistle.
The Black Thief knows that no one in the Walker can make such a sword. Now, he really believes that I am possessed. He is not too strange. After all, the names of other people’s games are called "Crazy". In that case, what is impossible? He’s a little excited now, wishing it was him, not me.
Both of them are quick, but strangely, watching them all think they are too slow. Of course, they don’t know, this is Zhu Rong’s little sister’s fault.
The wandering spirit looks very focused. For this trick of the magic statue, the wandering god intends to meet it hard, in order to test the strength level of the magic statue today. Wandering gods rely on their self-confidence to meet the sword of the magic statue.
"Bang!" There was a loud noise, and the wandering spirit took the sword, but the whole person was knocked away. After several somersaults in a row, the wandering god stabilized himself and flew back.
The magic statue of a recruit, completely hit the wandering god’s shield. The shield didn’t break, it was only dented a little. Both of them clearly saw it. Wandering in the mind is very clear, if you don’t give up resistance at the last minute, the shield must be more than just a little dented. From this point of view, the current magic statue cannot be underestimated. There is a saying in human beings, which is called "a lean camel is bigger than a horse". At present, this guy is also a magic statue, the first of the thirteen statues in the underworld. Even if he has no body now, his energy is still so powerful. Thought of here, wandering gods look gloomy. But soon, he turned this negative emotion into an offensive force.
Wandering gods clap their hands and move in the air, and a strong white light flies out, aiming at the magic statue who is also in a state of surprise. Magic statue for yourself a recruit, consciously has used eighty percent of the power, and this recruit, incredibly can’t even break each other’s shield. From this point of view, today’s World War I, the victory or defeat is unpredictable, maybe, you are losing more and winning less. The exertion of one’s own strength is not only because of the possessed body, but also because there is a devil’s heart in the body!
There is a reason why the magic statue is afraid of evil. This devil’s heart may be a good thing for human beings, because it can absorb the energy in space unscrupulously. Of course, this energy, it is good or bad, as long as it is energy, it will be absorbed. As a magic man, he is born with an ability to absorb dark energy in space, and the demon heart is not only useless to the magic man, but also hurts himself because it absorbs light energy. Now, because the devil’s heart is in my hands, it absorbs just half the energy of good and evil. In this way, in order to resist the bright energy of the other half, the magic statue must divide some of its power. As a result, the strength of the magic statue now is only equivalent to 1% of that when he was in the flesh. Of course, these deities are not clear.
The wandering light group has come to the front, and the magic statue has seen it. He seems to be very dissatisfied with his present strength, and the idea of changing his body possession came into his mind. And to achieve this goal, we must make the body now possessed die. However, his possessed body is not so easy to die. At the beginning, when the wandering god saw that there was only one drop of blood left in my blood strip, he understood what was going on. Under the sun, there is only one way to make the possessed person return to normal, and that is to let the protoss people kill the possessed person once.
So, the magic statue raised his left hand. He wants to put all the energy that wandering gods play out. Next.
What a monster! I can’t even think about death. He regretted it when he thought that the devil’s heart could absorb all the energy in space. However, it was too late to regret. When the wandering god sends out that energy group, the devil’s heart has already started to beat fast. When the energy mass reaches the magic statue, it has jumped enough to absorb any energy. The big white light in the washbasin vanished instantly in the left hand of the magic statue, which made the wandering god open his mouth wide in the air.
In a flash, the wandering god understood the reason and blurted out, "A pure heart! You actually have the legendary childlike heart! "
The magic statue raised his left hand and looked at it twice. He laughed wildly. "Ha ha ha, you didn’t expect it, did you?" The words are full of arrogance.
Watching the crowd below, they didn’t understand why the wandering spirits would pour energy into the sea, but our lovely little sister Zhu Rong acted as a commentator on the side, listening to them.
"Magic statue! Don’t be too happy, even if you have a pure heart, so what? Watch the fight! " As soon as the myth is finished, he turns into a giant sword and flies to stab the magic statue.
After the first round, it was a draw, and no one took advantage. It really surprised him that the devil’s heart can absorb the energy of wandering gods. Legend has it that the devil’s heart can only absorb a certain amount of energy, and it can only be used as a magic weapon in combat, which is unprecedented.
Be a good theologian. Since I can’t send energy balls, I’ll play hardball. Your magic statue is just a mortal body. How can you resist the blow of being a god of war?
As a magic statue, it is actually very easy to avoid this blow. But it is also the dignity of being a magic statue. He didn’t hide. The wandering spirit turns into a giant sword, which actually contains energy, but this kind of energy can’t be absorbed by the devil’s heart for a while. The magic statue quickly lifted the broken sword and blocked the giant sword that the wandering god changed.
"ding!" After a harsh metal collision, the magic statue just flew back with a broken sword. If the demon’s heart hadn’t absorbed some energy, the demon statue would probably fly out of the fire island. I am very surprised at the flying speed of the magic statue now. When flying to the seaside, the magic statue stopped and teleported back to the arena.
Obviously, the magic statue is very dissatisfied with this result. After returning to the arena, he raised his broken sword and began to cast the trick on the dark island: annihilation, regardless of the evil heart.
Wandering god saw the magic statue of this posture, and his mood suddenly became tense. He knew that the master had made a move, but in fact, it only took one move to win the game. And now the magic statue, is preparing to use this can be a winner.
Wandering in the mind is very contradictory now, because from the posture that the magic statue is posing now, he is very aware of the huge energy behind this posture. If I stop it at this time, I may have a better chance of winning. However, it is also the dignity of being a protoss that makes him unable to stop the magic statue halfway.
At this time, the magic statue has only one thought in his heart, that is, to release all his energy and fight with this god of war. As for the results that followed, he no longer thought much about it. At most, he wandered around the world again and then found someone to possess him.