Yun Mingyuan is a little difficult. He is very curious about the level ofuda. If these people are not satisfied with him and refuse to show him the level ofuda, he is not sure that he will take any measures.

The shadow didn’t see what Yunmingyuan was thinking. He was a little dissatisfied with the arrival of a monk in the then period. He called impatiently, "Lao Yu Lao Xu has a younger brother in the then period. Come and have a look."
Arguably, it’s actually a good thing for Tianxiao Sect that his younger brother can enter the palace first. Generally, he should have such an opportunity, but … his cultivation is too low.
"What? Then period? "
Two sounds rushed out, and just where the shadow appeared, two identical shadows appeared. These figures were not quite the same, and they could barely tell the difference.
Yun Mingyuan stuck a "seen two predecessors"
"Not bad, not bad." The friar with white beard stroked his beard and was very satisfied. "Isn’t that nice? What a polite boy."
Yunmingyuan is wrinkly to knit the brows
No one has called him a "child" for many years
At first glance, it’s still fresh.
Another monk looked at Yunmingyuan and turned to the former shadow and said, "Isn’t this good? Then it proves the future. Lao Wang, have you been in here for a long time?"
Generally speaking, monks who can get the Chengjin Dan period have a great chance to advance to the Mahayana period if they don’t fall halfway into the big world-although it will take a long time of unknown years.
But when these old guys come, they just have a wisp of god knowledge to send out the ancestral door, and they don’t have to worry about other things.
Call Lao Wang was some frustrated "have you forgotten? This year is a hundred thousand years! "
Call brother Yu and Lao Xu leng a face suddenly changed "in one hundred thousand? It’s that day again? "
Lao Wang nodded heavily.
Yun Mingyuan listened to their charades and didn’t know what allusions there were in this 100,000-year period, but when he heard this 100,000-year period, he inexplicably had a bad feeling in his heart.
Chapter 33 Combination Symbol Array
Yun Mingyuan found himself in other places when he focused on the flowers at the moment again.
In his mind, he kept touching the light flow information in the eyes of the box containing the first-class ofuda, and it appeared in his mind. Yun Mingyuan will filter out some of them for the time being, and then rearrange them after choosing a suitable position and preparing to leave the land.
Yunmingyuan opened his eyes and felt delicate.
It’s the most important thing that his original box contains the heavenly ofuda. Who would have thought that box should be the most important thing?
That symbol box is composed of several symbols, and those symbols combined together can not only achieve the effect of sending array, but also build one in the process, which is where Yun Mingyuan is now.
I don’t know how many runes it takes to achieve this effect.
The most important thing is to gently touch this box of Yunmingyuan, from which you can realize a number of information. If you can make these things good, it may not be worse than seeing the heavenly ofuda in person.
Yun Mingyuan doesn’t know if anyone has discovered the secret of this box before, but I don’t know how many world-class ofuda can be seen after seeing it once. Obviously, this box is much more.
I don’t know if I can take this box with me when I finish the test.
Yunmingyuan flashed several thoughts in his mind, but his eyes were watching the formation of this complex combination symbol matrix.
"Oh, it’s ten thousand years again!"
A sound suddenly sounded with a somewhat lazy Yunmingyuan consciousness. Looking down at the sound position, I found a female nun in a big red dress with sharp eyebrows and slender figure, with an aggressive beauty. The only thing that destroyed her momentum was probably lying in a rocking chair as if she were waiting to die.
Yun Mingyuan’s vision is extraordinary, and naturally it is seen that the female self-cultivation is a soul and a god’s knowledge. She is lying in a rocking chair, which is also a spiritual transformation, not an entity.
The spiritual force that forms the rocking chair seems to be inside and outside.
Yun Mingyuan bowed his hand very cautiously and "met his predecessors"
Female repair looks up at a YunMingYuan some lack of interest "is a then period ….."
After saying this, she seemed to realize that something was wrong. Suddenly, she sat up from the rocking chair and stared at Yun Mingyuan with eyes burning. "It turned out to be a golden period!"
She hasn’t seen Godsworn Jin Dan enter here for many years.
When she got out of this box, she set many conditions. She wanted to enter this box, not only because the friar was the first to enter the palace, but also because she needed this person. The most important thing is that she also needed some understanding. Otherwise, even if the other two conditions were reached, she might not be recognized to enter this room.
Although she has been talking for 10 thousand years, she has not seen anyone come in for tens of thousands of years
She almost forgot how many grades there were between then and Mahayana.
Probably Yun Mingyuan’s expression was a little too obvious, and the nun realized that she was a little excited. She coughed and pretended that she didn’t jump up from the rocking chair and changed her posture. Yun Mingyuan found that this person not only had a low bone age, but also was not high, so she was more satisfied.
"Yes," she boasted. "Guess what test you will experience?"
YunMingYuan one leng this also want to guess?
The woman repaired but smiled without a word.
She is giving Yunmingyuan a chance. If Yunmingyuan tells her what she is good at, maybe she will give him a question according to the scope of this monk’s expertise in the then period as soon as she is in a good mood.
But YunMingYuan obviously didn’t realize this.
He is very honest "I don’t know"
The female monk "…" gave me a chance. Since this young monk then missed it, she wouldn’t show mercy.
"In that case, you should draw ten Xuan-level ofuda first. It’s not limited to half an hour." The female practitioner is a little unhappy to come. She is going to take a back door for this young man. I don’t know that this young man can’t catch the opportunity, so I can honestly follow the rules.
Yunmingyuan smell speech tightly knit brows but loosen some.
This requirement is relatively simple, and it is not a problem for Yun Mingyuan.
He looked at the nun. "Do I need to bring my own paper and pen to draw?"
Don’t look at this, it seems very advanced, but there is nothing in it. There is no need for the female to nod. Yun Mingyuan will take it out and draw it with other paper and pens himself.
Anyway, he has all the Xuan-level ofuda materials.
Fortunately, this test is not so shameless. The female practitioner heard the question of Yun Mingyuan. With a wave of her hand, a table and table drawing tool appeared in front of Yun Mingyuan. Yun Mingyuan thanked the eccentric elder and picked up the desk pen and began to draw the symbol.
Compared with the array method and the refining device, Yun Mingyuan is actually the weakest in the field of Fuzuo. He has never been unified and can reach the Xuan level Fuzuo division. This step almost relies on self-study, but there are always some things that are not correct and easy to fall into misunderstanding.
However, after just touching the box with a celestial level ofuda, Yun Mingyuan found himself as if he had become more transparent in terms of ofuda. He had already been eager to try it out, but because there was still a senior who had to deal with Yun Mingyuan, there was no movement. Now it just gave Yun Mingyuan a chance to draw an ofuda.
He looks very serious, and the quick manual operation of the Xuan level ofuda can’t hinder Yunmingyuan. The Xuan level is different, and the Xuan operator is sent …
Chapter 331 Tianxiaocheng
The nun looked at Yun Mingyuan with shock. Is this something that normal monks in the then period can do?
Yunmingyuan doesn’t feel anything.
Beside him, Han Xiumo gave her the elixir that can raise spiritual strength and then restore spiritual strength to eliminate the harm of forcibly raising strength.
He has calculated that he will never be fine.
He didn’t intend to do this at first, but just now he got too many things through the ofuda brocade box. Yun Mingyuan came up with many ideas, a large part of which he didn’t think was appropriate without practicing it.
And he has a feeling that if something is digested and absorbed from time to time, it is likely to be abandoned.
Female xiu has obviously forgotten that she set up a small machine in the brocade box, or even remembered that she didn’t think that she had come to give gifts to brocade boxes, and those things could make Yunmingyuan realize.
If you know this, you will be more satisfied with Yunmingyuan.
She looked YunMingYuan expression has changed.
If Yun Mingyuan was a quasi-prefecture-level operator in the then period, he may not be able to enter the prefecture level, but now Yun Mingyuan has directly drawn the prefecture-level operator, which has become a certainty. It is naturally different before the prefecture-level operator can get treatment.
Fortunately, after all, female practitioners have lived long enough. Although Yun Mingyuan’s practice is surprising enough, she was also shocked for a while.
There are many talented people in the world, and when they were under 100 years old, they were able to soar. Now it’s no big deal to see the prefecture-level ofuda division in the then stage.