As soon as these two words came out, more people rose up and echoed them, and Yuan Shao frowned after hearing these words for a long time and finally shook his head resolutely, saying that it was absolutely impossible to take this thing, but he still looked at Cao Xing when he finished saying this.
Cao Xing understood Yuan Shao’s meaning, so Cao Xing once again handed over and said, "This country’s imperial seal needs a prestigious person to hold it. Who else is more prestigious than the leader!"
"Alas, Cao Xing, you are exaggerating a little. There are so many heroes this day. How dare I Yuan Shao take credit for it? Although I want to kill the traitor with all my heart, God forbid me to let Dong Zhuo run away now. I dare not take his things. You’d better find someone else!"
Cao Xing didn’t come to speak, and Yuan Shao’s men got up again and rushed to express their opinions.
"Master, this is a bad day, but you are the most famous and prestigious. Please don’t refuse!"
"Master, if you are controlled by that guy Dong Zhuo today, even if our fama returns to heaven, you should take good care of the things in the sky so as to meet the requirements of being a minister!"
When everyone talked about their words again, Yuan Shao frowned more deeply and thought more this time. When he thought for half a quarter of an hour, he finally shook his head in great pain and said that he could never do this. At the same time, he looked at Cao Xing again.
At the moment, many people in the army’s big tent also know that the time is almost ripe. Many people look at Cao Yuan Shao with a frown, but in fact, they look at Cao Cao with joy. He never imagined that Cao Cao was finally sensible and finally he sent a great deal.
This time, Cao Cao ha ha smiled twice. He looked into Lombardi’s eyes and flashed with a look. When Lombardi saw this, his nerves suddenly jumped. He felt that he seemed to have forgotten something, but Cao Cao did not give him a chance to speak and directly handed over and said
"Since accepting the imperial seal of the country has made the Lord so miserable, I don’t think it’s necessary to find someone else to leave!"
When Cao Cao’s words came out, Yuan Shao was like a body blow, and everyone felt that there seemed to be a terrible noise in his ear. This era is an era of paying attention to fame. Yuan Shao’s words just now can be heard by everyone. The points are just shirking and putting on airs, just like when the 19th route princes crusaded against Dong Zhuo.
Although it was Cao Cao who initiated Dong’s campaign, when Yuan Shao arrived, Cao Cao thought that he would lead the people and wanted to give the title of leader to Yuan Shao.
As a result, Yuan Shao’s performance was that he said he would never do it again, or that he would never do it again. Cao Cao advised Yuan Shao again and again, and finally he was moved by Cao Cao’s sincerity and finally reluctantly accepted the job as the leader.
At the moment, Lombardi’s heart is a little stupid, and he doesn’t understand what’s going on. This Cao nature doesn’t follow the routine.
In Yuan Shao’s view, Cao Xing’s points should be suggested once again to let him take this country’s imperial seal into his pocket, and then he will be reluctant to promise, so that he can not only earn enough fame, but also bring such a treasure into his arms and enjoy such a good thing. However, Cao Xing’s guy is abruptly ruined for him.
When Cao Xing said these words, he bowed his hand impatiently to the crowd and then left. Yuan Shao was sitting in the main seat. At this moment, his roots were itchy. He wanted to clap his hands. He shouted that Cao Xing would let Cao Xing live here.
What he wants to wave his hand and let the guards around him hug and directly tear this guy Cao to pieces.
Yuan Shao finally resisted this impulse, not because he was soft-hearted and didn’t want to kill Cao Xing, but because he couldn’t find a reason to kill Cao Xing.
He made his words so clear just now, and repeatedly postponing Cao Xing also followed his words, so it was reasonable and reasonable to look at it, and there was nothing wrong with saying that Cao Xing went here.
It’s Cao Xing who is fooling around to make Yuan Shao feel that he is not handsome in his heart, but Yuan Shao just can’t help it.
In the end, Cao Xing walked out of the military tent step by step in the surprised eyes of all, but in the process, no one stopped and no one spoke, because they couldn’t come up with a reason like Yuan Shao.
It wasn’t until Cao Cao completely disappeared that Yuan Shaocai was so angry that he knocked down the console table directly and didn’t come back later, so he said that his hands were speechless when they saw this scene.
Some people wonder if this guy Cao Xing is stupid. Does he not understand Yuan Shao’s meaning? But some people think that Cao Xing is definitely confusing Yuan Shao’s meaning. He has to do this for a purpose, that is, to play Yuan Shao, that’s all.
Think about Cao Cao’s feud with Yuan Shao. Some people immediately realized that their corners of the mouth were tilted with an imperceptible smile. They said that Cao Cao’s move really played Yuan Shao, but he also suspected Cao Cao. Now he definitely offended Yuan Shao. Yuan Shao didn’t get the imperial seal he wanted, and he was also played by Cao Cao. Then it must be that Yuan Shao was furious. Everyone thought that there would be another good show soon. Don’t even want to get out of Luoyang.
As everyone expected, Yuan Shao returned to his army account, and the anger in his heart was directly throwing bowls and kicking tables. He didn’t expect this Cao nature to give him a little hope, but Cao nature didn’t give him a look, which made him fly into a rage. At this moment, a flame was burning in his chest.
"Cao Xing, if you don’t give me a face, you won’t live!" Lombardi eyes bloodshot to see him drink a door outside Yan Liang Wen Chou fuels immediately brought life.
"Yan Liang, Wen Chou, I’m asking you two to each get ten thousand chosen men to ambush me outside the city and ask Cao Xing to drive that guy out of the city and slay him immediately!"
Hearing this, the Yan Liang scandal was startled. Yan Liang glanced at Yuan Shao with some guilty feelings and then said, "The master is most afraid of something wrong. Twenty thousand troops are already our limit. If we transfer the military and horses, we can certainly kill Cao Xing, but who can guarantee your safety!"
"go! Go when I tell you to! " Yuan Shao roared for a moment, and his face was completely distorted.
Seeing that his face was ferocious, he said, "Cao Cao’s king egg didn’t give me face in front of so many people today. I’ll show him the price of cheating me, Yuan Shao. I don’t care if I have my own guard here and no one dares to touch me. Just go out and get Cao Cao’s head for me!"
Hearing this, Yan Liang and Wen Chou looked at each other. Both of them saw the dignified color in each other’s eyes. Lombardi, this time, can be said to be the blood. Even regardless of his own safety, he will slay Cao Xing. It seems that Cao Xing is doomed this time.
Yan Liang and Wen Chou were finally ordered to quickly deploy with military forces.
Another day later, suddenly, news came from outside that Sun Jian and Cao Xing went to pursue Dong Zhuo and were killed by Marotta in an ambush. This news was another heavy blow to the 19th-route governors, and the defeat also led to the rapid disintegration of the 19th-route governors.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-six CheHuShi
Cao Xing refuted Yuan Shao’s face, which can be described as a great event. For Yuan Shao, this matter is really great. He was born in a noble family, and it depends on his background. As a result, Cao Xing has made a big taboo for not giving him a face. He and Cao Xing are now at odds with each other, and we must make Cao Xing look good this time.
Of course, Cao Cao didn’t know what to eat and drink after he returned to the barracks, as if nothing had happened until the news that Sun Jian and Cao Cao were defeated the next day.
Cao Xing took Che Wu and Chen Hu to find Cao Cao and Sun Jian.
Cao Cao and Sun Jian’s failure was not only laughed at by many people, but more importantly, their failure gave people an excuse to recognize Dong Zhuo. Now that Dong Zhuo has completely evacuated from Luoyang and fled to Chang ‘an, it is necessary to take a long-term view to eliminate Dong Zhuo again.
Therefore, the 19th route governors have their own reasons, and they are ready to go home. They have also come to the name and saved enough. It’s time to go back.
Cao Cao and Sun Jian suffered a very serious loss this time. It is said that Sun Jian has lost half of his military forces, but Sun Jian’s performance is still free and easy. After Sun Jian’s bad temper comes back, he will let his own people reorganize his military forces and prepare to return to Jiangdong without saying anything.
And Cao Cao was a little deep. He and Sun Jian joined forces to pursue it. As a result, Marotta ambushed Sun Jian, but a general charged and killed several people in the front. However, his martial arts were low. In the end, Cao Cao’s brother Cao Hong risked his life and gave the horse to Cao Caocai, but it was precisely because of this that Cao Cao not only lost a lot of military forces but also lost face.
After coming back, Cao Cao seemed to be a lot heavier. He watched everyone leave and said nothing more. He bowed his hand to Cao Xing and said, "Cao Xing’s brother Qingshan does not change the green water and I believe we will have a chance to meet again in the future!"
And Sun Jian also bowed his hand to Cao’s heroic nature, "Farewell!" Then he took his son, Sun Ce, and a group of people back to Jiangdong and watched the two of them leave the back.
Cao Xing knew that after the defeat, Cao Cao’s mind was mature and perhaps he was getting closer and closer to the lean man in history.
What’s more important is that Cao Cao’s arrival won the State Imperial Seal or helped Sun Jian avoid a crisis imperceptibly. Sun Jian is also a stunning woman. Cao Cao doesn’t know what will happen this day with Sun Jian’s competition after his return.