Because of the unique prohibition of this place where babies are forbidden, it has become a temporary shelter or a permanent stronghold for evil monks who burn, kill and plunder. If it weren’t for the place where babies are forbidden, Shou Yuan will be greatly affected after being suppressed. Compared with the outside world, it is much less. This place where babies are forbidden has long been the stronghold of those vicious demons.

However, even so, for various reasons, there are many evil monks entrenched in the places where babies are forbidden. Therefore, anyone who dares to enter here is a monk who has the capital to fight against the real person then.

Chapter DiErSiQi Route, Caution
Chapter DiErSiQi Route, Caution
Who mowgli this group of people. Although there isn’t a monk of the next level, the combined strength is definitely stronger than an ordinary real person. So, as long as their luck is not too bad, and those who escape from hunting and take photos with the old demons who have fled into the forbidden place for babies, or meet with a large number of monster beasts, self-protection should not be a problem.
Of course, no matter how carefully considered, it is impossible to completely avoid the danger. However, as the saying goes, if you gain something, you lose it. They have all chosen to take part in this task, so they have all considered this danger and will never turn back. What they have to do is to be as cautious as possible.
The place where babies are forbidden is located in the southern border of Chu State, which is really not close to the gate of Wuxing Zongshan. Fortunately, Wei Wuji’s divine wind boat is very fast. Therefore, it only took a little more than a day to get to the warning monument in the place where babies are forbidden.
The place where babies are forbidden is a land with a territory of nearly one million miles, spanning several countries. Because his forbidden power is invalid for people, in order to prevent mortals from entering and losing their lives, there is a warning monument on this huge boundary line every other mile.
Who mowgli and Ming you and other people, this is to enter the forbidden place for babies, after seeing the warning tablet, naturally will not retreat.
But at this time, who mowgli will also kamikaze boat fell down, put away, and then, each driving his own unique flight multiplier, convergence Bao Guang, to fly inside.
The reason for this is that they all understand that this place where babies are forbidden can really afford the joke that "then walk everywhere, and the foundation is not as good as the dog." It’s simply boring to pass through it in such a flamboyant way with the kamikaze boat, and it’s a clear target for those monster beasts and evil spirits!
They didn’t come here to hunt monsters. Earn LingShi, they have a specific purpose, therefore, not as casual as ordinary people who enter, but now at a hill outside, find a hidden place to stop and discuss the route.
This task was initiated by Mingyou, and she naturally won’t neglect the preparation work. Immediately after the crowd got together, he took out a map made of the skin of an unknown monster beast.
There is no doubt that this is about the place where babies are forbidden. However, on this map, there are vast tracts of blank space everywhere, and there are really descriptions, which are not as good as one. Moreover, even so, those places with descriptions are very rough and obviously have great deviations.
If there is any value in this map, it is that it can be located. Determine the direction to the swamp where the dragon-headed python is located, and ensure that it will not take a fork in the road. Moreover, some places around the small swamp are clearly marked, and the monsters that may be encountered are written.
This baby-forbidden place has existed for countless years, and people from all major schools don’t know how many of them go in to explore. Although it’s impossible to have an absolutely perfect map, it’s natural to have enough understanding of the whole map and the distribution of monster beasts.
However, because these maps are of very high value, in order to prevent disciples from quietly selling such maps, the overall interests of the sect are affected. Therefore, even disciples in the sect can only get the corresponding map when they receive the sect task, and it is impossible to get the map without doing the sect task. This, even with credit, can’t be exchanged. After all, compared with long-term interests, the head of any sect won’t be stupid.
Although, there are many map fragments circulating in various scattered forces and Fang city, not to mention the deviation of the specific location. It is difficult to combine them completely, and only the huge wealth needed can not be afforded by few people.
Ming You has done his best. This small piece of map in his hand cost him 400,000 Lingshi! That’s it, because he bought the news and got a discount. Otherwise, it would be more expensive if he just bought the map.
Who mowgli and others know something about this situation, so no one complains.
Ming you made a simple introduction to the situation on the map and said, "As you can see, on the way to the swamp where the dragon head python is located, the map is blank. If we want to arrive safely, we should not only be careful enough, but also choose a suitable road as far as possible.
Now, let’s talk about what we know about the place where babies are forbidden, including uncertain rumors, so that we can avoid unnecessary dangers to the maximum extent. "
Say that finish. Ming you then looked at all.
Who mowgli, for the place where babies are forbidden, is only limited to know, the specific situation, is nothing, naturally there is nothing to say, therefore, can only be said, "everyone knows something about my situation, since the beginning, is in retreat. The task has never been completed, and I don’t know anything about the situation in the place where babies are forbidden, so I don’t have any valuable clues. "
"I have heard two rumors!" Who mowgli the words sound just fell, the method of pulse wood Wang Feng Kim tae connected to the mouth, pointing to the map, "is probably this location, there is a nine Yin mountain, covers an area of not only, but thyme, but, because Yin qi is particularly heavy, so, there are often old demons entrenched here, I heard, now hiding here is hatred of the true gentleman. The true gentleman who resents the soul is a strong man who has been famous for nearly 300 years. Although he has been suppressed to the realm of then, obviously, we can’t match it. "
Ming You listened to Kim Tae-hwan’s words, and immediately circled a circle twice as big as the map according to the position and scope of Jiuyin Mountain mentioned by Kim Tae-hwan, and put a cross in it to indicate that you can’t get close to this range. Then, he motioned for Kim Tae to continue.
Jintai then said, "There is another place, probably in this position, called Wan Zhulin. Recently, I heard that there was an ancient monster, Jin Maohou. However, I don’t think it is very reliable. If there is such an ancient monster beast, it has not been hunted or captured by major factions. Where can it stay now? "
"Regardless of whether it is true or not, since there are such rumors, there must be many people who pay attention to it, and it is inevitable that there will be people from our hostile factions. If you encounter it, it will definitely be the first world war. This kind of trouble If you can still avoid it naturally, try to avoid it! " Ming you said, while drawing a big circle about twice in this place.
The reason is very simple. There may be many people here. In order to reduce the chance of meeting as much as possible, it is natural to stay farther away.
After Kim Tae-wha finished, his brother Jiang Tao also began to talk about the news and rumors he knew. Next, the rest of the people, one by one, said what they know.
Among them, the nature is based on the fake monk Dan. He once came here with other real people to perform many tasks, so the news of him alone outweighed the sum of all the others.
When all these messages were circled on the map, in an instant, several crooked and spacious passages emerged from the boundary where they were located and the swamp where the dragon python was located.
For the place where babies are forbidden, they have done everything they know, so there is no advice for the choice of this specific road, and everything can only be done by luck. In this way, everyone adopts the principle that the minority is subordinate to the majority, so that everyone can choose one at random. In the end, the route they want to travel is the one they choose the most.
In this way, nature will soon determine the route that everyone will travel. With the basic route, the people set time without delay, each driving their own flight multiplier, and carefully flew to the swamp where the dragon head python was located.
In order to have enough reaction and counterattack ability, they did not maximize their speed, but maintained a relatively high speed and flew at low altitude. The reason why we don’t choose high-altitude clouds is that there are no fewer flying birds and monsters here than the animals on the ground, and there are many bunkers on the ground, such as mountains, rivers and trees, and high above the sky, it is unobstructed, and it is completely a sitting duck.
Among all people’s flight, Wei Wuji is the most secretive and least afraid of being attacked by others. Because, he launched the time sword dun, that is, suddenly jumped out to a group of monster beast attack, the first attack, but also his innate Geng Jin Excalibur, himself, can be safe and sound.
Unless, someone or a monster beast can interrupt his innate Qi Geng Jin Excalibur with one blow, otherwise, he has enough time to react. With the material used in his flying sword, the possibility of this situation is really less.
At this moment, Ming You and other eight dharma practitioners were particularly envious of Jian Xiu. Although their respective flying instruments are also quite extraordinary, and each has its own hidden ability, but compared with Wei Wuji’s sword dun, it can only be regarded as dwarfed.
Who mowgli is don’t know, it is because of this moment, Ming you and other eight people, have planted the seeds of fencing in their hearts. Of course, this is another story, let’s not mention it for the time being.
They are very cautious when flying in this line, and never provoke any monster beast easily. If they can avoid it, they will hide from it. Therefore, after a day’s flight, they have no conflict with any monster beast, and the loss is naturally impossible. When they stopped for a rest on an unknown hill, although they didn’t get anything, everyone was very satisfied with the day’s trip.
After resting for two hours and restoring energy and spiritual strength, Wei Wuji and others set off again.

Chapter DiErSiBa Leng Yue cut the magic.
Chapter DiErSiBa Leng Yue cut the magic.
Like the first day, Wei Wuji and other people. Flying carefully all the time.
For seven days in a row, they seemed to have that kind of luck blessing, and they were all safe and sound without any problems.
However, from the eighth day, the fate seems to have changed and started to favor other monks in the place where babies are forbidden. They just flew for dozens of miles, and when they passed by a sea of flowers, they were inexplicably attacked by countless three-striped green bees lurking in it.
These three-grain green wasps are common monster beasts in wood. If they are single, they will go up and down in the early days of the foundation, and the means of attack is just a suicide shot of the poisonous needle on the tail, which is not so bad. However, they are gregarious monsters, and there are tens of thousands of them in every ethnic group. If they are attacked with such overwhelming force, they are then real people, and they can’t stand it.
If it weren’t for the speed of these three-striped green bees. Who mowgli and others in the moment they jumped out, decided to speed up, rushed out of the range, that a war, absolutely inevitable injury.
Ever since I met these three-striped green bees, I have been attacked by one or a group of monsters almost every other distance. No matter how restrained they are, they are no exception. They guess that the monster beast in this area may be particularly sensitive to foreign breath for some reason.
Because they don’t know how big this area is and where the situation is more dangerous, they dare not take a detour rashly, but be as careful as possible. Once they meet, they will speed up and get rid of it. It is really a hot pursuit, and then they will fight back hard. However, they are not driven to extinction, but leave room and only beat them back.
In this way, it took more than two days for such an attack to disappear. Such a high-intensity attack, even if they have enough Dan medicine and Lingshi to recover and supplement, is also very tired.