But Yunxi also knows that Yunzui knows that Yunmo is in Xiangge, so I don’t know what it will feel like to see Yunmo appear in the general office.

Or maybe you will use the topic to play?
It is indeed true that Yun was enemies with them before he got drunk, but now there is some confusion.
"Toffee, why don’t you choose another day? Isn’t it a snub to Toffee that you haven’t prepared anything?" Yunxi declined.
Now Yuntai is also beside Yunxi and Mulian because Yunmo can’t let Yunzui see it in the general office.
"It’s rude of you two to go to the mansion with the imperial concubine in person?" Cloud drunk but a pair of surprise.
Yuntai couldn’t help but persuade him at the right time that "Toffee is worse than the sky. It’s really inappropriate now that it’s past noon."
Yunzui looked up at the dazzling sun and then refused to say, "Toffee is interested today. After today, she won’t want to go anywhere, so let Toffee go."
With that, Yunzui has moved forward and won’t refuse.
Yunxi and Mulian and Yuntai couldn’t help looking at each other. Yunzui was determined to go to the General’s Office and couldn’t stop it.
"Be careful," Yuntaiyou said.
After Yunzui and Yunxi sat in a carriage, Mulian rode marooned and headed for the general’s office.
And the pool on the roof can’t help but frown and fly into the sideburns.
Doesn’t Yunzui know that he will return to the Prime Minister’s Office today? Still running around now
Chi Mi, who followed the carriage, also arrived at the General’s Office.
General Mu Lian’s mansion is somewhat similar to General Tie Fan’s Bug. After all, they are both martial arts practitioners, and Mu Lian and Tie Fan’s residence are similar in many ways.
"Toffee, it’s hot in summer. Why don’t you go into the house and have a rest?" Cloud creek with beside cloud drunk polite said
In fact, she wants to kick Yunzui away more, but for various reasons, she can’t do that, so she is polite and tries not to let Yunzui see Yunmo.
"What to do in the house? Toffee today don’t know what is particularly interested in the general office environment, ask someone to take an umbrella to Toffee to have a good stroll "cloud drunk added.
Cloud creek can’t help but frown. Why does Yunzui have to visit the General House? Does she already know that Yunmo is in the general office?
Chapter 454 454 Eyes like (3)
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Cloud creek, but just think like this, someone has already brought the umbrella. Yunzui took it and walked in one direction.
Looked at cloud creek immediately impatient with.
Yu Mulian, he is a man and it is really inappropriate to follow behind him, but Yunzui is a toffee. He doesn’t follow in charge and is unreasonable and disrespectful. Finally, he followed Yunzui.
Now, let’s recall that in the past, when I was young, Yunzui was just bullied by others and grew up as a prostitute, but now it’s like a salted fish turning over, and people can’t compare it.
"Toffee Garden has spent many kinds of flowers, so why not go to the garden? The scenery there is beautiful. "Yunxi followed suit.
Yunzui was holding an umbrella but didn’t accept Yunxi’s proposal. Instead, he said, "There are many things that are not fresh in the Prime Minister’s Office."
Yunxi was drunk by the cloud, and she felt that this cloud was really a lot of things.
Mu Lian couldn’t help but say "Toffee is so hot now, why don’t you wait for the weather to get colder after lunch break?" Toffee, if you don’t dislike it, you can stay from the government for a while and continue to visit. "
If you don’t let Yunzui wander around now, Yunmo will get the news and hide.
Smell speech cloud drunk immediately stopped and looked at mu Lian immediately sneered, "The general will be so repeatedly obstructed. Actually, Toffee had heard that it was a woman hiding in the general house. Although she didn’t know who that woman was, Toffee knew that she had arrived at the general house earlier than Yunxi. Where did you suddenly find a woman? The emperor gave the wedding, but it just happened that you were hiding in the golden house. Are you dissatisfied with Yunxi or deliberately despise the emperor? "
Yunzui’s words can be said to be questioning, and the words are so harsh that they are surprised.
It turns out that Yunzui knew in the first place that there lived a woman who lived in a golden house, but it was not clear that it was Yunmo.
Mu Lianxin followed slightly but instantly relieved.
He knew that Yunmo and Yunzui had a holiday. Yunmo saw Yunzui, but he couldn’t wait to give Yunzui a skin cramp!
"The imperial concubine didn’t despise the imperial minister, but also obeyed the imperial edict. Is it my private affair that the imperial concubine should ask?" Mulian was slightly unhappy.
"It is very common for a man to have three wives and four concubines, and that woman is also very obedient. I also think it is a very good thing for her to help take care of the general." Yunxi can’t help but put in a good word for Yunmo.
It’s no good to pursue this cloud drunkenness, right?
Yunzui didn’t think like that, but the smile on her mouth deepened and then she said, "Do you and your wife think that woman is good?"
Yunxi and Mulian immediately agreed that "she is really good"
Smell speech cloud drunk corners of the mouth smile more profound and then looked at the cloud creek and said, "Cloud creek, I can see that you are not a jealous woman and are bent on sharing your husband with other women, and you still feel at ease. Taking care of Mu Lian alone will make you feel more at ease. I have to say that you are very lady-like, broad-minded and not jealous, and you know wisely."
I have to say that Yunzui turned the conversation and praised Yunxi for his high spirits.