Shallow water Qing stopped talking, Cang Lan stopped talking, and the generals also looked at each other silently, wondering what was going on.

Shallow water clear eyes swept pale blue swept dance sun setting sun swept rob proud swept the cold faces finally stay in the meter show the other side was still calm.
Then shallow water Qing slowly got up and sank with a wine bowl. "This time, please invite all the generals to come here. There are two main things. The first thing is that now Jinghong has claimed that it belongs to the three eastern provinces, and the two countries have jointly elected this cold wind as the leader. But Jinghong War is not my shallow water Qing, so I dare not be greedy for the merits. In the past two years, my brothers have died in the vertical and horizontal battles, and several soldiers have fought bravely to kill the enemy. It is well known that the wild king has made all the soldiers in Tiexue Town become officials and promoted to the first level, but in the end it is like a reward. The details are still to be considered. Although the governor of Shuiqing Zengtiexue Town is no longer in place, he still misses this help of old brothers. Now he wants to take advantage of the fact that the old brothers have not left the country to ask the commander-in-chief for some benefits, so he set up this banquet to discuss military aircraft. "
Talking about the shallow water, Qing turned his eyes to the pale blue. "It’s a long story that Taidian Tiexue Town belongs to the Storm Corps."
The words full of coercion are frightening to hear.
Dancing with a stuffy hum of the sun will dilute the strong oppression in the air. "What the shallow general said is that the rewards of the storm in Tiexue Town are naturally decided by the coach. If the rewards are not urgent for the time being, the soldiers in Tiexue Town will leave their homes for two years. I think it is better to let them go back and recuperate for some days. I believe that no amount of money can match their yearning for their families."
Not the kui is a veteran of the battlefield. Rowen’s military commander will gently expose the reward in Tiexue Town. By giving the holiday opportunity to delay the reward, he secretly warned the soldiers in Qingxue Town in shallow water. Although they are loyal to you, they still have their own families in the country. After all, they still have to look at the face of the empire
Shallow water Qing smiled. "The ancients tasted the clothes and returned to their hometown. I have made great contributions to the bloody battle in the bloody town. If I return home, I will still be a soldier. It is not cold. I think it is better to raise the reward before giving the holiday."
Dancing with the sun, hey hey sneer, "People say that they are in their place to do things, but they are still loyal to their things when the shallow general is not in his place."
"A soldier pleads for mercy and loves a soldier like this."
"What a good saying: Love the soldiers as shallow as the generals are now, and the general leader of the cold wind should also love the soldiers of the Jinghong Army?"
"That’s nature," Shallow Water Qing replied rudely.
At the same time, the generals of the storm army roared, obviously dissatisfied with the shallow water, or Cang Lan asked carefully, "The general said that there are two important things to discuss. The first thing has been said. I don’t know what the second thing is?"
Shallow clear eyes flashed a trace of anger and sadness.
At that moment, he got up with a wine bowl in his hand and muttered to the sky, "Two years ago, when I was ordered to go to the rainbow, I never thought that the development of the war would eventually become like this. At that time, I was full of murder and became my friend in our department, but I was bent on serving people, but I left me. I used to sit on this high platform with my adoptive father who treated me like a mountain and finally talked about the mountains and rivers."
Rob a proud clap a console table and get angry "shallow water clear what do you mean? The culprit of LieShuai’s death is NaXiFu, Grunt or sitting beside you. What do you mean by being sarcastic here without your father’s revenge? "
Dancing Sun also grunted coldly, "The shallow general is in trouble because of his own thoughtlessness. Now there is a lot of resentment in his sarcastic remarks to us. Is this the second thing to complain about my lack of support from Storm Corps?"
The shallow water is clear. "The two military commanders misunderstood Shuiqing’s meaning. Shuiqing means that what happened at the beginning was actually due to the fact that there was always a lack of a deputy commander in my Storm Corps. If there was a deputy commander in the army at that time, my plan could not be kept from the deputy commander, so that even if my adoptive father died unexpectedly, the Storm Corps would not give up attacking the cold wind. It is not too late to make up for it. Shuiqing thinks that the life of the deputy commander has really reached the point of procrastination, and it is time to solve it together."
It never occurred to Yang and others that Shallow Water Qing was not satisfied with what he had. He not only had to control the cold wind, but also wanted the Storm Corps.
Obviously, Shallow Water Kiyoshi has hinted that there is no one more suitable for being the deputy handsome man of the Legion than him.
He wants it!
Chapter one hundred and forty The hongmen banquet 2
With the shallow water clearing the atmosphere in the speech field, it seems awkward.
The position of deputy commander-in-chief of Storm Corps has always been coveted by too many people. However, it is because too many people want to sit in this position that the final person can sit in the three-way military commander-in-chief and the three-way iron bar each other. Everyone wants to be in his own position but no one wants to be in the other’s position.
No one expected to go to the shallow water to clear this banquet today. Clearing two so-called military aircraft in shallow water went straight to the core of the problem.
If the position of deputy handsome in seniority theory is shallow water, it’s not a round.
But if the military theory, he is definitely qualified.
After the shallow water talks, one hand turns the glass and the other hand knocks on the table as if consciously. He knows what these people are thinking, but he knows that the protagonist of this banquet today is doomed not to be them.
Dancing Sun and robbing Ao looked at each other, dancing Sun finally coughed a little, and then slowly said, "It’s not appropriate to elect a deputy handsome general in Storm Corps at this time, is it?"
Shallow water Qing smiled faintly. "What the dance commander said is very good, but there are still recommendations from our army."
Rob a proud immediately asked "so shallow general meaning should recommend our army vice handsome? Surely it won’t be yourself? "
Dancing Sun proudly sneers, "It’s a pity that the shallow generals are qualified to say this. Now the generals always lead the cold wind and the princes are no longer under the jurisdiction of our Storm Corps. It’s not appropriate to intervene in the military affairs."
"I also said that I would be handsome?"
There was a dance, and the sun went down and the pride was robbed. I didn’t expect the shallow water to be clear, but I didn’t intend to.
Shallow water Qing laughed, "It’s two things, but it’s actually one thing. I, the generals of Tiexue Town, fought hard and worked hard, and the department of Tiexue Town, Fang Hu, Mu Xue, Bi Qing, Tang Shui, etc. You are also famous battlefield warriors now, and you are not willing to recommend one of your military commanders to the Taidian as the deputy commander of the Storm Corps. I hope you will agree to the position first. I believe there will not be too many problems over there."
I never dreamed that the shallow water was actually played by this abacus dance. I snorted, "If you have made a little contribution, you dare to think of being the deputy commander of the first main army of our empire. You have a big appetite, right?"
A discordant phrase carved out here: "If the Battle of the Rainbow is a small achievement, I am afraid that the Battle of Qingliu Canyon can’t even be counted."
Dancing sun glowered back only to see that it was the wind that said this.
The battle of Qingliu Canyon was the famous battle of Dancing Sunset in that year. Twenty thousand troops defeated 70,000 troops in Mecca and wiped out nearly 30,000 people in the first world war. Naturally, such a result was brilliant, but compared with the fierce battles fought by Shallow Water Qing in the rainbow, it was too far away. In everyone’s mind, the victory of the rainbow war was largely attributed to the excellent command of Shallow Water Qing and Fang Hu and others. Although it was considered to be a generalship, it was still a bit worse than dancing Sunset and others. It was this practice that attributed all the credit to Shallow Water Qing and killed Dancing Sunset and he was unwilling to accept
Bai Anguo’s statement at this moment stimulates the dancing of the sun quartermaster is mainly due to the recent statement in the army that the shallow water and the dancing of the sun quartermaster seem to be at odds with each other. At the beginning, the fierce flame and the mysterious death of Hongbei were done too hastily. The three leaders of the storm also had doubts but bitter evidence. They are lower in rank than the dancing of the sun quartermaster and others, but they are also qualified to win the title of deputy handsome man of the legion. Since they can’t compete secretly, they always have to see the shallow water and the dancing of the sun quartermaster now. They naturally hold their breath and want to dance the sun quartermaster and look good. Besides If the shallow water Muslim wants to do something out of line without asking for evidence, taking a stand early can ensure that he is safe and clear-headed. It is well-known throughout the empire. He has already done many conspiracies to usurp the throne, and even if he does it again today, it may not be strange.
It’s Baianguo. They don’t know that shallow water and pale blue rings are also in trouble. Otherwise, if you know this, it’s another problem if you choose to be afraid.
At this moment, Bai Anguo devoted himself to the night and others made up his mind to be connected with the shallow water, so it was even more straightforward to speak mockingly and dance with the dying sun. "I don’t know who will come out of my storm assistant handsome?" I am absolutely supportive of the achievements of Tiexue Town now. "
Shallow water laughs. "Is it like a pond in the water?"
Tang Shui is indeed the most suitable but not the most famous one. Although he is now in charge of the flag, he is born in a family. His father is a former eagle eagle army coach. Shuijia is a famous family in Heaven City, and he is even more loyal to the whole Tianfeng Empire. If you really want to name Tang Shui as the deputy commander of the army, you may be afraid that Cangyewang will really agree.
However, it is impossible to accept a general from the original Iron Town as the deputy commander of the legion, whether it is dancing the sun setting or robbing the proud or Cang Lan.
Cang Lan finally coughed gently, "It’s not unreasonable for a shallow general to recommend him. It’s because the empire has been built and there has never been a humble assistant commander who has taken the flag out of the storm. Although the general water has made great contributions to the country, this pull is not too high."
"But I’m worthy of this pull when I’ve done meritorious service in Iron Town."