Chapter 452 Two Notices

Frontier god planet
Now, when the dates in the Asian region are changing one after another, it is also the most lively period in the game. Most players in the populous Asian region have not slept yet, and the night cats are also out to prepare for all night. Many players in other regions are also in a hurry for entertainment.
Although the military base did not deliberately change its own time, as the game progressed, they gradually moved closer to this golden time.
Professional guilds will not miss this busy time, and their main purpose is to announce themselves among many ordinary players and recruit more members to receive more business.
At this time, the Phoenix Squadron is brushing the sergeant’s deputy, a stable and famous team. They seldom touch special luck, and it is the main way for them to be promoted.
Although this method is stable and lacks explosiveness, it can definitely make players have a good promotion speed, but it is difficult to rush to the front. However, Phoenix Squadron is an exception, and it is difficult for them to achieve perfect and excellent external evaluation.
Like Phoenix, they are also painting vice, as well as blood dragons, icebergs and shotguns. Although they occasionally pay attention to a special one, they have not deliberately painted vice over there, which is also their main means of promotion.
Comparatively speaking, the two teams, Crazy Lion and Devil, are very powerful in fighting capacity, but the teams are somewhat different. Compared with the vice-team, they prefer to put a big map in the area, try their best to kill the enemy occasionally, and they can also meet special things with good luck.
The military bases are all busy, and the professional guild will certainly not be idle. The main elite teams and backbones of the guild have come to the front line and organized a number of sergeant-level teams. The rest of the small and medium-sized guilds are not to be outdone, and most of the main personnel have also been transferred here.
Professional players have a big difference in their actions. They have the strongest elite team to do everything. The shortage of vice officers is not the previous shortage. They have successfully won the Raiders, the Chief Officer, and many ordinary vice officers on the front line are also their goals.
Part of the rest of the team followed them with the strategy summarized by the elite team to get many rare props produced in the ordinary pair and increase the guild equipment.
The remaining part is relatively free. Big maps, squadrons, main lines, hunting hostile players and so on are their main activities.
Usually, these military pilots and professional players concentrate on playing games, of course, but today everyone is absent-minded, and the number of breaks has increased significantly. The speed of doing it is not hunting, but it is only half a day before it is dispatched.
Generally speaking, these players are in a strange state. They seem to be waiting for something, and they don’t want to be disturbed by what they are waiting for. They also deliberately slow down their pace without knowing that their actions have been affected.
There are military pilots and professional players in this strange state, and some of the top elite players seem to have a slight influence, but most ordinary players seem to have no idea what happened.
And the reason for this state is …
"Congratulations to the player’ Wang Tianping’ for being promoted to the rank list of second lieutenant, and the ranking list of world ranks is updated and the homemade weapon system is officially launched."
With the announcement of this unification, the military pilots and professional players were in a state of rest at this time, and then they quickly resumed their usual rhythm, and the strange state disappeared
And just in the middle of the battle, some of them have good psychological quality and can stabilize, while others have a big flaw in an instant and become passive, which seems to be killed at any time.
After hearing this announcement, many players felt a little disappointed at the same time. Wang Tianping finally didn’t "live up to" their "expectation" to win the first officer’s title.
Although Wang Tianping and frenzy squadron have hidden personal information during their recent activities, military bases and professional associations can still "feel" that they know that their activities have not stopped, and according to their calculation, Wang Tianping’s promotion notice is estimated to be coming soon.
Therefore, they have been in this strange state all this time. On the one hand, they are looking forward to Wang Tianping’s promotion and don’t let them worry for so long. On the other hand, they don’t want to hear Wang Tianping’s promotion and leave a glimmer of hope for themselves.
To tell the truth, many military bases and professional associations have been numb to Wang Tianping’s promotion, and there is no suspense in recognizing Wang Tianping’s ranking first, but soon they forced themselves to change this enterprising idea.
I changed Wang Tianping’s first inherent thinking, and what I have to do is of course to strive for this first. These players are also working hard, but it is a pity that Wang Tianping’s performance once again made them have that kind of numbness.
Alas, the first is hopeless. Try to fight for the second and third place. Anyway, you must get a place in the rank list.
So with this in mind, these military pilots and professional players have accelerated their efforts to fight for more military achievements. There is no need to wait for Wang Tianping’s promotion notice to interfere with them. At this time, the battle is very smooth
But just less than an hour after Wang Tianping’s promotion announcement, the unified voice once again sounded in all players’ ears, "Congratulations to the player’s’ neuron’ promotion to the rank list of the second lieutenant empire and the update of the world rank list."
This notice has a greater impact on players than the previous one. Ordinary players are sighing. This neuron is chasing too fast. In an unguarded moment, it has reached the first place in the empire and the second place in the world, surpassing Yunfei. It is less than an hour away from Wang Tianping.
The military bases and professional associations that are fighting fiercely are even more tragic. The impact of this news makes them forget that they have returned to the resurrection point when they react, such as fighting.
There, they saw other teams in their own camp, which were competitive in the past. At this time, the players looked around like their own, and the expression that others could show could be a wry smile.
Two announcements an hour, but also two promotion announcements, the most cutting-edge and eye-catching promotion announcements, the first in the Federation, the first in the empire, the first in the world and the second in the world, these most exciting positions have been lost in an hour.
Chapter 453 Luxury tour
"Steady, steady, don’t mess with the arbitrator and the judge. A wave of fire suppresses the guardian. As soon as he takes the opportunity to adjust, he presses the front back to the battle armor and temporarily retreats the sniper to protect himself."
One hundred mecha are being adjusted under the command of the captain, and they are still playing well. As a result, they were surprised by the notice just now and forgot to manually be caught by the hostile NPC around them.
But fortunately, their captain was calm and didn’t fall into a panic for too long, and he immediately got the most correct instructions to the players, and the players quickly carried out his orders, and the original suppressed situation was quickly pulled back.