"It’s over!"
Lin came out of the special training and came back to reality, lying in the game warehouse with his eyes open. Instead of climbing out immediately, he was thinking. In the special training, he had been training against time and forgot everything. When he lost it, his concept would be a long time, but he didn’t expect that a thousand years would end like a dream.
"What do you mean?"
"What, they didn’t come to me?"
"It’s impossible for them not to find me for a special training. They can all find the Dark King. How can they not find me for this special training?"
"What gave me one thousand years of training? What will give me a thousand years to improve my strength? What … What are all these opportunities for me to master the limit theory in advance so that I won’t waste my time in special training? "
"I don’t know anything and I can’t think of anything. It’s really unpleasant …"
"Go and ask?"
"Forget it, they won’t tell me anything!"
Lin Huang shook his head "head swinging this kind of feeling … very relaxed! It seems that my brain power has risen a lot! "
"I escaped as soon as this special training …"
"Thirty-five limit theory is the only one that lacks the Great God limit theory … five of them can shield my miniature wormhole, but all of them need a certain time!"
I wouldn’t be surprised to come.
"But they didn’t come to this special training, so please give me a full-time training … obviously, they are giving me strength."
"What will they choose me?"
"What is me? If they want, they can choose a wise man. Anyway, they have special training and train their chosen people when they have enough. "
"What’s special about me?"
"Is it because of my so-called talent to see through the loopholes … my body gene that they want to get something that should be very simple, and it is not a problem for them in terms of memory?"
"What am I?"
"What is me …"
I didn’t think of anything, and I couldn’t figure it out. Lin climbed out of the special training game warehouse and dressed himself.
"If you can’t figure it out, don’t think about it!"
"But it’s definitely not good … it must be huge for them to pay so much."
"I’d better think about how to get out of this whirlpool after a while?"
"I can ask for help, and there will be the Dark King … but now I can enter the special training when I enter Time, and they will kill all the players when I enter the special training."
"How can I inform the Dark King?"
The tenth special training is over, and the eleventh special training will be needed soon.
It’s very fast for Lin, but it’s really long for the players in Time now. It took a whole year to wait until the eleventh special training news.
After the tenth special training emergency, the players are psychologically prepared.
From the end of the tenth special training to the eleventh special training, there was a month’s buffer, and Lin was reluctant to continue to learn the super technology of Shentuan.
A month passed quickly!
Just the eleventh special training session.
There is no difference between the eleventh special training bureau and the tenth game. In one game, the gods immediately slaughtered other players, and no one escaped.
And Lin, like the tenth special training, immediately ran away from the miniature wormhole … If it weren’t for the tenth special training, the brain power of the Millennium training was greatly improved, I’m afraid Lin couldn’t escape.
And all this is in the calculation of the gods.