Now Muqi’s own aura is not enough to make the powerful moves know this situation, and Muqi resolutely wants to blow itself up.

Windson at MuQi refuse expression spilled but laughed "if you want to blow yourself up or don’t have to suffer? You try it. Your body can’t keep the aura from leaking. "
Muqi really tried it, and his face suddenly became colorful. His face was desperate, panicked and angry.
"You dirty dog, I won’t let you go if I’m a ghost." Muqi was unwilling to roar.
"Ghost? Why don’t you try me later? If I am afraid of ghosts, am I still a practitioner? Are you confused by anger? " Windson funny said
"Even if I don’t move you now, it won’t be long before you bleed and leak aura. Hey hey, let me give you a degree." Windson said that the Excalibur in his hand suddenly became bigger.
The huge blade has been extended to Muqi’s head, and the big sword is pressed one by one. With Muqi unwilling to roar, he will be absorbed into the blade by the Excalibur before he can fly out of the body for half a meter.
Just now, Lin Feng has the original function of killing Excalibur and eating Yuan Ying for ever. Before that, he never had Yuan Ying’s enemy fighting. Most of it was just before and after then or by aliens. Lin Feng really knew this function for the first time. It can be solved without any future trouble.
Windson put MuQi body in the ring and put away the five elements of the field. At this time, the bosses of the Earth Alliance are getting together and arguing.
"Whether windson to deal with rebellion? How dangerous it is! "said an elder anxiously.
"Yes, but look at the forest air sample and you will know that you definitely don’t want us to take risks with him. This child is too benevolent, but when you come back, you must talk about his dealing with the rebellious demon. He is not the only one. After the whole fix-true world, you can’t let him fool around like this. Now the earth alliance can’t live without forest air." A head of Kunlun Wonderland said.
Windson doesn’t know that the predecessors are worried about his recklessness. Now Windson is glad that he was able to kill Talan in the first place. Just now, he learned from the memory of taking Talan Yuanying that part of the work of destroying the soul disc turned out to be true that Talan could make it.
Accurately speaking, it is the assistance of Muqi, the master of Taran, that can make the soul-killing disc have their own specialties. Taran is good at spiritual cultivation and has a lot of research on the soul’s knowledge of the sea. Mu Qi, on the other hand, focuses on physical training and magic weapon refining soul-killing disc, which makes a person’s physical conditions very demanding, including mental strength, physical strength, spiritual strength and so on. When two people are holding hands because of double cultivation, two people can almost be regarded as one person, so that they can complement each other to make the soul-killing disc partially capable.
Knowing this, windson cried and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead. Fortunately, he killed one first. If two people join hands to estimate that he is not two opponents now, I can’t help but sigh my good life.
Lin Feng took out the soul-destroying disc, which seems to be a great treasure. Taran should have received it in the ring in a moment before the battle, but she didn’t put it in her arms. This is to say that this soul-destroying disc is so advanced that the tiny roots in the general ring can’t resist the coercion of the soul-destroying disc, and the soul-destroying disc should have its own spirit that it won’t enter the small ring.
Windson ring is different from others until now. Windson hasn’t decided the ring level, but just seeing the Excalibur in the ring is honestly destroying the soul disc and there is no conflict. Just say that this ring is less of a fairy-level treasure.
Windson set up a large array of upside-down five elements in the virtual space with a soul-destroying dish in his hand to prevent others from interfering with himself, and then he sat safely in the large array and the five elements of the Force changed out of the futon.
"What the hell is this?" Lin Feng was distressed to think that although his strength could echo the requirements of the soul-destroying disc, Lin Feng knew that the higher the level of magic weapon, the more doorways there were. This soul-destroying disc had been circulating in the fix-up world for a long time, but today no one can reveal the secret, but even in the primary stage, he has been able to let this magic weapon dominate the fix-up world for such a long time, and he has fully seen that this magic weapon is extraordinary. Lin Feng is not arrogant enough to admit that he is taller than so many amazing predecessors, but he must try and see if he can explore the secret.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-two Fluttershy
Windson’s first thought is to compare the dog’s blood with blood. There is no way to try it in Windson’s view, but maybe you can find a clue.
Forcing a drop of JingXie from your fingertips contains a huge amount of aura and is also mixed with fairy aura. This belongs to the celestial world. When the alien planet was killed, Lin Feng absorbed several violent fairy aura. After cocoa refining, it has now formed a pure fairy aura in the body. When it contains fairy aura, JingXie drops on the soul-killing disc, which suddenly emerges. Lin Feng’s hands are hanging in front of him.
Windson didn’t catch it, but he didn’t run away when he saw the soul-destroying disc, and he was no longer worried that he would run away. It’s hard to be a little excited in his heart because he has never seen such a situation from the memory of rebellion. Let’s say less that Windson may have touched the right way. Windson is excited and excited to look at the changes in front of him.
The soul-killing dish looks like two plates locked together, but both sides have complex textures. In the middle part, there is a shaft that seems to run through both sides. This shaft is hidden in the soul-killing dish. When the essence blood drips slightly into the concave forest air, the ghost-killing dish drops into one side of the concave. At this time, a dark red stick slowly stretches out on both sides of the soul-killing dish, and the body of the soul-killing dish becomes larger with the length of the long stick.
Windson hurriedly back out of a mile until the soul-destroying disc changes. Windson is dull and looks at what is in front of him. It’s a little hard to believe. What is this thing? Is it a flying saucer?
"I depend" windson can’t help but scold a way
"What’s wrong with this thing?" Just when Lin Feng thought of this in his heart, the soul-destroying disc suddenly appeared on Lin Feng’s head. A dark red halo wrapped him up instantly, and Lin Fenglai was controlled if he didn’t respond. He couldn’t talk or move as if he didn’t belong to himself, and he could walk around with his eyes.
Windson, for the first time, this scene is really like a flying saucer, but this ability is a little abnormal. I have been in contact with aliens myself. I have never seen such a powerful flying saucer. Isn’t this something in this universe?
"I’m not a flying saucer, I’m a magic weapon, but I was made by the former owner according to the flying saucer sample." A clear and clear voice sounded in Lin Feng’s mind.
"ah? Who are you? " Windson now fortunately is also a master in the master, naturally, he will not be scared speechless by others’ words, but he is still surprised and obedient. It seems that this soul-destroying disc can communicate with himself intelligently.
"It’s good to see the light of day again. Thank you for your help. If you didn’t have fairy aura in your blood, you wouldn’t be able to recognize the Lord again. In this general case, fairy aura should not have drifted for so long. I almost gave up my fantasy long ago. I didn’t expect you to help me see the light of day." It sounds like a girl. Lin Feng’s mind quickly stabilized. "You mean now I am your master and you are this soul-destroying disc?" Windson asked
"Yes, I can change at will, both in shape and size, and there is an independent collector in my body, the former owner’s collection." It’s probably a long time since I talked to people about the soul-destroying disc. Obviously, I’m proud to introduce it to Lin Feng. Just then, Lin Feng suddenly felt that the eyebrows were hot, mature and beautiful, and cocoa was pleasantly surprised in front of Lin Feng. "Wow, brother, what is this? How do I feel that the fairy spirit in this is more pure than my refining? "
"Five elements of spiritual baby?" The sound of the soul-destroying disc rang again, but this time it clearly indicated that she was surprised to see the five elements of spiritual baby here.
"Hey, who is talking?" Cocoa frowned and asked, "why can’t I find you?" Ah! "
Cocoa thought for a moment and was surprised, pointing to the beautiful virtual shadow of a disk in front and shouting.
It turned out that just after the cocoa came out, a round metal plate suddenly appeared in front of Lin Feng. A beautiful girl dressed in classical ornaments and waving long sleeves and hanging her waist.
"Who are you? How do you know that I am a five-element baby? " Cocoa asked doubtfully.
"I don’t know what I know, but I just know. I also know that your horse is about to form an entity, but you seem to be very young. Anyway, it doesn’t feel right. Have you eaten any genius treasures?" Palace girl asked doubtfully.
"What should I tell you?" Coco pursed her mouth and asked, I won’t tell you the posture if I know you again.
"Cough! Cough! "
Windson a look at the two men had a hard time waking up, and there was another one who had a dry cough for two.
"You don’t tell me I also know that you must have eaten something good? Have you acknowledged the Lord? It seems that there are also samples with the master. "The girl in the palace turned to look at it and coughed several times." Master, you have nothing to do, right? Is there something wrong? "
Cocoa at that time also noticed that there seems to be something wrong with windson a face of cut at windson.
"Nothing to cough!" Windson said two words and coughed for a long time. His throat itched and he coughed again habitually.
Cocoa quickly came to worry about the back of Lin Feng’s hammer and asked, "Brother, are you okay?"
Windson heart straight sobbed just now to attract your attention to cough for half a day, this is not a hoarse voice.
Cocoa and palace girls have a strange connection with Lin Feng, and they all know Lin Feng’s idea at the first time. Both of them face red to the neck.
Cocoa was angry and dumped Lin Feng’s arm. In the past, she chatted with the girl in the palace. In a short time, Cocoa and beauty became words without talking about sisters. Lin Feng listened in and learned that the original girl was really an artifact, and Lin Feng also learned that this soul-destroying dish was actually a real world, with flowers, birds, insects, fish, landscapes and plants.
The owner of the previous generation of soul-destroying discs once put a lot of fairy beasts in this room. There are two Kirin, a pair of phoenixes and ten dragons in it. Whether it’s forest air or cocoa, they are all scared. What kind of person is this previous generation owner so awesome?
As a result, I asked Fluttershy-this is Coco’s name for the soul-destroying disc.
Fluttershy answer let cocoa and windson a language.
"I don’t know. Every time I change my master, I selectively forget the master, but I still need to remember other things such as the soul-destroying disc department. For example, previous generations of masters have captured many beasts again and again, and I remember them, but I selectively forget who the master is. Hey hey, it’s not important. Anyway, I’m going to get mixed up with windson. "
Fluttershy sounds very pleasing to the ear, but a handful of forest air has struck me.
"Mix with forest air" asked Lin Fengyu, "How can you say mix with me? After all, I am also your master and did your former master teach you badly? "
Fluttershy wrinkled her cute nose and said with a smile, "No, I learned from Coco’s sister. Is it because of your brother that you brought Coco bad?" Cocoa looked at each other with windson.
Windson wisely chose to change the subject.
"Fluttershy, can you fly long distances?" Windson asked
"Yes," Fluttershy definitely answered.