Bang bang bang …

Many of these players on the opposite side turned their backs on Lin, and they were very surprised when they heard the gun. They stopped attacking and turned from back to side or being blocked by others to everyone facing Lin.
Obviously, these players are not well-trained experts. When they heard the gun, they didn’t hurry to find a place to hide … No wonder Lin.
After all, the chance to live in the face of crisis is to fight for it on your own.
“**! Actually changed the submachine gun to come in! " The caller immediately disappeared into the training ground after shouting this sentence.
Armored submachine guns need 2 points for military service, and 1 magazine also needs 2 points for military service.
And every player who can enter this training ground has completed the training of the other four training grounds, and all of them have four military points, which just means that they can change a submachine gun and a magazine … But if they change the military, they will be gone, and few people are willing to change.
After all, you have to kill four players to earn back four points of military service.
And a magazine has one bullet, except for a very good shooter, it is impossible to kill four players.
If you change the pistol … Compared with the submachine gun, the pistol is not only poor in range but also much worse in power. It is even more difficult to say how many players can be killed by one bullet.
Unless it is an organized team, it is possible to arrange for some people to exchange weapons … But because they enter the game at random, they will randomly enter each barracks and arrange their teammates. Everyone will develop and consider themselves.
“***! There is also a backpack! "
An eagle-eyed player saw Lin’s shoulder straps, but after shouting, Lin killed his iron bar and fell to the road with a thud.
According to the statistics, 19 private soldiers were killed and gained 1 military merit.
In less than 3 seconds, 19 bullets sent a player away without waves.
Lin gets 1 point of military merit, and if you kill another one, you can get another point of military merit.
Gun turned Lin sighed, "ah! Really boring! "
Just like in college, when Lin was in class, he had an S-friendship competition with a group of students who could read and play games, just like one person singled out dozens of students.
Of course, it is much better for Lin to face 19 future players than to face dozens of students who have never played games. After all, these future players all have a pistol and several rounds of ammunition in their hands when they attack forest garbage and play S.
All-powerful in online games for many years, I have no sense of accomplishment in the first battle of this virtual game.
These players are easier to deal with than those flying wild ducks.
Because of the gun, players in this neighborhood heard it, and many players rushed in this direction immediately.
Bang u!
Bang u!
Even a man with armor weighs at least 3 pounds, and his footsteps are still very clear. From time to time, he can step on some broken stones and glass fragments, which are very clear within 100 meters.
Listening to footsteps when playing S is a basic training.
"So many people …"
Lin soon heard the heavy footsteps coming from all directions. Lin is a master with superior consciousness and quality. He doesn’t recognize that he can resist attacks from all directions. Even these players don’t have guns and weapons in every hand … But there are stones and iron bars everywhere. Armor is very powerful. The speed of throwing stones is far faster than that of not playing, but it is not far from being able to play.
Lin hurriedly got into the alley where he was hiding, but he heard heavy footsteps coming from the other end of the alley, and there were many sounds, and five or six players were coming from the opposite side
There are five or six players in this direction, and other directions naturally add up to at least a hundred … If it is in a very open place, the forest must be afraid, but this is a city road, but there are buildings on both sides of the road, and it will be really troublesome for them to hide in the room.
I don’t know how many rounds it takes to get rid of so many players … and as time goes by, more and more players will be killed when they enter the training ground, so these equipment will be a wave.
It seems that this training ground can only be withdrawn after it is dead … Can these equipments be taken out?
Lin didn’t think of this problem until this time!
But soon after he figured it out, he heard that the beautiful woman in uniform had been there. In this training ground, the military backpack is convertible at 1 point, while it needs 2 points outside.
Don’t say that the equipment in this training ground can’t be taken out, otherwise how can everyone come in without exchanging equipment?
Since you can’t take it out, if you die in here, I’m afraid the equipment will fall and be taken away … That is to say, these players know that when they hear that the gun has not escaped, it is surrounded by the department, which is intended to rob the equipment.
Since the equipment in this training ground can’t be taken out, you will lose as much as you change it, so you must kill enough people to earn back the military.
In that case … it’s going to be a big fight!
Chapter 11 big scene!
With a change of brain, Lin quickly took the army backpack and threw his submachine gun into the side, buried it in a trash can full of sand and stones, and then held an iron bar in one hand and a stone weighing more than ten kilograms against the wall in the other.
After doing all this, the player at the other end of the alley appeared
Lin turned with an iron bar in one hand and a stone in the other.
To tell the truth, he made the original weapons such as iron bars and stones fight, which was simply terrible. I am afraid that jumping out of a player casually can beat him out of the water.
However, these players still have to do it. They all hear the sound of submachine guns coming at them. Now they shouldn’t bother him. After all, there are too many players here. If they are not careful, they will be attacked by others.
Players who come here don’t even think about seeing the iron bars and stones in Lin’s hands. They immediately recognize Lin as a player who came in without exchanging weapons.
"Don’t be impulsive, we mean no harm! We heard the gun coming, and so did you! " The player on the other side of the lane shouted
"Then you change a lane. I’m afraid you’ll sneak up on me!" Linda said
Armor body is a terrorist weapon. Lin dare not let this armor player get close to himself. If they don’t change a lane, Lin will definitely draw out the submachine gun in the trash can.
"ok!" The opposite player is very accommodating, but instead of leaving immediately, he asks, "Did you see it?"
Lin nodded and said, "I saw a submachine gun and a backpack. The guy seems to have heard our voice and hid in the opposite room!" "
Lin is not sure if the player he killed was heard when he shouted out’ backpack’.
"Opposite the backpack … thank you, my friend!" With that, the players left the alley.
However, this group of players still came from a distance and didn’t care if Lin could hear it.
"Captain, why don’t you kill him? He’s alone. We have so many!"
"No, we can only grab backpacks and submachine guns if we maintain our combat power now. There must be no reduction in combat. Although there are many of us, it is an alley, so we can fight one-on-one and there is no way to give full play to our advantages. One or two of us may be killed. I don’t want to take the risk!"