Chang Xiangsi smiled bitterly, and she became more and more suspicious of Chang Xiang.

Even though rebirth is often relatively harmless to her at this time, it seems to be intimate, and sometimes it makes her uneasy. Although it can’t be tested several times, since Feng Jiang Yi Chang Huanhuan has such an idea, she also has to doubt it.
Maybe it’s because no father can tell her from her childhood that a father should treat her like his own daughter.
Often acacia took out the list from her arms and handed it to him.
"This is a list. Part of it is that I know the names of officials, but there are still many people who don’t know. I think all the rebels you suspect should be in it. I found them from my father."
Those flowing eyes almost turned red in an instant, staring at the neatly folded paper that finally fell into her hand in disbelief. "Did you … did you look for it?"
At the beginning, he said his doubts, but I didn’t expect her to really listen to it and thoroughly investigate it.
"Look at it. I’m not sure. I didn’t dare to touch that list, but I wrote down all the names. This one is my tacit understanding."
Feng Jiang took the clothes and spread the paper on those names, which made him feel more and more jittery. But when he saw the last time, he made a conclusion that "the list you got is a part, and there should be a part."
The list really shocked him. I didn’t expect the whole court to be eroded so thoroughly!
And they are still peaceful since the imperial court, but in fact, they have already been choppy.
"There is still a part?" Chang Xiangsi asked
There are already more than 70 people on this list. If there are any more, the consequences of being a pillar of the country are really unimaginable
If I hadn’t seen this list, I couldn’t have imagined that the court was already like this
"Wang didn’t expect so many people to have infidelity, and even six of them involved three Ministry of War, Ministry of Rites and Ministry of Commerce. Even six uncles were in it, and several knighthood heroes who had always been highly respected even had infidelity. I’m afraid there are still many other lists!"
"My dad … so much?"
I’m always homesick. I didn’t expect Chang Xiang to be like this. Then he’s the one who took the lead in rebelling?
"wang qian always thought Chang Xiang was suspicious, but he couldn’t figure out his motives for doing so. This decade or so, he has been really conscientious and calculated. If Chang Xiang wants the throne, he may be able to be a generation of kings, but at this time, my country is close to the phoenix and the people live and work in peace and contentment, and the emperor has never wronged him. Is there something else to hide?"
Feng Jiang Yi quickly turned his brain, and he found a lot of suspicious places, but he never found any evidence, not to mention that half of the court had been eroded by them.
If it weren’t for today’s lovesickness, I would take out these lists for fear that the whole Fenglin country would be subverted.
Often acacia shook his head. "I don’t know the day when my dad wanted to rebel. You told me that you doubted me, so I left a mind’s eye. My dad asked me to stay in Qingyun Pavilion and find the list in the hiding place there."
Chang Xiangsi hesitated for a moment and then said, "Feng Jiangyi, can you promise me one thing?"
Feng Jiang yi nodded "naturally!"
"If my dad is known about this, I hope you can help me save my dad’s life. Even though I don’t have much fatherly feelings for him, he treated me well after I woke up. He also taught me my flying skills and swordsmanship personally."
Once the charge of rebellion is carried out, it will implicate the rest of the government, as she said, but she doesn’t want to die often
At the very least, being together often made her feel her father at first.
Feng Jiang’s clothes are a little difficult to rebel. Kill Jiuzu!
He put the list on the table, shook her shoulders with his hands in a hurry, and there was some urgent pleading in his eyes.
"Acacia we get married! This matter is bound to be exposed for the crime of rebellion. Even if the emperor loves you, he can be cruel to kill you if it is often exposed. But if you marry my emperor, there is no reason to touch you! "
They both feel that if marriage can solve these troubles, then he really wants to marry her.
I often miss you and shake my head. "If I marry you, I will let you find death. Now the emperor is afraid that he won’t let go so easily. You have to promise me to help my dad then."
She will naturally find a way out, but she will never marry herself like this.
Besides, whoever she marries now has something to get her into trouble.
"I’m not afraid!"
Feng Jiang Yi didn’t give up. "I liked you early, and now things are bound to be revealed. I naturally won’t hide it, otherwise my Feng family’s emperor industry will be destroyed in our generation! Acacia now has you marrying me. I’ll reveal all this, or you can take this list and show it directly to the emperor. Now if you expose Chang Xiang, you will try your best to keep you safe! But if that’s the case, you’ll leave the world with an unfilial story. "
"If the world treats me like I’m the so-called phoenix emperor, does it come to an end for me? I want to keep my dad alive. It’s that simple! I have a way to leave my home. "
Take a deep breath and often miss each other. "I know you are worried about me, but you can rest assured that I won’t have anything. Before I saw the list, I was still confused. Now I have confirmed that it is evidence that my father wants to rebel!"
If Feng Jiangyi presents these evidences to the emperor, she doesn’t blame him. After all, he is of royal blood and often shouldn’t spy on others. Moreover, if he really rebelled, his casualties would be even heavier!
Feng Jiang’s clothes are a little distressed by her, but she also knows that she often misses her temper and is forced to do so, otherwise it will be counterproductive.
"Well, I promise you’ll keep Chang Xiang alive!"
Get the promise of Fengjiang Clothes. She knows Fengjiang Clothes will keep its promise.
"Thank you!"
"I want to thank you. I have been suffering from no evidence. Although there is still a list missing, it is enough!"
Since most of the civil and military officials have been eroded, I believe that the replacement will be more and more outstanding talents, and these are left to Feng Lisu to worry about.
He is sorry for the people who have worked hard for so many years, but he has secretly raised such ambitions, ruined his bright future and left a stigma.
Some of him often loves his family and secretly rejoices that she told him about it, knowing enough evidence that he always loves him and believes him!
Feng Jiang Yi suddenly leaned over and hugged her. "No matter what difficulties you have in the future, you can come to me and marry your wife whenever you want! Since you don’t want to get married so soon, I am willing to wait for you! "
Wait until she nods!
Although he wants to force marriage more!
Being hugged by him, breathing is full of him, and Mei Xiang often smiles. In fact, she knows from the bottom of her heart that she still believes in this man, otherwise she would not have delivered the evidence of rebellion to him.
She is putting her family above everything else, but she doesn’t want to see Chang Xiang put herself in a dead end.
Maybe we often meet afterwards. She cut off her father and daughter or tried to kill her in anger.
Although she loves Leng Qing, she is kind to her, and she is also clear and they have left a corner in her heart.
No matter as usual, he is also the father of the original owner of this body
It was at night that Chang Xiang returned to Xiangfu, and Chang Xiang had just returned to Xiangfu at this time. Chang Xiang asked about Chang Xiang’s position and went to the room. After that, Nan Gong followed him.
Night has fallen, and it’s so dark that the lamps in the house have been lit, and the room is lit up
I often miss knocking at the door and looking at the busy candlelight, and I often feel a little uncomfortable.