"Hum, I said it wasn’t that Lianzhou." The old man was a cold hum.

"Oh … Xu elder is said that the ruins in the swamp?" Sophie Su was immediately disappointed, but immediately tangled up. The ruins of Guliancould were his cheap master’s lair! Isn’t this the rhythm of actively sending the door to die …
"Xu predecessors, didn’t you say that my master is very strong? Then why do you still take the initiative to go to the ruins to find him … why don’t we go to your mass grave and have a cup of tea and have a rest …"
"Hum, why does it sound that you are afraid to meet your master?" The old man is a cold hum.
Sophie Su busy way "how can? My master loves me so much that he is ready to give me a perfect resin refining technique … I’m not worried about you, Xu."
"Hum, you don’t have to be so pretentious. Even if that old guy can find this place, I can turn you into a pool of poisonous water before I run away."
"Don’t … don’t even if my master comes to me, I promise to follow Mr. Xu … but I didn’t seem to take the tunnel before I went to the ruins?" Sophie Su some doubts remember before but directly riding the python to the ruins.
"This is another entrance to the ruins."
"Xu predecessors is to want to recapture the ruins? But the heavy ruins occupied nothing … "Sophie Su asked deliberately.
"Hum, you damn fool teacher certainly didn’t tell you that thing in the ruins."
"Ruins?" Sophie Su slightly one leng originally really good things are in the ruins!
"Do you think that the great war in those days was caused by it? Did those dark predecessors fight hard to attack the master Yunlian could?"
"Won’t that year is also to compete for that even the things on the surface of the city …" Sophie Su’s heart is already lamented unceasingly. Does the dark np in this game have a hobby of competing with players for equipment?
"It’s good that the artifact died in those days, and millions of people completely destroyed even could, but the messenger from Cave Deep Gate accidentally fell, and the artifact was buried in the ruins …"
"Artifact? !” Sophie Su smell speech was shocked. It was a treasure hidden in the ruins.
No matter what game can be called an artifact, it is definitely a good thing, but it can be called an artifact by the old man, a high-level np. Not to mention, it is definitely not comparable to the’ artifact’ evaluated by the five-element Ryukyu and Light Flag players of the Fifth Army.
What surprised him even more was the word "Cave Gate". His job change came from the "Cave Gate". I didn’t expect that there was such a name sect in this game. He could feel that there would be some connection between the two. Maybe his "Cave Gate" came from this cave gate.
"Is the emissary of Dongyuanmen very powerful … is Dongyuanmen a very powerful sect?" Sophie Su immediately tried to ask a way
Unexpectedly, the dragon doctor glanced at him with disdain when he heard the news. "Hum, I know that the deep door of the cave is a door, which is powerful?"
Sophie Su almost a mouthful of old blood gushed out of the cave deep door turned out to be a door! This is too cheat people!
"But if you want to be strong, it is also possible … that deep cave door is the only channel connecting nine deep and remote places." The old man hesitated and said again.
Every realm … Nine secluded places …
Sophie Su has already gaped. Is there several realm maps in this abnormal game? !
The fiftieth chapter famous day
"It’s strange that the trace powder smell can be seen before it disappears here …" Wu Tiande took out a hand-drawn map and examined it carefully.
"There is a sewage pit here. Are they flooded?" Qin Dongliu, who has always been fond of cleanliness, looked at the stinking puddle in front of him and turned a little black.
"I haven’t heard that zombies can swim … let’s search around nearby first." Wu Tiande put away the map order.
Immediately, people scattered around to search, and at the same time, two good players with water also endured the rancid and jumped into the puddle.
However, the searchers were soon disappointed and reported that "no suspicious clues were found, but it seems that someone is following us"
Wu Tiande waved and smiled. "Let them follow those small guilds and know that taking advantage of small things will not end up on the table. The main team behind us will soon arrive in Lianzhou. I’m not afraid of anyone in this game."
The water explorer soon crawled ashore and gasped, "The puddle is about seven meters deep and full of all kinds of bones. What an array!"
Law "full of bones? It seems that there is something strange in this puddle. "Wu Tiande said that the primitive sword box reappeared in his hands, but the demon was still not drawn. It was the sword box that carved those complicated and obscure patterns one by one and finally formed a strange symbol!
And the surrounding scenery also changed. The puddle actually disappeared and a cave covered by shrubs appeared in its original place.
Qin Dongliu looked at the fluorescent sword box and couldn’t help but admire the color on his face to absorb and break the dark force. This is an attribute of the magic blade. At the moment, it just makes the sword box powerful. This artifact is far more powerful than his loose Gu Jian.
Wu Tiande quickly withdrew the sword box and laughed. "It was someone who arranged a dreamland in this swamp by dark forces. Presumably, the ruins have not been discovered for so long, and they must have been hidden by powerful dark illusions … Leave a five-person team to guard the hole and others to go with me."
"Should we inform the Fifth Army?" Qin Dongliu some hesitation way
"Of course, I have to inform you, but I have to inform you in two hours."
Song Zheng is not in the game at the moment. He just arranged the exploration team when he was informed that there were important things he needed to deal with in reality.
It would have been someone who came to trouble him for failing to build a city again, but after quitting the game, he learned that it was even the city gate that was re-played.
"Lianzhou city gate? Thank god that damn thief was finally caught. "Song Zhengshu breathed a sigh of relief and the reopening of the gate meant that the horse could get support from the city base.
Unexpectedly, the old man wearing the rank of lieutenant general shook his head and sighed, "It’s a pity that the thief hasn’t been caught yet, but it is said that there have been concrete clues, and the duke’s house has posted a wanted order and the bonus is extremely high. That guy has now replaced the dark wizard as the most wanted man in Lianzhou."
"Oh, where did the master get so bold? Is the resurrection Dan still with the thief?" Song Zheng was a little surprised and asked, at the moment, I don’t want to know that the thief must be famous. Since then, killing others must be like crossing the river.
"Speaking of which, you may still know that person?" The old man gave me a wry smile way
Song Zheng not startled way "I know? I know people who don’t seem to be so strong np masters … "
"Not the game np, but a player named Sophie Su."
"Sophie Su? !” Song Zheng Zheng immediately shook his head and said, "That’s absolutely impossible. How could that guy steal Dan medicine from the Lord’s mansion? Did he meet a celebrity?"
"I hope it’s the same name, but the information of the wanted order is a newly-introduced brother of Chunqiu Jiantang, and his information is completely consistent."
Song Zheng has been stare big eyes "this ….. how is it possible that the small level is very low and has been following us in the dark swamp …"
"But someone did find a lot of pills in his game place and the people in the Lord’s mansion have determined that they are all stolen pills. You’d better call him over and ask him carefully."
Song Zheng couldn’t help frowning. "The little one was just taken away by the corpse king in the swamp and quit the game … Could this be an accidental coincidence? Maybe someone wants to frame him. I absolutely don’t believe that little one can go to the duke’s house to steal Dan medicine."
"Maybe … but now that the wanted order has been posted, it is estimated that it won’t be long before the little one will become famous …"
Song Zheng frowned and just wanted to say anything, but someone withdrew from the game to report.
"report! A large number of elite garrison troops were found at the north gate of Lianzhou City. It is estimated that there are more than 10,000 people personally led by Duke Sangong. The target is likely to be the dark swamp. "
Song Zheng couldn’t help but be shocked. "Even could defend the sentinels out? !”
The old man can’t help but smile repeatedly. "It seems that the duke already knows the little news at the expense of sending troops to attack the dark swamp … It is estimated that those people from the north will soon rush to the swamp for the resurrection Dan. This dark swamp is really lively …"
"It’s really lively enough … but the little one got into too much trouble this time!" Song Zheng is a little absent-minded, whispering that he is naturally very clear that even the vast majority of the garrison troops in the city are np, and a small number of elite players have the opportunity to join. For example, his old six is a small captain of the garrison in the south of the city in the game.