Facing Hei Hu, Ye Lingfeng suddenly squatted at the moment when the knife and claw intersected, as if he were attacking Hei Hu.

But battle-hardened Hei Hu naturally won’t believe that there must be a conspiracy. Hei Hu hesitated a huge head and scanned a circle around, but no one except Ye Lingfeng, who was squatting on the ground.
Hei Hu suddenly reacted with a pair of eyes aiming at the sky.
Sure enough, Ye Lingfeng, like a god, exudes a sharp wind property fluctuation with the effect of Lapras on the wind, as if to slay Hei Hu with a knife!
"sneer at one!"
Hei Hu brazenly not afraid of the original huge claws suddenly doubled, and the monster beast is the top Terran monk of the Xuan level who may not dare to do so with Hei Hu.
The demon race’s natural physique gives them too many advantages over the Terran, and they are almost invincible in the fight.
However, when Tiger Claw and the short knife crossed, there was no fierce collision as expected. Black Tiger Claw easily grabbed Ling Ye’s maple knife and beat him flat.
Hei Hu was surprised. It seems that this Terran monk is not so weak!
But before his head could react, a freezing chill hung over him, and a cold feeling instantly paralyzed his nerves.
Hei Hu bowed his head hard. The original squatting Ye Lingfeng was holding a short knife and ran through Hei Hu’s abdomen at the moment.
"This is impossible!"
Hei Hu has learned that squatting on the ground is the real person, but it’s too late for him to learn!
The blue knife mans broke out, and Hei Hu was divided into two parts. Even his most proud talent avatar was not made, so he died.
With nai and unwilling Hei Hu said goodbye to the world!
"hey!" Ye Lingfeng just got up from the ground and hasn’t come yet to wipe his face. Sweat came from behind.
Looking back, it’s wind evil and dreamy dreams!
"Good tactics because of the same wind attribute, psychic powers know each other’s foreignness like the back of your hand. You got this point and deliberately imposed the wind, Lapras, and then squatted on the ground. When Hei Hu thought that Terran had made the wind, Lapras could fly, he consciously looked up and saw you in the sky, and subconsciously wanted to meet your attack, so he relaxed his vigilance. Then you shot and killed him!"
Wind evil smiled and analyzed Ye Lingfeng tactics.
Nodded Ye Lingfeng is affirmed the wind evil words!
"I wonder what spirituality can create two places at once. As far as I know, there seems to be a Taoist top Juexue who can create two places at once! You? "
The wind evil words suddenly stopped in the middle, and he remembered that it seemed a taboo to take the liberty of spying on others.
Ye Lingfeng said with a smile, "It’s a ghost castle, but it’s only superficial to create a doppelganger without attack!"
"On the skull mountain demon race such strength monster beast? Can you tell me the strength of the Skull Mountain demon family? " Ye Lingfeng suddenly asked!
Ling Ye Feng has always learned from Qin Meng that Skull Mountain is one of the four holy places of the demon race, but the specific strength is not very clear!
"All saints demon race is the strength of heaven, and his four demon kings are all low-level peaks. The rest of the monster beasts are about ten or so, and the rest are about fifty from yellow to Xuan. Why do you ask?"
Qin Meng explained what Ye Lingfeng meant.
"So our Terran is not inferior to the demon race in the master?"
"I don’t want to know that although the demon race is slower in cultivation, it is better than the large number of people and the great power of the talented avatar. Almost all terrans are in the wind in the same level of struggle. This is not something that can be compared simply by looking at the repair!"
Qin Meng seemed to understand Ye Lingfeng’s meaning, but he denied his idea in a flash!
"In fact, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Terran is at a disadvantage. The demon race has a very obvious weakness. Didn’t you find it?" Ye Lingfeng’s eyes swept Qin Meng and wind evil.
They shook their heads together, and they didn’t understand Ye Lingfeng’s meaning!
"The biggest weakness of the demon race is that there is no leader. Although our Terran is not much better, it is always better than the demon race. The nature of the demon race determines that they cannot live together in groups, so we have the possibility to solve them one by one."
"Wait a minute. Isn’t that forcing them to live in groups? What if they attack us on a large scale! "
Looked at Ye Lingfeng dreamily.
"This is what I want! How else can we move back to our disadvantage? "
All the thoughts of Qin Meng seem a little white Ye Lingfeng!
"Where are you going!"
Wind evil stop Ye Lingfeng!
"It’s impossible to find the ghost king without him!"
Chapter sixty-three, dare!
This is the first time Ye Lingfeng has come to such a place!
It never occurred to him that anyone could live in such a place. The dense shade of trees kept the sunshine out of the valley. The dark hole was as daunting as a maw trying to devour everything.
"Come in when you come!"
The ghost king’s voice echoed in the valley for a long time like half from hell
Ye Lingfeng is wrinkly to knit the brows. Supposedly, the distance between himself and the cave is still far away. It is impossible for a top-level expert to perceive what he is!
Although I was puzzled in my heart, Ye Lingfeng went into the cave and waited until she got used to the darkness. I don’t know how simple it is to have a bed and a table in the cave.
Ye Lingfeng looked down the sound but couldn’t see the ghost king. I frowned!
"The ghost king refused to appear? If the pavilion is to show off its magic, then I will leave! " Said the original Ye Lingfeng turned to leave.
"Hum, is this where you can come and go whenever you want?" As the sound came, the shadows in the cave seemed to be alive and pounced on Ye Lingfeng.
It’s illusion. No, it’s real! But what makes this strange feeling? Ye Lingfeng frowned and wondered at the gathering and darkness around him! This feeling is very bad and strange, but I can’t say what’s wrong!
"Small! This is your own, don’t blame me! " The ghost king once again came to Ye Lingfeng and felt a tight pressure hanging over him!
"Amount!" Ye Lingfeng tried to move a body, but the feeling of getting tighter and tighter made Ye Lingfeng give up the struggle.
"Is this how the Ghost King entertains guests?"
"Your guest, you can calculate not as good as you really do, but you are an old enemy! Enjoy it slowly! " With the darkness of the ghost king’s voice, Ye Lingfeng’s department is gradually shrouded without leaving a gap!
"Is this a feeling of suffocation?"
Ye Lingfeng gradually felt that it was difficult for him to breathe. Brother Ye Lingfeng was ordered to feel that his physical and mental strength was gradually passing away, although he didn’t need to breathe and flow by spiritual force to maintain his body function! Gradually he felt more and more difficult to breathe.
How can you die here?
Ye Lingfeng keeps trying to wake herself up, but her mind is getting more and more blurred. Gradually, a familiar figure emerges in front of her eyes. My sister’s life and death are uncertain. For so many years, neither of them has chatted well together. Liu Shuang promised her that things have not been done yet; Qin Meng himself didn’t even call a mother; Father himself doesn’t know who he is. Brother Ghost Castle, sister, are they all right? The sword burial thing is a conspiracy. Are they all right? And the dream has not yet been realized. The secret of the leaf family and the secret of the strong can’t be ruined.
Past scenes flooded my mind, and Ye Lingfeng seemed to be a bystander browsing her past. Suddenly Ye Lingfeng had a flash of inspiration.
"So it is!"