"Those who can do more work, why not show off? Taoist friends are joking!" Now Styx agreed to his request, Zhang Kai in a good mood, it is rare to see him so contrary to his usual arrogant attitude said 1.

"As the saying goes, rabbits don’t eat grass beside their nests, but being original seems to be different. Now we have to start with Buddhism, but we must start with the so-called pure land of Hua Lian!" Styx said.
"Oh, why?" Zhang Kai asked.
"First, the pure land in Hua Lian is closest to us. With such an enemy around, no one will be comfortable. Maybe one day, when we don’t pay attention, he will give us a knife. Second, among the major forces of Buddhism, only the pure land of Hua Lian is the weakest, and only the Tibetan King Bodhisattva, a quasi-holy master, is in charge. Third, this is my selfishness. The Tibetan King Bodhisattva has changed back to holding a Dharma meeting every 300 years since she moved into the underworld. Needless to say, it’s annoying to take away a lot of people from my Asura family to strengthen the power of Buddhism. At this point, the bodhi old zu also want to tidy up him! " Styx said.
"Well, in accordance with the words of friends. But I don’t know when my friend is going to start work, and how many troops are ready to send? " Zhang Kai laughed.
Styx heard this, thought it over for a while, and then said cruelly, "200,000, then the pure land of Hua Lian has accumulated no more than 100,000 strength for so many years, and it is necessary to destroy them this time!"
"Well, that’s settled!" Zhang Kai smell speech, let out a cry, as if afraid of Styx will return quickly said.
"The sage will rest here first. Tomorrow morning, you and I will sit in the back, and the four great asura king will lead me to play with two hundred thousand blood and send troops to the pure land of Hua Lian!"
"Wrong, it is the pure land of Hua Lian!" Zhang Kai sneer at a way.
"Yes, bloody Hua Lian Pure Land!" Styx smell speech one leng, but soon chimed in with a smile.

Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Hua Lian pure land robbed (below)
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Hua Lian pure land robbed (below)
Thirty-three days away, in paradise. When Amitabha was sitting in meditation, he suddenly found that the dark secret had become even more confusing in an instant. He opened his eyes and said slowly, "The big robbery has begun!" .
At this time, Zhunti also opened his eyes and sighed slightly, saying, "In those days, Taoist Hongjun once said that my Buddhism should be prosperous and rob. I’ve been robbed. According to Brother Buddha, do I quit Buddhism? "
When Amitabha heard this, he looked at it, put his hands together, bowed his head and said nothing. When I mentioned this, I smiled and said, "My Buddhism should have flourished. However, since this robbery, although my Buddhist teachings have spread throughout the three realms, they have never reached perfection. After the establishment of Shushan, my Buddhism kept a low profile in Dongsheng Shenzhou, and everything was taught by others first. I think my Buddhism has robbed the exhibition through this amount, and now there is also a small temple in Lan Ruo in a strange place; Between villages and lanes, monks are heard saying. With such a deep foundation, how can we all give up and let countless efforts of you and me go to waste? Even if my Buddhism is going to decline, the teachings of Buddhism will always be passed on. If others push too hard, they can only argue. "
Upon hearing this, Amitabha nodded and sighed, "That’s what I want! It’s just that Sanqing has always prided himself on being orthodox and consistent in acting for the sky. It is inevitable to have a conflict with them today, which is not beautiful! "
Zhunti said with a smile, "I know it’s difficult. However, Lao Tzu has always been cautious, rarely making personal moves, and cherishing feathers. All the disciples are reluctant to send out a desperate struggle, that is, a struggle with others, which will never be too intense. In this way, although I have to be careful here, he is only half an opponent at most, and maybe he can only be regarded as a potential opponent. It’s just that Xiaoyao is a malicious character, and we still need to guard against repression! Moreover, the chaotic 36 demons that are about to burst out are also difficult to deal with. "
"Now that the cat is in chaos, you and I can’t do it easily, but it’s better to remind the master to be careful and not to be calculated by others!" Amitabha sighed.
"This is natural!" Say that finish, Zhunti sent a message to the white lotus boy, asking him to give a message to the Tathagata Buddha. Now, everything should be handled carefully, so don’t make a move easily, and report immediately if you don’t decide anything!
The white lotus boy did not dare to neglect when he received the message, and immediately went to the paradise of Lingshan.
Besides, in the underworld, in the pure land of Hua Lian, the boundary of Yinshan Mountain, the Tibetan King and Bodhisattva were reciting the Heart Sutra, but suddenly they were inexplicably upset.
I closed my eyes slightly and counted, but I got nothing, which made the heart of the Tibetan king bodhisattva even more chaotic.
"Bodhisattva. Well, the listening beast suddenly went crazy for some reason! " Just then, a bhikkhu monk ran in and reported to the Tibetan King Bodhisattva.
The bodhisattva, the king of earth treasure, heard this and frowned, but his figure disappeared.
The next moment, the earth treasure bodhisattva has appeared beside the listening beast. Looking at the screaming beast, the bodhisattva, the king of earth treasure, frowned and started a little meditation, which made it easier for the beast to communicate.
A moment later, the face of the Earth Treasure King Bodhisattva changed greatly. A flash of figure, once again returned to the hall.
"Master, can you find out why the listening beast is crazy?" As soon as the Earth Treasure King Bodhisattva appeared in the main hall, a young figure above the main hall bowed down and asked.
When the Tibetan King Bodhisattva heard this, he looked intently, but it turned out to be his only personal disciple, Mu Yulian. Without giving much explanation to him, the Bodhisattva, the King of the Earth, said in a hurry, "You’re just in time. Go to Lingshan and tell the Buddha that the sea of blood has invaded my pure land in Hua Lian on a large scale, so that he can send my master to help."
"A sea of blood?" Eyes even smell speech, a big surprise cried.
"Yes, you go quickly!"
"Yes!" Mu yilian smells. Dare not hesitate, hurriedly go toward outside.
After Mu Kuang Lian went out, the Bodhisattva, the King of Earth Treasure, sighed, and then cried, "Somebody, ring the assembly clock quickly and gather all the monks in Hualian Sect who are above the immortals!"
"Bang, bang, bang!" Not long after the voice of the Earth Treasure King Bodhisattva fell, three melodious bells resounded throughout the nine secluded places.
Less than a quarter of an hour later, King Earth Treasure looked at nearly 100,000 monks gathered in front of the main hall and said with a dignified face, "Styx is immoral. Innocently, he led the Blood Sea Shura clan to attack my pure land in Hua Lian. It is estimated that it will be here in another quarter of an hour."
There was an uproar when all the people heard the news below.
"Everybody be quiet, the poor monk has sent someone to Lingshan for help as early as before. As long as we can persist for a moment, wait until the Lingshan army comes to help, but the blood can only be defeated. Now, in order to defend this pure land and our common belief, the poor monk will lead you to meet the enemy, and you are all willing! " Standing on the high platform, the bodhisattva, the king of earth treasure, shouted at a group of monks with a face of awe.
"Willing, willing. I will defend the pure land to the death, Bodhisattva, please give an order! " Under the monk smell speech, shouted in unison.
"Well, let’s get rid of these demons at one stroke! Set out! " With a loud cry, the Tibetan King Bodhisattva led a group of monks to go away from the pure land of Hua Lian.
For a while. Earth treasure bodhisattva suddenly felt that something was wrong. At present, the Bodhisattva, the King of Earth Treasure, turned to look under the lotus platform and listened: "You may know the trend of the Asura people?"
However, I heard: "There is chaos in my ears. I heard that there are more than 300 places where Asura military forces gather, and there are tens of thousands of people everywhere."
At present, the Tibetan king Bodhisattva is quite hesitant when he hears about it.
At this moment, the earth treasure king bodhisattva appeared in front of their eyes a sea of blood that kept rolling. Between the blood waves rolling, countless blood arrows suddenly condensed, which were extremely sharp and shot straight into the sky.
The Buddhists quickly cast spells to resist, but the sea of blood is endless and the blood arrows are endless. Seeing that the blood arrow was quite corrosive, the Bodhisattva, the king of earth treasure, was furious, took off his cassock and loudly proclaimed the Buddha’s name. I saw the cassock rising with a layer of golden light, spreading at the feet of all the Buddhists, and all the blood arrows to the sea of blood in the future were blocked.
Seeing the blood arrows in vain, all the Buddhists also knew that the Asura military forces were around, and they dared not neglect them. Now they were concentrating on the enemy. I saw a wall of blood suddenly rising between the surging sea of blood below, surrounding all the Buddhist people, and I heard the curse of Asura clan coming from the space. Magic sound bursts, fascinating, accompanied by the blood wall continues to advance. I want to devour people’s hearts, hook people up and do evil, and it is extremely dangerous at the moment.
The Tibetan King Bodhisattva was attacked by Moro people, and he quickly concentrated on it. I saw blood walls all around, covered with sharp knives, squeezing them in the middle. The Tibetan King Bodhisattva was frightened, and now he led all the Buddhists to attack fiercely. I saw countless Buddha treasures soar and hit the blood wall, instantly opening a passage. Seeing this, all the Buddhists quickly withdrew from the blood wall. Gathered behind the Tibetan king bodhisattva, staring nervously at the sea of blood under his feet.
But the blood waves rippled, and he walked out of Asura general Moyanna. Pointing to the Tibetan king Bodhisattva, he said, "The sea of blood is the birthplace of our Asura people. If you trespass without authorization, you will be guilty of death!"
When the Bodhisattva, the King of Earth Treasure, heard the news, he looked intently and found himself and others advancing all the way, but they had reached the edge of the nine deep and remote blood seas. He thought that what he had just heard must be a trap of the blood seas, so that he could be one of yin’s own and find an excuse for them to fight.
At present, the bodhisattva, the king of earth treasure, sneered: "We are about to wipe out a bunch of cruel and stubborn people like you, and return the world to a peaceful world. Cut the crap and call your bodhi old zu out to die! "
Moyanna was furious when she heard this, and roared, "Earth treasure bodhisattva, you want to die!" At present, the blood-drinking knife was drawn out, and a thousand-foot-long knife was cut off at the head of the earth treasure bodhisattva.
The Tibetan King Bodhisattva quickly waved his sword to resist. However, I saw Moyanna look like a crazy tiger, waving her broadsword in her hand like a peach blossom. Scenery is gorgeous, but it happened that ShaQi aggressive, will Asura bellicose character to the extreme. The bodhisattva, the king of earth treasure, grabbed several swords and fell behind, which made him surprised and angry.
I heard the Buddha, the king of earth treasure, announce the Buddha’s name, sit back on the lotus platform and let out the protective Buddha’s light, with a golden wheel behind my head, solemn and solemn. The left hand is sealed, the right hand picks up a lotus flower, and the mouth speaks the mantra. Mo Yanna suddenly felt that Wan Jun’s weight was pressed on her shoulders out of thin air, as if time had stopped at her side, and every gesture was very slow. Not very horror, panic.
While I was in a hurry, I caught a glimpse of the right-handed lotus thrown by the Bodhisattva, the flower heart was down and I covered myself. Moro was frightened to disgrace, so he had to grind his teeth and reverse the whole body JingXie, and one mouthful blood burst out immediately. Turned into a blood fog, Moro himself gradually disappeared and disappeared in this blood fog.
The Tibetan King Bodhisattva saw Moyanna go. A slight change on the surface. At present, the command of the Buddhists rushed down. The Lord will fail. A bunch of Asura soldiers from Moro led to the land were suddenly leaderless. Cast a glance at each other. Had to disperse in a hubbub, scattered.
Buddhist victory. The earth treasure bodhisattva seems unwilling to let go of every one alive. It is urgent to hunt down the defeated soldiers. All the Asura soldiers are desperate to escape. Unconsciously, I went to the depths of the sea of blood for more than ten thousand miles. The earth treasure bodhisattva is rising. Suddenly, I heard behind me: "Be careful. There may be an ambush here. "
The voice did not fall. I suddenly stretched out countless hands in the sea of blood. Palm white as jade. Under the red sun and bloody sea. At first glance. When it’s really weird, very. White land is heart-pounding. The back of the hand is covered with black hair. The roots stand upright. Like a man-eating beast. It’s scary to see it.
Countless strange hands sticking out of the sea of blood. One by one. Let’s go to the footholds of Buddha disciples in midair. Listen to the sound of screaming and screaming. Nearly a hundred Buddhists were taken away in a flash. Dragged into the endless sea of blood by that strange hand. Disappear.
The earth treasure bodhisattva was furious. But also secretly lose. Hurriedly take out a handful of god sand in your arms. It was obtained by refining a little bit of earth defense with Gankunding in those years. This sacred sand was given to the Earth Treasure King Bodhisattva.
Now the Tibetan king bodhisattva takes out the sand. Scattered all over the sky A sea of blood splashed. The countless strange hands were all raw. Shrimp produces dense bones. But I never dared to stick out of the water again.
Seeing that the Tibetan King Bodhisattva had stabilized his position, he shouted intently, "Which demon king of the Asura clan attacked here? How dare you name it! Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at for hiding your head and tail? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Just as the sea of blood rolled and surged, a water column suddenly rose into the sky, showing a person on it. I saw that this life has nine heads, each with a thousand eyes, 990 hands and eight feet, and it is very strange and fierce. The man opened his mouth to spit out a string of black Yan, snorted, and sounded like a giant bell, causing countless ripples in the blood at his feet. The thunderous voice said, "This king is asura king, and Pimo has many qualities. Don’t you recognize me, Tibetan King and Bodhisattva! "
The bodhisattva, the king of earth treasure, heard this and said coldly, "Who else should I be? It turned out that it was you who stole it here; It’s a shame that Wang Zhiyi, the four great Asura, should act like such a villain! I should have been ashamed of having no land, but I should have run away from my face. Today, it’s a shame to be famous here, and to be humble between heaven and earth makes heaven and earth blush for you! "
After hearing this, Pimo Muto was furious, his face was flushed and his veins stood out. Between crying and crying, he spewed out clouds of flames and swept towards the earth treasure king and bodhisattva.
This is yin fire, which does not hurt the flesh, but burns people’s souls. With a little, that is, the daylights out, death and pain, but you can’t see any scars on your appearance, which is the most malicious. Even the Bodhisattva, the King of Earth Treasure, knew how powerful it was, and did not dare to make a hard connection, so he had to wipe his forehead to reveal a relic hanging over his head, and a lotus flower was born on the relic, hanging down in golden light to protect his whole body. Sitting down on the lotus platform also gave off warm light, and for a while it kept the yin fire of Pimo out.
I saw countless flames in mid-air circling around the earth treasure bodhisattva and burning. The bodhisattva, the king of earth treasure, sat motionless on the lotus platform, glittering and unharmed.