After seeing Meng Qi, Cheng Ruowei felt a little shy for a long time. Woman, please yourself, right?

But then, Cheng Ruowei remembered Yang Mengyi in Wucheng, and Cheng Ruowei had some sad faces, but …
A hundred years at most, you can wait for yourself. Cheng Ruowei thought of this festival, and no longer worried, only oneself can accompany him through this life. At that time Cheng Rewei some delusion. She doesn’t know yet that there is already a girl who is extremely vigilant because of her arrival …
And Meng Qi, after finishing these things, can’t wait to return to Wucheng, where he has his first love, his lover and the people he will spend his life with.
However, before leaving, Meng Qi had some troubles.
"Meng Qige, you want to go again? No, don’t go! " After learning that Meng Qi was about to leave, Hu Xianer immediately stopped Meng Qi, who was preparing to go to Wucheng.
"eh? Xianer, I’m going to find your sister-in-law. I promise I’ll come back as soon as I receive her, okay? " Meng Qi is talking nonsense, of course. He didn’t intend to come back as soon as he went out. But for the time being, it is better to fool this little girl Hu Xianer first.
When Hu Xianer heard the word sister-in-law, she suddenly felt that her brain was struck by lightning. Blank, just thinking in my mind: Meng Qige has someone he likes, then, then himself …
"no! Don’t! Meng Qige, don’t go, okay? Xianer, please! " Hu Xianer forgot everything. She just wanted to leave Meng Qige, otherwise, he would pick up a woman. Then, then Meng Qige will not want himself, no, I don’t want it!
Hu Xianer clung to Meng Qi, as if Meng Qi would disappear forever as soon as he released himself. And tears also shed with the words.
Meng Qi was surprised to see that Hu Xianer was crying. What-what’s going on? Why did you suddenly cry?
Meng Qi quickly comforted Hu Xianer: "Xianer, what’s the matter? What’s the matter? Don’t cry, I’ll be back soon. I really don’t lie to you this time. " This time Meng Qizhen intends to come back as soon as he receives Yang Mengyi.
Unfortunately, it is precisely this matter that Hu Xianer is worried about.
So, Hu Xianer didn’t speak, just grabbed Meng Qi’s clothes harder and shed tears silently.
Meng Qi, who was not sure about the situation, had to promise not to leave for the time being before Hu Xianer was persuaded to come down. However, from then on, Hu Xianer stayed beside Meng Qi at all times, and as long as he found that Meng Qi left his sight, he would immediately burst into tears.
Make Meng Qi want to sneak away again. In this way, three days passed. Because of these three days, Meng Qi performed quite well. Hu Xianer is no longer the same as two days ago. But once Meng Qi disappears for more than an hour, she will look for Meng Qi in full cases …
Meng Qi also impatient, not only Yang Mengyi, and Zi Xuan that wench? Well, the Zi Xuan behind is just the reason why Meng Qi left to increase himself.
"Big miss, you can help me. I really don’t feel comfortable leaving Xianer like this. " Meng Qi took advantage of Hu Xianer’s practice to get rid of Fang Ling Ling and help himself.
Fang Lingling listened to what Meng Qi said and looked at Meng Qi with a strange eye. Until Meng Qi kept looking at whether there was anything strange on her body, Fang Lingling sighed long: "Don’t you really know?"
Meng Qi is very disappointed. What’s wrong with all of them? "I really don’t know, miss. Do you know what happened to Xianer?"
Fang Ling ghatpot shook her head. It seems that this guy really doesn’t know …
"That wench Xianer likes you."
"ah? !” Meng Qi was stunned by this amazing news. This, how is this possible?
Fang Lingling looked at Meng Qi with an unbelievable look and sighed, "Think it over, don’t you notice it at all?"
Meng Qi came to my mind, carefully recalled his dribs and drabs with Hu Xianer, and made amazing discoveries. One incredible thing, it turned out that Meng Qi thought it was just a little girl coquetry, but it turned out …
"Big, big miss, you can’t be mistaken, can you, Xianer? How did Xianer like me back?" Meng Qi thought it was true in all likelihood, but he still couldn’t believe it.
Fang Ling ghatpot shook her head and stopped talking, indicating that Meng Qi could go.
Meng Qi drifted off to the medicine garden, which, how is that possible? No way, but, no! How can Xianer like herself? I’m his brother.
Meng Qi encouraged himself, and he wanted to find Hu Xianer to find out.
Chapter eighty-eight Anger! I want to kill someone.
"Xianer, that, that, let me ask you something." Meng Qi met Hu Xianer in the medicine garden. At this time, Hu Xianer’s face was still a little sad, but she didn’t cry as easily as she did three days ago.
After seeing Meng Qi, Hu Xianer was still a little nervous. Seeing Meng Qi speak hesitatingly, she Zhan Yan smiled. Asked: "Brother Meng Qige, what is it? Go ahead, Xianer is listening."
Meng Qi hesitated again and again, but decided to ask, "I heard about that …" Speaking of which, Meng Qi felt that sentence was hard to say. What if it was true?
Hu Xianer didn’t say anything when he saw Meng Qi. He took Meng Qi forward and asked with a smile, "Brother Meng Qi, what’s the matter? Come on."
Originally, this was an ordinary arm in arm before, which made Meng Qi’s whole body hair explode and subconsciously shrank aside.
Sensitive Hu Xianer is felt, of course, her heart some inexplicable panic, took Meng Qi hands into a tight hug. The body began to have some trembling for Chadel.
"XianEr, I heard, heard, heard that, alas, nothing, XianEr, I treat you as my sister, the closest sister, you know, I ….." Finally, Meng Qi really couldn’t open his mouth, suppressed for a long time, and suppressed almost the words above.
And Hu Xianer is so smart, of course, he immediately understood what Meng Qi said.
I saw Hu Xianer bowed his head, and the trembling that was originally untraceable became very obvious. At least Meng Qi can feel it.
"XianEr? What’s wrong with you? " When he realized that something was wrong, Meng Qi hurriedly asked that he was really afraid that his sister would be hurt.
Glittering tears slipped from Hu Xianer’s delicate face and fell to the ground of the medicine garden and smashed to pieces. And maybe that herb will grow stronger because of the tears on the ground. But at the moment, Hu Xianer felt that his heart was dying.
Tears drop by drop, as if they would never end. Explain that women are really made of water.
A drop of tears was brought to Meng Qi’s hand by the breeze, looking at the tears on his hand. Meng Qi quickly parted Hu Xianer’s little face covered with hair and said, "Xianer, Xianer, don’t cry, okay?" I was wrong. I shouldn’t have said those words. Don’t cry, okay? I … "
Just as Meng Qi was at a loss to comfort Hu Xianer, Hu Xianer smiled with tears: "Meng Qige, no, it’s none of your business. You have always been very kind to Xianer, taking care of Xianer and caring for Xianer. Meeting Meng Qige is Xianer’s greatest luck in my life. You, you go and say hello to my sister-in-law. I, I, I … "
Speaking of which, Hu Xianer can no longer keep calm. Break Meng Qi’s hands and run outside …
And Meng Qi looked at the back of Hu Xianer’s disappearance and felt lost in his heart.
Finally, Meng Qi left, with a more lost mood than last time. He knew that it was useless for him to stay on it now, and he couldn’t help Hu Xianer in this kind of thing.
Meng Qixian came to the capital of filariasis country, but when he came to his original home in Zi Xuan, he found that there was no one there, and the whole yard was a very dilapidated scene.
Meng Qi had some doubts, and launched a jade operator to contact Zi Xuan. However, after a long time, Zi Xuan still disappeared, and Meng Qi felt uneasy.
Immediately transport the psychic force and explore where Zi Xuan is. A careful comparison of the location, Meng Qi found that Zi Xuan was not in the city, but in a place on the outskirts.
Meng Qi immediately set out to get there, and soon he was over a manor. Meng Qi felt carefully and found that Zi Xuan was in it, and Meng Qi was not prepared to attract the attention of people in this manor.