It’s Lin Yu’s turn this time. He thinks highly of future players, and all normal future players should have a rough understanding even if they don’t know the specific scientific and technological knowledge. Now that I think about it, there are a lot of normal people who live in the mountains and forests in the 21st century, even those who live in big cities have many illiterate migrant workers.
It’s great to see Lin Yu’s ice lotus. Although this kind of language is obtained by belittling himself, there are not many experts like her who have not read this special training. She is not the only one.
Anyway, Binglian said, "All right! What do you need me to do for you? "
"The most important thing is to hide that I now know that I will leak it, so there are nine np’s that you need to communicate with them."
"This is simple to continue!"
"Two, the more enough nutrient solution, the better. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll treat you as coolies np. She should get thousands of nutrient solutions from there."
"Are you poisonous?"
"I’ll teach you the formula for activating toxicity and detoxification later."
"well! You continue! "
"Third, the wider the nutrient solution formula is, the better the method is for you to decide … it is best not to exchange others as coolies like the prisoner np. Once found, it is very dangerous and easy to be retaliated by others. You know that this nutrient solution formula definitely exceeds two or three hundred players, but this method can still set a more reasonable price."
"yes! I will do it! "
"The fourth and more important thing is to solve those armored robots together at one time … I will inform you that the first three things must be done before completing this one!"
"well! What else? "
Lin light said "and play it by ear …"
"Play it by ear …" Bing Lian left her pie mouth and asked, "Then what are you doing?"
Lin didn’t hide that "I wouldn’t let my wife take part in the special training if it wasn’t a problem."
Training his wife is definitely not ordinary training, so people have to ask curiously, "Training for what?"
Returning the ice lotus to the forest will give a special answer, but I didn’t expect to hear Lin say "memory!" "
"Memory?" For memory training, whether in the past or now, it is absolutely full-screen to search the internet in this future. There are all kinds of advertisements for memory training skills … It is really nothing strange.
Lin nodded and said, "Yes!"
Bing Lian is a little incredulous. She turns to her life and asks, "Xiao Lian, did he let you take part in this special training just to train your memory?"
Life nodded and said, "Yes!"
Ice lotus shook his head and said, "True wave training for memory is going to lose a special training quota, but it still allows you to be the first player of Time to train alone …" Speaking of which, ice lotus’s eyes suddenly lit up and seemed to understand some key things and looked at life and said, "Don’t …"
There was no text until life asked her, "What?"
Bing Lian turned to look at it and said to her life, "Two years ago, it was a clone in her brain, and his rise was in the first special training … Did he train a very good memory in the first special training? Otherwise, how can he explain his transformation from a clone to a master? If he trained a very good memory mechanics thing, he can remember it at a glance to explain why he grew up so fast!"
Lin said, "I have a good memory!" "
"to what extent?"
"Never forget!"
Hearing the word "never forgets anything" in Binglian’s mind, even if Lin’s strength is strong, she can’t explain it. Even in terms of skill and strength, she can remember a set of fists in her brain. It is necessary to remember that things can be typed perfectly in her brain by physical memory.
Bing Lian asked, "Trained?"
Bing Lian really didn’t know that it could be trained to know that some people were born with an unforgettable memory.
Lin nodded and said, "Yes!"
Hearing this answer, Bing Lian immediately asked, "Can you teach me?"
Lin hesitated.
Binglian saw Lin hesitate and immediately said, "I can give up this special training reward and ask you to train my memory to never forget!" "
Never forgets anything … How many people dream!
Lin said, "It’s just that this training is a bit troublesome!"