Li Ning Company attaches great importance to the cultivation of corporate culture, which increases the cohesion of employees. Shitang Building will set up a rest place for employees on the third floor and the 34th floor. In these four floors, there are rooms, swimming pools, squash courts, basketball courts, restaurants, teahouses, game halls and other equipment with extremely perfect functions. For example, many of the game consoles purchased by the game console department cannot be played in China. According to the company’s regulations, employees can make all facilities and bring their families to enjoy these benefits before the rest day.

There are four multi-functional meeting rooms, large and small, which are suitable for meetings of different levels of corporate departments. The top floor of the 36th floor is the office space of Li Ning Shang and two vice-chairmen, except for the three chairmen’s offices, which is also on this floor. This arrangement is convenient for all the chairmen, and of course, it is convenient for the chairmen to communicate. A small bar is also set up on this floor.
Li Ning doesn’t like drinking himself. He mainly likes to chat with friends, and everyone takes a sip of their glasses from time to time. That feeling is that the bar facilities and drinks definitely exceed those of one of the most famous commercial bars. The three chairmen are guys who know how to enjoy themselves. Every time they go to a place on business, they will search everywhere for famous local food and drinks and bring them back here.
In the history of China, there are many business groups, such as Huizhou Business Group and Shanxi Business Group. Li Ningshang has carefully studied the concept of Shanxi Business, which is what he appreciates most: "Three lords don’t enter the door". Young master is not allowed to enter the shop, and what is called "not being close to home" (shop owners prefer villagers not choosing relatives), comments on faithfulness (shops should be honest to customers, and guys should be loyal to customers), and the need to fully trust shopkeepers, etc. These are all appropriate in modern enterprise management, except for the financial department, Li Ning’s business has always been fully put in place. Because he often flies around the ball, he can’t sit in the office all day and keep a close eye on everything, and he feels too tired to do so, and fully believes that he belongs to the company. Hierarchical management allows employees to make mistakes, but everything is controlled by the system, and the employees at all levels have fully mobilized their enthusiasm because of this management system. Everyone has the opportunity to display their talents, and everyone has their talents.
After arriving at the delegation, the heads of all departments gathered together to congratulate Li Ning on his trip to London and once again expressed his loyalty.
Li Ning has responded to these businessmen one by one. Although it is only the second day since he returned to China, he has already felt a little tired from these congratulations. For the first time, he felt that people were so tired when they became famous.
Of course, Li Ningshang can’t have a trace of dissatisfaction with the heads of various departments of the regiment, but as soon as the heads of various departments leave, he will immediately inform the secret that all the interview departments except CCTV will be handed over to the public department.
Li Ning’s interview with CCTV was not because it was the largest TV station in China, but because CCTV was the mouthpiece of the country. The London incident was ultimately based on * The government’s support and solutions have to be reciprocated in any way, and Li Ning has a deep understanding of the power of CCTV. It is said that some party members and government spokesmen have absolutely strong guidance in CCTV. I remember that it was still the collapse of the club. At the beginning of the Football Association incident, most fans supported the collapse of the club. At that time, the Football Association was in a very embarrassing situation. All local media and online media criticized the revolution without overthrowing the Football Association. Clubs have also embraced together and stopped accepting the leadership of the Football Association, and the turning point is that CCTV 5 broadcasts a special program. Since then, those clubs have not been just spokespersons, but have been defined as "evil dogs". In addition, the Football Association has launched several reform plans in a timely manner, and everything has subsided unconsciously.
Another reason for Li Ning’s interview is that he will go to Beijing in mid-March, and it is also very necessary to be nice to him.
Chapter 24 What goes around comes around
Li Ning’s business never imagined that the response would be so enthusiastic after an exclusive interview with himself was broadcast on CCTV’s economic channel. Perhaps today’s society needs heroes too much, and his commercial success has just filled this aspect of the country. The titles of "business giant" and "business wizard" have been constantly detained on his head. Since then, in the online survey, his name has jumped to the first place of "the most popular public figure of the year", and Li Ning’s business was most surprised that some people actually intercepted his interview. Words that didn’t mean anything have become popular on the Internet after being re-edited, and some people have selected one of the most inspirational words, which can’t help but remind Li Ning that the lines in the film A Chinese Odyssey were also so hot. After reading these excerpts, Li Ning felt that they were really a little interesting, but he knew it in his own mind. In fact, most of these words were spontaneously blurted out at that time, and he didn’t always feel life for many years.
For example, in the first sentence, the host asked himself, "Excuse me, Mr. Li, you are definitely successful now. You can also enter the top five, which is absolutely unique in China. Are you satisfied with these achievements? What are your plans for the future? "
Li Ning didn’t even think about it. He directly replied, "If a person is satisfied with what he has achieved and how much money he has earned, it will be difficult for him to maintain his current level. I will always be enterprising. I am still young. This is just one of my life journeys, and I will move forward to higher goals later. I respect Mr. Li Ka-shing’s hard work and never stop." An excerpt has become a classic.
Li Ning’s business is very interesting when he thinks about it himself. He really thought that maybe one day, the walls of primary and secondary schools in heaven will also put their own quotations on them.
All kinds of things have made Li Ning’s business a craze. Now Li Ning’s business can be said to be more than a headache. He can’t enjoy his freedom any more. Although he doesn’t like shopping, it is impossible to go to the supermarket when he is hungry, and his hair goes to the barber shop for a long time. Once he wore sunglasses and a hat, he was recognized by an 8-year-old child in case he lost his shopping in the supermarket. Faced with the influx of people, he was able to hide in the toilet until the riot police came to rescue him. At the parting, the riot brigade commander was different. I often say to him earnestly, "Mr. Li, you are a public figure now. Please try not to go to public places. If you need to go out for special reasons, at least you should take some bodyguards with you. You know how much responsibility we will bear if something happens to you."
Li Ning replied with guilt, "I’m sorry to affect your work. I will definitely cooperate with you more and stop going to the supermarket alone."
The captain took Li Ning’s hand and said, "Mr. Li is really reasonable. I have one small request. I don’t know if Mr. Li can agree."
Li Ning Shang felt that the other party had really helped himself by rescuing himself, so he immediately agreed.
Captain Guo took one out of his pocket and handed it to Li Ning Shang and said, "Please sign it for me. My daughter worships you very much."
Immediately, Li Ning felt that he was going to faint. Since then, Li Ning has finally understood that the idol influence is poor. Before this limelight passed, he had no hope of going out alone in China.
When a famous person is invited, there will be more interviews and parties. Li Ning has asked the public department to solve the donations and charity auctions. However, Li Ning has asked the finance department to deal with them. However, he has to attend the banquets arranged by the province and the city for a week. Li Ning feels that the whole person is falling apart. Li Ning has decided to go to Beijing to solve the national affairs as soon as possible and then go abroad for a holiday.
Next day, Li Ning will go to Beijing immediately, so it is necessary to arrange the group and club workers for a good reason, and put off all activities to rectify the Ministry.
For Li Ning, the group management has long been on track, and everything has a detailed system to regulate the implementation of each plan. What he has to do is to listen to the briefings of the heads of various departments and determine the priorities of various projects. Before going to Beijing, his real focus is on the club.
The league is about to start in March, and the club has not prepared anything because Li Ning is not here. It is necessary to determine the sponsorship contract, finalize the head coach, and decide that everything needs to bear fruit in half a month. The most important thing is to liquidate those traitors, which is also the most worrying issue for Li Ning.
Business people who have more contacts with Li Ning’s business people, whether friends or opponents, clearly know that Li Ning’s business character treats benefactors with double rewards, while treating enemies with a vengeance.
These betrayals have definitely become his blacklists. For opponents who are much weaker than themselves, Li Ning Shang prefers to play with you bit by bit in a softer way. For example, on the first day of returning to China, Xu Xiangyi appreciated it very much and even went to the bar for a long time.
In the blacklist of Li Ning, it was first determined that the fate of those players who played match-fixing was just like Xu Xiang’s suggestion that they would stay away from football in two years. The specific implementation plan is to take care of the fans’ emotions. In the early days of the season, Li Ning will still let them play, and then the team will take advantage of the opportunity of away games. They will create a good night clubbing opportunity. If they are destined to be caught on the spot and if there is media, it will be much easier. Serious team discipline will prevent such incidents from happening again. The team will suspend these players. Punish and send the second team to observe the effect. In the next two seasons, they will always sit on the bench. Of course, it is also useless for Li Ning to be a man. After two years, Li Ning will still allow them to transfer to whether anyone wants them or not. Whether they will abandon their skills depends on these people themselves. If they can be strict with themselves and practice hard, there is still a chance to return to the pitch, although the chance is slim.
Li Ning Shang also made a survey of the club staff, except for the former general manager Xu Zhuang, who later resigned. Ye Bowen, the deputy general manager, was definitely not a fucking thing. Li Ning Shang hated them for not telling everyone about it. After all these years, they still didn’t regard themselves as friends. When Li Ning Shang just took over the club, he tried his best to continue to do so along the old club senior management. In addition to maintaining the stability of the club, Li Ning Shang felt that these two people were worth making friends. In a few years, there were many of them. Li Ning’s business is absolutely intimate with them on all occasions. All club decisions have never been circumvented. Both of them have the highest salary in the national club. However, when they encounter problems, they become dumb dogs. Xu Zhuang gave himself the bottom before the final showdown, but Ye Bowen didn’t even fart. Li Ning decided to teach these people some lessons. Because the club still needs someone to do everything, Li Ning decided to let Xu Zhuang go and vent all his anger. After Ye Bowen, there is no cat that doesn’t cheat in this world. Few people’s asses are clean. Li Ning’s business network searched Ye Bowen’s bribery records and private money list in the past two years, and then handed it over to CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection through private. He has a choice for this private way. Although he is not a senior official in office, he is not the kind of person who dares to press the documents at will. All Li Ning’s business has to do is wait for the theater.
The only thing that is more difficult to solve is the head coach problem. Because Wang Dafa is leading a team to train in Hainan before leaving, Li Ning’s substitution for his last game last year is still vivid. However, if he is fired for half a year, he still has a chance to re-emerge. Even if he is not invited by the club, he can still go to a club with a second-tier team. Anyway, he will still have a good life.
It is absolutely impossible for Li Ning to be allowed to do something wrong with such a cheap thing. Otherwise, why should the police be punished for the head coach? Li Ning has found a group of think tanks for two consecutive nights to give advice. It is really unusual to talk about these think tanks. They are not business consultants of Li Ning’s enterprises, but they all invited a group of fair-weather friends to do business. These people know nothing about it, but when it comes to moving people and designing people, they really have a set of tricks. After these people are arguing and thinking hard, they really designed a poisonous plan for them.
In the new season, Wang Dafa will still be hired as the head coach, but the foreign coach of the second team will be transferred as the executive coach. First, Wang Dafa will train the players and designate the match list, but the on-site commander will still belong to him. Since the goal of the new season is to demote the on-site players, it is conceivable that the fans will be dissatisfied with the head coach as the game results slip. At this time, it is necessary to question his on-site commander through media friends, and then link up with the abnormal commander in the last game to point out that he may be. Accepting illegitimate interests, at this time, it is necessary to publish the record of sudden extra money in Wang Dafa’s account (Li Ning Shang once asked the investigation company to inquire about everyone’s family account after the demotion), so Wang Dafa’s three words are completely stinky.
In fact, Li Ning’s direct publication of the evidence will make Wang Dafa very embarrassed in the short term, but he will be at large once the limelight is over. What Li Ning’s trouble is to make things bigger and bigger, and the more people there are, the longer things will disappear. If it takes three to five years, this person will be forgotten by everyone.
Everything came to fruition before Li Ning’s departure.
The day before Li Ning went to Beijing, Shitang Club held a press conference for the media and announced a few articles.
1. The team will not transfer the main players this year.
In order to train newcomers, the team will transfer a second-team player.
3. In the new season, the head coach is still Wang Dafa guiding the foreign head coach of the second team to execute the coach.
4. In the new season, the advertisement of the team’s non-foreign investment promotion office has been purchased by Shitang Group’s affiliated enterprises.
The day after the news was released, Li Ning boarded a plane to Beijing, where he would fly directly to London to prepare for the purchase of a European club. After that, Ye Bowen was detained twice.
On the same day, when Xu Zhuang saw Ye Bowen being invited to tea by CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, he unconsciously took out a paper towel and wiped his head.
Chapter 25 Arriving in Beijing
After arriving in Beijing, Li Ning’s business was not blocked by reporters. This is not to say that the media did not send reporters to pick him up at the airport, but that the government had already arranged vehicles to wait by the airport runway. As soon as Li Ning’s business arrived at the hotel, the receptionist informed him that someone would come in the afternoon to tell him that Li Ning’s business was free to arrange before the schedule these days, but it was best not to leave the hotel.
Li Ning’s business has no friends or big partners in Beijing, and the situation is not at home now. Since people have told him what to do, he honestly stayed in the hotel network to consult the information all afternoon.
Since we want to buy European clubs, we always have to know something about the information of European clubs. It is a huge project to consult the information of European clubs. In so many countries in Europe, we talked about five major leagues, and there were nearly 100 top clubs until we heard the knock on the door. Li Ning did not even read the information of a national club.
Li Ning is in business. He doesn’t want anyone to predict his future plan from his brain. He fiddled with his hair a little and thought that everything was neat and not rude, so he came to the door and opened it.
It was definitely a surprise. When the door opened, Li Ningshang found that the person waiting at the door turned out to be the ambassador to London, Jin Xiangguo. It was better to deal with an acquaintance than to finish with a stranger. Li Ningshang said happily, "Ambassador Jin, I didn’t expect it to be you. It’s so nice."
Kim looked at the country and was quite happy. When he walked into the house, he said, "Don’t call me ambassador. I have already returned to China on duty. Now I am working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This time, I saw that you and I always had a fate in London and specially seconded to receive you."
"How can I? If it isn’t me, I can’t stand it." Li Ningshang quickly said, "But to be honest, I really don’t know anything about this Beijing. Now I feel much more at ease when I see you."
"Really? There is no lion and tiger in Beijing. Mr. Li needs to be afraid. Before that, I always thought you were fearless." Jin Xiangguo joked.
Li Ning Shang turned around and took out a set of tea sets from the kitchen cabinet, saying, "I’m not afraid of anything", but I have to think about it carefully. Especially, words spoken from these people often have another meaning. Are you dissatisfied with your recent performance, but now I can’t think of anything wrong with myself at the moment.
He slowly tore open a package of sealed Tieguanyin tea bags, carefully poured the tea leaves into the teapot, and then poured water on the lid of the teapot for a while. Then he skimmed the tea department and poured boiling water again. Then he poured the pot of tea into four small teacups, and handed a cup to Jin Xiangguo. First, he poured one cup into his mouth for a while and said, "This is a top Tieguanyin from a friend. Please try it."
Jin Xiangguo also poured a cup of tea into his mouth for a short time before swallowing "good tea". He commented
Li Ningshang was silent for a while and said, "Maybe if people have too much, they will be a little hesitant. This time, Li Ningshang was lucky and got help from the government to achieve some careers. Knowing me, Li Ning businessmen all know that I am a newspaper reporter who is grateful to me, but I am also a businessman. I don’t know anything about politics. I hope Mr. Jin can be more in the future. I wonder if Mr. Jin can recognize me as a business friend."
Jin Xiangguo didn’t answer immediately. He turned around and took out a folder from his briefcase. He took out a document from it and handed it to Li Ning. "You should have a good look at all the itinerary for a few days."
After Li Ning’s business read it carefully, Jin Xiang said to the country, "Your identity is extremely sensitive now. With the fierce speculation in the news media during this period, you have become a focus figure. Your every move will involve many departments. You must know that after so many years of founding the country, you are the first truly rich man in the world on the mainland."
Jin Xiangguo, who made Li Ning’s business ponder for a while, continued, "The government originally wanted to keep a low profile on your affairs, but now it seems that you have become a symbol of the spiritual field, which is something that a government does not want to see, and it is also a hidden danger to the country. The government can allow heroes to exist, but it will never allow gods to appear."
Li Ning’s business finally reacted. It turned out that the source of the incident was that after the famous CCTV report, the busybody pushed himself to the altar on the Internet. This position should never be a place where the living can stay, and the search times of the words "Li Ning’s business" of various search engines are absolutely in the top three in search volume, which shows that Li Ning’s business is paying more attention to himself in the crowd. The more he thinks about it, the more he feels that he is in a bad situation, and his face begins to get gloomy.