Reverse growth gene is a technology that can make people live forever. If we can solve the side problem of the brain, it is a thing that makes people fall into a nose hell … In order to solve the side problem of reverse growth gene technology, it must take a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of talents to invest in research.

Now Lin can be said to have got two anti-gravity devices of generation 67, but if you want to install them on the armor surface, you need to find a base to crack the password of the anti-gravity devices before you can install them.
Then nature is to 67 times gravity regional alliance military base.
This is not very difficult for Lin. I sent a message to Lin just a few minutes ago, and immediately sent the base position of 67 times gravity area and 6 times gravity area to Lin.
See sealing feeling so simply didn’t even ask a word Lin also embarrassed to drag the reverse growth gene technology data things while rushing to the base to get the information in the brain.
67 times gravity area base!
After Lin entered the 67-fold gravity area, it was a little taken aback … because there was no player in this base.
"How can there be no one player! !”
Lin entered the base, reported to the army to find np to solve the password problem of anti-gravity device, entered the armor modification factory and installed the anti-gravity device on his two sets of armor surfaces. Without staying too long, he immediately set off for the 6 times gravity area.
It has been three days since Lin entered the sixth special training 2 in the 6 times gravity area.
It’s all empty until we get the 6th generation anti-gravity device and find the base of 69 times gravity area.
Lin has got all the data of reverse growth gene technology out and sent it to Feng Qing during his journey.
Feng Qing also hit the game currency into Lin’s game account, which is an astronomical figure.
Get it done Lin was in a good mood and relaxed to get it done in the sixth special training, but it was definitely not pleasant and relaxed at all … Other sellers wanted to get it, but they couldn’t get it. If they sold it, they would definitely make a profit, but he didn’t want to sell it like this. Although the technology was sold, it didn’t mean that he still wanted to take it for himself.
After all, monopolizing business is the most profitable thing.
Not to mention monopolizing business in life.
Sealing love is not a matter of engaging in life science and technology. It needs professionals to judge. Fortunately, there are definitely many professionals in sealing love … and there is reverse growth gene technology in hand. Even if there is no professional at hand, it can attract a large number of the most professionals in human beings to help with the research without spending money.
After feng Qing got the details of the reverse growth gene, he directly quit the game and copied it from the game. He had been waiting for a group of professionals to show them the information and then waited at the edge.
When a group of professionals get together, it is impossible to discuss or debate this professional topic quietly and noisily. After throwing out the reverse growth gene data, the field department reads the data quietly.
"How can anyone think of doing this?"
"So that’s it!"
"That’s ok … it’s really feasible!"
"How to solve this problem …"
"The person who made the reverse growth gene is definitely lucky."
"The vice is too big."
"The reverse growth gene is indeed the reverse growth gene. No wonder it is called the reverse growth gene. It is not the reverse growth gene …"
"Yes, there is an absolute difference between reverse growth gene and gene reverse growth."
From silence to wonder, to some discussion … and then a heated debate.
However, as soon as the debate was over, it was suppressed by the seal. "Be quiet!"
When the scene was quiet, I asked this group of professionals, "Is this information true?"
"It’s true!"
"It is completely consistent with the information you gave us before."
The information given to these professionals before the seal of love is naturally obtained from the players who have seen the reverse growth gene carriers in the fifth special training, and some special living habits of the reverse growth gene carriers are obtained.
"The foundation of immortality is certain."
"It can be inferred that poisonous gas is inhaled and soil is eaten."
"The brain is like a beast, and it is not as good as a single-celled creature. It should be right."
"The vice is very big!"
Professionals speak one after another, and they can get a chance to look at the technical data of reverse growth genes, but at a certain price, they all signed a contract with Feng Qing, and now they are their boss.
Feng Qing directly asked him what he wanted to know most and said, "Can you solve the sub-problem!"
Naturally, someone replied, "It takes experiments to know that this information is not so complete after all."
"Not so complete? What do you mean? " Feng Qing’s first thought when he heard this was that Lin didn’t hand over a part of the complete reverse growth gene technical data to himself, or maybe Lin didn’t remember so much. Of course, it is quite remarkable to remember so much. Even if it took him 500 years, it would be impossible to remember so much.
"It can’t be said that this information is incomplete. Compared with the current technology, this information should be about the 50 th century. At that time, technology had no way to compare with the present nature. Just like many other things, we can detect it now, but it was impossible to detect it five years ago."
All the professionals present are very clear about this situation. After all, this information is too detailed. They are very clear about the breakthroughs and discoveries of life science and technology in various times, and naturally they can easily judge when this information is summarized.
Seeing that all other professionals nodded, Feng Qing dismissed Lin’s speculation. He knew exactly what the fifth special training was … But he thought about it again. In this era, if science and technology can get out the anti-growth genes, nothing has to be exposed in the power of science and technology.
Feng Qing thought for a moment and said, "Then you can do it. If you need anything, I will let people meet you at the first time. Once there is a breakthrough in the research, I want to keep abreast of the research progress at any time."
I will not intervene in professional matters, and I have no way to intervene.
For him, this transaction with Lin is quite perfect … After the first time, he will think about whether he can make a second transaction with Lin.
Of course, what good things can Lin get from the sixth special training?
I suddenly thought of a question … What will be said about technology in the sixth special training?
It must be unclear!
I don’t know … but someone should know that if you can find out and disclose it to it, the chances of continuing trading will definitely increase greatly.
After all, this kind of news must be very good for you.
Thought of here, I planned to inquire about the news of the sixth special training from those cosmic aristocratic families … What kind of news can make hundreds of cosmic aristocratic families send out family bigwigs?
It is because they know that there are too many people that it is possible to get the news!
After Lin entered the 6 times gravity area, he wandered around looking for the rebel np
Unlike in the 67-fold gravity area, he found nothing to find the’ relic’ equipment, but soon touched three players.
Brilliant armor self-exposure ability that is absolutely very powerful.
Lin was found far away by the other party before he found it.
"Must be in addition to his now who dare to wear brilliant armor in the outside …"