"It seems that this Marco Lin has already discovered the five of them and guessed that they are going to come in late to deal with him!" Scar school thought for a moment and said, "Make a copy of the video data and take it back. Delete all the pictures we came to and get some front pictures for others to search carefully!" "

After a while, another soldier came to report to Scar School that "the school found the secret room!"
"Take me to the underground chamber!"
Scar school moved from this monitoring chamber to the underground chamber.
The so-called chamber of nature is in the forest square.
There is nothing in the chamber of secrets.
"We found traces of cleaning in the school’s underground chamber."
"There are a lot of secret doors on the ceiling of the underground chamber, which face the living room, kitchen, bedroom, corridor and bathroom respectively … It can be said that there are secret doors in every place where you can walk."
"There are also many hooks on the ceiling, and some hook surfaces have rope fibers."
"According to the analysis, there should be a lot of nets hanging in this secret room. After five of them entered this room, they suddenly broke into the secret room and were trapped in the net and then killed one by one!"
"The one whose throat was cut should have responded quickly at the moment when the secret door suddenly hit, but he didn’t fall into the secret door but was stuck in the dark facade and was killed by the cut throat!"
Scar school looked at this secret room and nodded his head. He also felt very reasonable about this analysis. After all, he was quite clear about the skills of those five people. Any one of them could play a tie with him, but he was ko here. This is what will lead to this result.
What is home!
Lin has played several games and seen all kinds of traps set in the game. Lin knows that there is an absolute gap between himself and those future players, so he has to rely on this home advantage to deal with future players.
Who let him have money!
If you have money, you can transform your own house how you want.
At Scar School, when they discovered all the secrets of Lin, a soldier who was searching in the secret room shouted, "There is something here in the school!"
Scar School immediately walked quickly and saw a dug floor tile and a secret door on the floor tile surface … but this secret door is quite special.
"Lock!" Scar school immediately ordered to "call someone to unlock it!" "
Brain experts will study this password lock from the monitoring room of Mianlin!
Chapter sixty-five Five messages!
Lin’s body is the soul from the future, although it is old, but it is also from 214 anyway. Setting the password for Lin is actually a virus program from the future. Only by cracking this virus can you unlock this lock.
Brain experts are a little silly when they unlock it, and their heads are sweating.
"How about it?" Scar asked the school
"It is very troublesome that this is not an ordinary lock, but a brain is directly used to control this lock. To lock, it is necessary to first crack a program installed on this brain, which is a brain virus program. It takes a long time to solve it!" Brain experts are experts who see through this lock at a glance.
If the general event, they will definitely choose blasting to unlock, but now the situation is special and certainly can not make this method.
Scar asked, "How long will it take?"
"It will take about an hour or two!"
"I’ll give you three hours!" When Scar School finished speaking and prepared to call the police station to delay it, it was just a matter of words for him.
Three hours … They didn’t have it that long. When they had it, they didn’t even say anything for 30 seconds. They haven’t typed it yet.
There was a loud noise, and a huge explosion suddenly occurred in the center of the secret room, which directly blew the house off.
The whole chamber of secrets collapsed
I have to say that Lin is absolutely cruel when he is in the game!
Of course, Lin is in the police station now and doesn’t know that his room has been bombed.
However, the police station should know that the explosion is very soon, and soon neighbors will call the police, and then the police will come and tell Lin.
"What? My room was bombed!"
Lin was surprised!
The bomb … players can’t touch the bomb, but it’s Lin who asked Du Chengjie to lock it. He did it himself. It’s not just a precaution to prevent future players from getting into the secret room when they come to deal with him, but he can deal with it. If there are few situations, he can kill the player department trapped in the secret room.
It was he who didn’t expect to touch the bomb.