With a 2-point-damage dark element fiend condensed out, the shadow chop was forcibly cancelled.

That’s right. This is the white poison arrow of the spider devouring God. In addition to strong attack damage, it will also be accompanied by mandatory target elimination, and it is ready to display its skill characteristics.
Then, while the dark element fiend becomes speechless, the spider swallows God and shoots a spider web with white light shining on it.
Dark element fiend secretly smiled when he saw the spider web. An element creature is not afraid of this spider web control spell, but when the spider web binds it firmly into a ball, the dark element fiend completely speaks.
In fact, this can’t blame the dark element fiend. The general spider web is indeed a method to bind him, but the spider that swallows God is not a general spider web. This spider web can even bind God, not to mention a level 5 boss like the dark element fiend.
This trapped spider web lasts for as long as seconds, and it will not be released from the bondage when it is attacked.
Gao Rang naturally won’t miss such an opportunity. The giant sickle in his hand even waved gold pieces of arcane missiles and landed on the dark element fiend.
All these injuries except the "11" are high for one person to hit, and the last two injury figures are double-shot, which is the damage of ordinary arcane missiles before hitting.
This damage will change so quickly because the spider devours God and shoots a poisonous arrow at the dark element fiend before the fourth attack of Gao Rang.
This time, the swallow spider shot a black poison arrow. This poison arrow is characterized by low attack damage, but it will reduce the resistance of the target double defense department, which is a very effective means.
Then the whole spider swallowed God and launched a skill on the dark element fiend.
"The whole life is killing!"
As the spider swallows the gods, the spiderlike blade dances in the dark element fiend, which directly causes a terrorist damage.
Critical strike 665
Critical strike 672
This skill actually directly killed the dark element fiend with more than 30,000 points of damage, which was beyond the expectation of Gao Rang.
As far as the current situation is concerned, the level 5 boss of the dark element was completely suppressed by this ancient creature without any strike back.
The post-life God Swallowing Spider also cast a killing poison on the dark element fiend. This skill is abnormal and directly caused 253 damage to the dark element fiend, and this is not critical strike damage.
In the end, Gao Rang and the whole spider swallowed God together to kill the dark element fiend.
After the recovery, the dark element fiend’s blood volume is 10,000, but this 10,000 blood volume is rapidly descending with the joint attack of Gaorang and the whole swallowing spider. The whole swallowing spider’s blood volume has only consumed 30,000 points, and Gaorang has added a few bottles of blue medicine.
After the dark element fiend fell, the whole spider swallowed its body directly and swallowed it in one gulp. After swallowing the body of the dark element fiend, the whole spider’s blood volume actually recovered by 2 points.
This is good news. For these ancient creatures, it is a good way to treat them, but the spider that devours the gods has this recoverable skill of death, which must be taken advantage of.
With this ancient creature, Gao Rong has a long-term plan.
However, there is a good side and a bad side. At the moment when the dark element fiend fell down, Gao Rong could get the variation of the dark element fiend into his own special summoning object. However, the body of the dark element fiend was eaten by an ancient creature, the spider that swallowed God. Therefore, Gao Rong was able to get the special summoning creature and became the dark element elf before being sealed in the magic box.
Congratulations on your successful defeat of the dark element fiend. The soul is freed and released to repay you for everything it has done. The dark element fiend will become your special summoning creature. However, because the body of the dark element fiend was swallowed up by the ancient creature, the mutant energy was forcibly absorbed, and you can get the special summoning of the dark element elf.
Orgasm officially …
From this moment on, the protagonist’s aura lights up! ! ! ! ! ! !
Chapter two hundred and thirteen Paper words
Although the mutant dark element fiend has weakened into a dark element elf because of the devouring of the spider, this gratis summoner is quite good.
Dark Element Elf HP 16
Physical attack 3466 Magic attack 42266
Physical defense 42255 Magic defense 53373
Fast attack speed
Fast moving speed
Attack skill: dark light, bullet, black rain, shadow chop.
A magic bullet containing dark elements will cause 11 times magic damage to the opponent and have a 1% chance to make the opponent enter a negative state of random magic.
The dark elements in the condensation of black rain will be melted with attack power. The black rainstorm will cause one time of magic damage to all enemies within 15m in diameter, and there is a 5% chance that the opponent will enter a dark erosion state lasting for 3 seconds. In this state, all physical and magic defenses are simultaneously 15% of physical attack power and magic attack power, 1% of movement speed, 2% of attack speed.
Shadow Chop condenses its own dark elements, and uses a dark blade to make a fatal chop on the opponent. This attack will cause 1 time physical damage to the opponent and randomly attach 1635 shadow damage, and there is a 15% chance that the attacked person will enter a state of loss for 5 seconds.
Auxiliary skill dark sky curtain
The dark sky curtain condenses a large number of dark elements in the surrounding air, which is the sky color change, which makes the range of 5 meters in diameter suddenly dark. At the moment when the skill is started, there is a 25% chance that the player in the coverage area will be out of state, and the dark sky curtain will last for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, all enemies in the sky curtain range will be subject to attribute reduction, physical defense and magic defense, while 1% physical attack and magic attack are simultaneously 5% movement speed, 2 attack speed and 5% resistance.
Features Therefore, summoning objects are obtained through special challenges, so they do not occupy the player’s summoning bar; At the same time, the summoner’s healing skill effect is halved because of the summoner’s special summoner.
Remarks; This summoner will automatically appear after the player logs in, and it will automatically summon once every minute. If the summoner is alive, the summoner will become a refresh of the summoner’s attributes (full blood volume, etc.).
This summoner, like other special summoners, will be upgraded as the summoner’s spirit rises.