However, in the process of monasticism, if you want to communicate between heaven and earth, except those talented people in heaven and earth, you will generally be distracted. Only after a solid Yuan God is produced can we borrow Yuan God to communicate with heaven and earth.

If you don’t borrow the solid yuan god. However, if you communicate with heaven and earth, you will probably get lost in the vast universe because your mind is not strong, and your mind will not return to the noumenon.
The mind can’t return to the noumenon. The consequence is either that it is directly blown into powder by heaven and earth, and there is no soul left; Or the body is destroyed and the mind is dissolved by itself. In short, it is a dead end.
However, Reno’s Big Six found another way. They could communicate with heaven and earth through the power of faith, and get the law of understanding from it, so as to exert their corresponding magical powers.
Although the communication between Yuan and God and faith is different, the effect is almost the same, and it is not easy to tell the difference. Which is better or worse?
Yuan Shen wins in solid, pay attention to step by step, and faith will be limited by believers, especially in the future, if faith communication does not understand the law of the Lord God. It has always been restricted by faith, so as to gradually communicate with Yuan Shen and distance himself.
Take back your thoughts, Yang Xiu looked at the majestic and tall stone steps in front of him. It seems that this seems to be the place where the ancient monks preached and taught before. If you can successfully refine the town government hub in Taofeng Hospital, it is also good to use it as a place for your own missionary work in the future.
Smile for no reason, no longer look here, body movement, flew into the stone door behind the frustum of a cone.
After the Shimen, through a passage of ten feet, what appears in front of you is a somewhat humble abode of fairies and immortals, in which the training room, the alchemy room and a small medicine garden are all available.
Although humble, Yang Xiu felt vaguely through the pseudo-deity in the Purple Mansion. In this humble and casual decoration, a surging and violent force permeated it, just like standing in a stormy and thunderous world, which made people feel awe.
However, this force has been accumulating but not!
Everything in the whole abode of fairies and immortals was in his knowledge, and he didn’t stop. Suddenly, he went to a room and fled directly.
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Chapter three hundred and sixty-eight Town House
Xianye Chapter three hundred and sixty-eight Town House
In the house. A piece of cold jade ice bed with a width and a thickness of meters is in it, gnawing at the old fog, but it is condensed but not scattered.
By the jade bed. There is also a ten-foot-big stone turtle crawling on its back, carrying a stone tablet one foot thick and two meters long. With ancient seal characters, two "town houses" are engraved.
Yang Xiu a stare blankly. Suddenly, his face showed ecstasy, his body moved and he jumped at the stone tablet.
Be careful to prepare your figure from the void, bite the tip of your tongue, and with a "jump", spit out a mouthful of blood with golden light. Sprinkle it on the "Zhenfu Stone Tablet".
As soon as JingXie was sprayed on it, the stone tablet suddenly burst into a wrap rate jitter, and the layer of stones outside the stone tablet suddenly broke apart and fell off to the ground, revealing a jade tablet with perfect body, delicate lubrication and no defects.
On the jade tablet, the brilliance is shining and the spirit is churning, showing a golden ancient seal script the size of a fly’s head, which is a magic weapon for refining.
Yang Xiu sees this. My heart was overjoyed and I knew I had used the right method.
Generally, the caves and blessed places left by the ancient immortals are vast, gorgeous and full of aura. No one is willing to let it be buried forever, knowing that one day it will open up and reappear in the world, waiting for the right person. Therefore, there will be no key thing to master the fairy house.
And the planning of this town hub is the key, just like the magic weapon of the town in the "Purple Lancang Langgong". As long as the blood sacrifice is used, you will get the method of refining, and then refine according to the achievement method left on the jade tablet. You will be able to master all the law bans within the fairy house, and you will become the real master of the fairy house.
Just listen to Maggie, the town hub above this dome beam fairy island is more than a catty. "Taofengyuan, Xiangyun Pavilion, Taihe Palace and Yunxiao Temple are four forbidden areas. There is no one on each floor, and the more the town hub inside, the more severe it is, and it can control the ban on the previous floor.
Therefore, if you want to control the whole dome beam fairy island, you must get the town government hub of Yunxiao Hall.
However, if you want to break through the ban outside the Yunxiao Temple, even you must have the cultivation of real immortals or above, and most people don’t want to.
Trying to settle his mind, Yang Xiu flew to the jade tablet, sat cross-legged, and silently read the dharma tactic he had just seen.
"Hula!" However, at this moment, a sudden sound of surprises came, and a purple mountain and a golden light came almost at the same time.
These two lights are exactly what Taoist Yuan Zhen and the shining golden man are coming!
The two men were on guard against each other and kept a certain distance. When they saw the perfect jade tablet, their eyes suddenly showed off. Then, they didn’t notice Yang Xiu on the jade tablet.
Road flyover Yuan Zhen and shining golden man looked at each other, and seemed to have reached some kind of tacit understanding. Suddenly, they each threw out a black awn and chopped off Yang Xiu as a pledge!
See bearer, Yang Xiu is pleasantly surprised and angry, I didn’t think I was so careful, or by them now, this just network began to refining, was interrupted.