However, watching the hostile camp participate in a high-level competition, almost all the friends came, and Ya frowned slightly, with a little sadness!

If I were a different profession, I might be better, but I am a heavenly heart and a milkman!
Of course, I didn’t think too much about going to pk class, thinking about earning a little money for recreation, but how to understand this burning dps heart now?
Ya walked along the path and met the West Lake Snow Fu head-on at the corner!
West Lake Xuefu is a female elegant string dancer of spirit of war Guild. It’s not bad, but it’s not outstanding among female players. But it’s good in front of elegance.
Lotus needle!
Clear water reflects the moon!
West holds the heart!
Jagan doesn’t even have a direct reaction time, that is, he can throw out three skills at the same time, and he can walk carefully with Fu Su on the mountain to avoid the snow attack on the West Lake as much as possible!
Because Yaxian’s career is also remote, and the attack is much higher than his own, too many Suoya are also very careful for fear that he will die in the hands of the scum if he is not careful, then the game will not be able to go on happily!
The snow on the opposite side of the West Lake belongs to the blue forces. She never imagined that the first person she met after entering here was actually a mountain with Fu Su.
Once upon a time, she vaguely heard that Fu Su Cao was very powerful in the mountains. It seems that it is not a woman playing, but it may actually be a shemale!
Although it is not a letter to this point, the West Lake Snow Fu is also skeptical!
However, these are actually nothing for her at present, and the most important thing to consider is whether she can escape from the other hand or not.
West Lake Xuefu wants to run away directly from Ya’s eyelids with a ladder cloud, but Ya can follow in the first place and her skills will follow!
For such a violent heavenly heart, the snow on the West Lake has also beeped the whole zoo!
Hold the grass!
Little friend, if you go like this again, you will be so cool in the game that you have no friends!
I never expected the second watch to come ~
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Less than a minute later, the West Lake Xuefu successfully lay down!
While Ya is riding a mountain and Fu Su quickly stepped on the snow from the West Lake!
West Lake Snow Fu "…"
What should I do if I want to retire?
Ya naturally didn’t have that time. What happened to the snow on the West Lake? With the number of Fu Su in the mountains, she killed a lot in the ancient battlefield. However, when she met a group of black-name friends, Ya still couldn’t hold on to group fights and lay down directly.
Although elegance is a heavenly heart profession, because it is the only one of the small partners in the ancient battlefield, the fierce fighting capacity of the heavenly heart still makes other small partners sigh!
Because the two camps have reached level 5, the small partners are not too many, and a lot of them have gone to do the second turn. Although the Long Xing Day has not brushed the news of the success of the second turn, the game is so elegant and it must be made such a big noise by the forum.
When Suo Long Xing Tian heard the noise, many friends didn’t come to the ancient battlefield, but went straight to the second turn. It feels more important!
An hour later, the ancient battlefield ended, killing 124 people, far exceeding the second place, and the dream became the most harmful heavenly heart in reincarnation!
After coming out of the ancient battlefield, Ya was rewarded by Tong’s adult.
It’s a six-belt plus a gold coin and a prescription called 100 poisons will not invade.
This is an intermediate pharmaceutical prescription that can be learned, no matter whether it is elegant or not.
Poison-free repellent effect +15% lasts for 3 minutes, and death disappears.
Although the effect of this feeling to Ya may not be so obvious, since you have learned it, just let it be.
After leaving the ancient battlefield, Ya heard Fang Jingshuo chuckle in yy and then saw her private chat channel flash up.
[private chat] Taichangqin is also good for you (picture). I liked it when I announced it, but I didn’t expect to get it.
"Xiaoya, you are my lucky star". After this sentence, Jing Shuo sighed in yy with a relaxed smile.
In fact, this sentence used to be marshal’s favorite saying that elegance is their good fortune. The original Fang Jingxing didn’t take it to heart, but now it seems to be a letter.
Inya completed the second turn by the chance, but when she finished the first turn, she thought that she had already arrived at her destination while others were still on the road.
Maybe it’s because you are the first few second-turn players that the adults in the system will care so much.
"That’s good." I sincerely sighed after seeing the picture from Fang Jingshuo.
Fang Jingshuo sent a picture of a mount. The mount is an ancient fierce beast-Qiong Qi!
Compared with his own shark dragon, the majestic Qiong Qi gives people a feeling of being particularly arrogant and overbearing!
However, Ya didn’t say much about Fang Jingshuo’s saying that he was a lucky star. After expressing the ancient battlefield, she saw her email flashing.
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